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This page about historic Indiana is a supplement to Indiana Social Studies where you will find additional material including history, colleges and universities, capital city profile, lesson plans, state government and more.

Go to Indiana Social Studies - Indiana History - Capital City Indianapolis, Indiana - Indiana Tourism - Indiana Disasters - Indiana Geography - Indiana Lesson Plans - Indiana Colleges and Universities

A to Z Kids Stuff | Indiana __ General information for kids including history resources. - From atozkidsstuff.com - http://www.atozkidsstuff.com/indiana.html

Center for History.org Indiana History __ This site covers the history of the state of Indiana from pre-history through the mid-20th century. - illustrated - From centerforhistory.org - http://www.centerforhistory.org/learn-history/indiana-history 

Famous Indiana People Hoosiers  __ You will find a list of famous people who are a part of the history of Indiana. - From 50states.com - http://www.50states.com/bio/indiana.htm

Find a Grave - Indiana ___Brief biographies of 720 'famous' citizens, many with information about their claims to fame, causes of death and burial places, and photos. - Illustrated - From Find a Grave - http://www.findagrave.com/php/famous.php?page=state&FSstateid=17

Historical Museums of Indiana - A History Guide __ "Indiana history museums. Learn about historic Indiana and discover the history of Indiana people. Locate Indiana history museums, old Indiana photos, Indiana place histories, Indiana historic sites, Indiana history timelines, state symbols, Indiana genealogy research libraries and other Indiana history data." - illustrated - From censusfinder.com - http://www.censusfinder.com/indiana-historical-museums.htm

Indiana ___A good overview of the history of Indiana, plus statistics, demographic information, and links to "... selected famous natives and residents." - Illustrated - From Pearson Education, publishing as Infoplease - http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0108211.html 


Indiana Ghost Towns ___These brief reports about this state's ghost towns are submitted by viewers. - Map - From Ghosttowns.com - http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/in/in.html 

Indiana Historical Society __ Learn about the organization, goals and accomplishments.  Did you know the Indiana Historical Society is the oldest historical society west of the Appalachians? - illustrated - From indianahistory.org - http://www.indianahistory.org/

Indiana: History ___Topics include the French and Indian War, statehood and industrialization. - Text only - From The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. - http://www.factmonster.com/ce6/us/A0858787.html

Indiana History and Genealogy __ "Organization providing assistance and resources for researching Indiana history and genealogy." - From indianagenealogy.org - http://www.indianagenealogy.org/

Indiana Old Photos.... faces and places in the past __ "Old family photographs, postcards, historical pictures, and genealogy about the people and places." A lot of Indiana history here. - illustrated - From familyoldphotos.com - http://www.familyoldphotos.com/in/

Indiana State Facts - Indiana History Firsts __ "Catch up on your trivia with these Indiana history firsts and fun facts." - From e-referencedesk.com - http://www.e-referencedesk.com/resources/state-facts/indiana.html

Indiana State History __ You will find a general overview of this state's long and interesting history beginning in 1679. - From shgresources.com - http://www.shgresources.com/in/history/

Indiana State History __ "The French Indian War (1754-1763) ended with British victory and control of all land east of the Mississippi River, including Indiana."  This and more in this general overview of Indiana history. - From thingstodo.com - http://www.thingstodo.com/states/IN/history.htm

Indiana State History __ You will find summary of Indiana state history, including first exploration by the French. - From allsands.com - http://www.allsands.com/history/places/indianastatehi_svb_gn.htm

Indiana State History and Museums __ " Indiana State History information, Historical Societies, Research Resources, Museums, Historical Maps and Historic Places."  Many resources. - From officialusa.com/ - http://www.officialusa.com/stateguides/history/states/indiana.html   

Indiana, Timeline of State History  __ "Chronological timeline lists important dates and events in the history of Indiana. Find details on education, geography, and facts for this mid-western state." - From shgresources.com - http://www.shgresources.com/in/timeline/

Indiana's African-American History __ "In celebration of Black History Month, The Indianapolis Star Library assembled this set of pages drawn from our coverage over the years."  Many photos and articles. - illustrated - From indystar.com - http://www2.indystar.com/library/factfiles/history/black_history/  

Local Indiana History __ Local resources for the history of Indiana including brief county by county info such as founding dates and more. - From att.net - http://home.att.net/~Local_History/IN_History.htm

State of Indiana History ___Not an attractive page, but the facts are here. - Text only - From NorthEastern Genealogy - http://www.negenealogy.com/in/in_state/history.htm

The US50 - A Guide to the State of Indiana ___A general overview of the history of Indiana and brief biographies of historic figures. - Text only - From Erik Schubach and TheUS50.com - http://www.theus50.com/indiana/history.php



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