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Why Study Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of human culture and its many forms in different societies both past and present. It tracks the evolution of culture far beyond its primate origins  Anthropology covers over two million years of prehistory, to historical and contemporary societies. There are two broad areas of Anthropology : archaeology (which has its own heading here) and social anthropology. Students who are interested in any discipline in sociology should consider taking some anthropology courses. Here you will find a variety of resources in many anthropological disciplines.


General Anthropology Topics

Cultural/Social / Applied Anthropology - Anthropology General Resources - Linguistic Anthropology -  Paleo-Anthropology / Early Man - Physical/Biological Anthropology - Cyberanthropology / Net culture - General Anthropology Lesson Plans - Why is Anthropology Different than the Other Humanities?


Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies General Resources

Indigenous Studies by region


Africa, African Anthropology - General Resources


By peoples, tribes, associations

Akan Akuapem Akye Anyi Aowin Asante Babanki Baga Bali Bamana Bamileke Bamum Bangubangu Bangwa Baule Beembe Bembe Berber Bidyogo Bobo Bushoong Bwa Chokwe Dan Diamande Dogon Eket Fang Fante Fon Frafra Fulani Hausa Hemba Holoholo Ibibio Idoma Igbira Igbo Ijo Kabre Karagwe Kassena Katana Kom Kongo Kota Kuba Kusu Kwahu Kwere Laka Lega Lobi Luba Luchazi Luluwa Lunda Luvale Lwalwa Maasai Makonde Mambila Mangbetu Manja Mbole Mende Mitsogo Mossi Mumuye Ngbaka Nkanu Nok Nuna Oron Owo Pende Pokot Punu San Senufo Shambaa Shona Songo Songye Suku Swahili Tabwa Tuareg Urhobo We Wimiama Wodaabe Wolof Woyo Wum Yaka Yombe Yoruba Zaramo Zulu


Asian Indigenous and Tribal People - General Resources


 By peoples, tribes, ethnicity, regions

Afghan Culture People - Ainu Culture People - Achang Culture People - Andhra Pradesh People - Bai Culture People - Bhils Culture People - Blang Culture People - Buryat Culture People - Dongxiang Culture People - Ewenki Culture People - Filipino Culture People - Gadulia Lohars Culture PeopleHalakki Culture People - Hmong Culture People - Hui Culture People - Iban of Sarawak Culture People - Kazakh Culture People - Khmer Culture People - Korean Culture People - Manchu Culture People - Mongolian Culture People - Mundas Culture People - Qiang Culture People - Pakistani Culture People - Pashtun Culture People - Punjabi Culture People - Shan Culture People - Siberian Indigenous People - Taiwan Aborigines - Tamil Culture People - Tatar Culture People - Tibetan Culture People - Uygur Culture People - Yakut Culture People - Zhuang Culture People


To Anthropology General Index

Australia - Pacific

Australia Aboriginal People - General resources


Oceania General Resources


Pacific Islanders by Country

Cook Islands - Fiji - French Polynesia - Guam - Hawaii - Kiribati - Marshall Islands - Micronesia - Nauru - New Caledonia - Northern Marianas - Palau - The Samoas - Solomon Islands - Tonga - Tuvalu - Vanuatu 


Pacific Islanders by Peoples, Tribe, Kindred

Chamorro - Maori - Polynesian

North America

Native Americans - Canada/US General resources 


By peoples, tribes, associations

Abenaki Indians  - Acolapissa Indians - Acoma Pueblo Acoma Indians - Alabama-Coushatta Indians  - Algonquin Indians - Anishinabe / Ojibwe / Chippewa Indians - Apache Indian Tribe - Apsaroke / Crow Indian Tribe - Arapaho Indian Tribe - Assiniboine Indians - Atikamekw Indians - Bannock Indians - Beothuk Indian Tribe - Blackfoot Indian Tribe - Caddo Indians - Cahuilla Indians - Cayuse Indian Tribe - Chaco Canyon Pueblo - Chehalis Indian Tribe - Cherokee Indians - Cheyenne Indians - Chickasaw Indians - Chinook Indians - Choctaw Indian Tribe - Chumash Indians - Cochiti Pueblo - Coeur D'Alene Indians (Schitsu'umsh) - Colville Indians - Comanche Indian Tribe - Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians - Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians - Cree Indians - Creek Indian Tribe - Delaware Lenape Indians  - Flathead Indians - Goshute Indian Tribe - Haida Indian Tribe - Hidatsa Indians - Hoopa ( Hupa ) Indians - Hopi Indians - Houma Indians - Huron / Wendat Indians - Innu Indians - Iroquois Indians - Isleta Pueblo Indians  - Jemez Pueblo Indians - Kansa Indians - Kikapoo Indians- Kiowa Indians - Klamath Tribes (Klamath / Modoc / Yahooskin) - Klallam Indians - Kuaua Indians - Kumeyaay Indians - Kwakiutl Indians - Laguna Indians - Lummi Indians - Lushootseed Indians - Mandan Indians - Mahican ( Mohican ) Indians - Makah Indians - Maliseet Indians - Menominee Indians - Miami Indians - Mi'kMaq Indians - Mohegan Indians - Mojave Indians - Muckleshoot Indians - Natchez Indians - Nambe Indians - Narragansett Indians - Navajo Indians - Nez Perce Indians - Nisqally Indians - Omaha Indians - Oneida Indians - Osage Indians - Ottawa Indians - Paiute Indians - Palouse Indians - Pawnee Indians - Penobscot Indians - Picuris Indians - Pojoaque Indians - Potawatomi Indians - Pueblo Indians - Quapaw Indians - Quileute Indians - Quinault Nation - Sandia Pueblo Indians - San Filipe Pueblo Indians - San Ildefonso Pueblo Indians - San Juan Pueblo Indians - Santa Ana Pueblo Indians - Santa Clara Pueblo Indians - Santo Domingo Pueblo Indians - Seminole Indians - Shoshone IndiansSioux Indians - Shoalwater Bay Tribe - Skokomish Indians - Spokane Indians - Squaxin Island Tribe - Taos Indians - Tesuque Indians - Tulalip Indians - Umatilla / Wallawalla  Indians - Ute Indians - Yakima / Yakama Indians - Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Indians - Zia Pueblo Indians - Zuni Pueblo Indians


By Regions

Eastern Woodland Indian Tribes - Northern Plains Indian Tribes - Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes  - Southern Plains & Southwest Indian Tribes


Native Americans By State

Alabama Indian Tribes - Alaska Indian Tribes - Arizona Indian Tribes - Arkansas Indian Tribes - California Indian Tribes - Colorado Indian Tribes - Connecticut Indian Tribes - Delaware Indian Tribes - Florida Indian Tribes - General Resources - Georgia - Hawaii Native Americans - Idaho Indian Tribes - Illinois Indian Tribes - Indiana Indian Tribes - Iowa Indian Tribes - Kansas Indian Tribes - Kentucky Indian Tribes - Louisiana Indian Tribes - Maine Indian Tribes - Maryland Indian Tribes - Massachusetts Indian Tribes - Michigan Indian Tribes - Minnesota Indian Tribes - Mississippi Indian Tribes - Missouri Indian Tribes - Montana Indian Tribes - Nebraska Indian Tribes - Nevada Indian Tribes - New Hampshire Indian Tribes - New Jersey Indian Tribes - New Mexico Indian Tribes - New York Indian Tribes - North Carolina Indian Tribes - North Dakota Indian Tribes - Ohio Indian Tribes - Oklahoma Indian Tribes - Oregon Indian Tribes - Pennsylvania Indian Tribes - Rhode Island Indian Tribes - South Carolina Indian Tribes - South Dakota Indian Tribes - Tennessee Indian Tribes - Texas Indian Tribes - Utah Indian Tribes - Vermont Indian Tribes - Virginia Indian Tribes - Washington Indian Tribes - West Virginia Indian Tribes - Wisconsin Indian Tribes - Wyoming Indian Tribes  


Canada First Nations by Province and Territory

Alberta First Nations - British Columbia First Nations - General Resources - Manitoba First Nations - New Brunswick First Nations - Newfoundland & Labrador First Nations - Northwest Territories First Nations - Nova Scotia First Nations - Nunavut First Nations - Ontario first Nations - Prince Edward Island First Nations - Quebec First Nations - Saskatchewan First Nations - Yukon First Nations



Special Pages

Native Americans in the Military



South America 

Indigenous South America - General Resources


By peoples, tribes, associations

Aymara Indians Social Studies - Ashaninka Indians Social Studies - Assurini Indians Social Studies - Bakairi Indians Social Studies - Bora Indians Social Studies - Bororo Indians Social Studies - Cofan Indians Social Studies - Desana Indians Social Studies - Guahibo Indians Social Studies - Huitoto Indians Social Studies - Juruna Indians Social Studies - Kamayura Indians Social Studies - Karaja Indians Social Studies - Kaxinawa Indians Social Studies - Kayapo Indians Social Studies - Maku Indians Social Studies - Mapuche Indians Social Studies - Marubo Indians Social Studies - Matis Indians Social Studies - Mehinaku Indians Social Studies - Parakana Indians Social Studies - Piaroa Indians Social Studies - Tenharim Indians Social Studies- Ticuna Indians Social Studies - Tucano Indians Social Studies ( Tukano ) - Uros Indians Social Studies - Wai Wai Indians Social Studies - Waimiri-Atroari Indians Social Studies - Warao Indians Social Studies - Wayana-Aparai Indians Social Studies - Xerente Indians Social Studies ( Sherente ) - Yagua Indians Social Studies - Yanomami Indians Social Studies - Yekuana Indians Social Studies

Indigenous Studies - General Resources

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Resources for Religious Anthropology/Religions

The individual pages dealing with various religions contain links to sites which were created by the followers of that particular faith or objective third parties.  You will find no sites where one faith attacks another.  Here, each religious faith speaks only for itself.  However, because of the nature of the subject, there may be some controversial material which slips through as 'comparative' statements in order to more fully explain a belief system in contrast to another system.


Anthropology of Religion General Resources 


Religion and Science General Resources


Buddhism General Resources

Mahayana Buddhism - Theravada Buddhism


Hinduism General Resources


Islam General Resources

Sunni Islam - Shi'a Islam


Judaism  General Resources 

Conservative - Orthodox - Reconstructionist - Reform


Creation Myths

Christian Anthropology General Resources/belief/practice by Denomination or Group Associations

Because of the sheer number of denominations, I have chosen only a few out of hundreds to represent an example of the wide variety of Christian practice and worship.


Christianity General Resources 


African Methodist Episcopal Zion - Amish - Anglican/Episcopal - Assemblies of God - Baptist - Christian Science - Eastern Orthodox - Jehovah's Witness - Latter-Day Saints - Lutheran - Mennonite - Methodist - Moravian - Old Catholic - Presbyterian - Roman Catholic -  Seventh Day Adventist - Unification Church - United Church of Canada - The Way International - Worldwide Church of God 


Guest Essay in Linguistic Anthropology by Kimberly Moynahan Gerson


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