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African Creation Myths __ A collection of creation stories from various African peoples. - From Untangle Incorporated - 

African Creation Stories __ "Creation stories explain man’s connection to earth and divinity. By explaining the source of nature, and human’s role in nature, man can establish the foundation for human relations, agriculture, science, law, customs, art and society. " You will find an overview and some excellent papers about African creation myth. - from Dr. Gloria Harper Dickinson -

Australian Aborigine Creation Myth __ A brief version - From Williams College -

Aztec Creation Story __ "The mother of the Aztec creation story was called "Coatlique", the Lady of the Skirt of Snakes." - From -

THE BIG MYTH - a study of world creation myths in Flash animation __ A wonderful website for the introduction of myths to students of all ages. Flash player needed - illustrated - From -

Blackfoot Creation and Origin Myths __ A small collection of legends covering the creation and first people. - From D. L. Ashliman -

Canada's First Nations: Native Creation Myths __ "Among the First Nations peoples, eight unique stories of genesis exist and have been adapted in several forms: the earth diver, world parent, emergence, conflict, robbery, rebirth of corpse, two creators and their contests, and the brother myth. The following stories are representative of these eight themes of genesis." - From University of Calgary -


A Chinese Creation and Flood Myth __ "The Miao have no written records, but they have many legends in verse, which they learn to repeat and sing." Here is their version of the creation. - From From D. L. Ashliman -

Christian and Jewish Creation Myth __ Genesis - From Rutgers University -
Comparison of Four African Creation Myths __ "The four creation myths found on the internet, "An African Cosmogony," "An African Story of the Creation of Man," "Egyptian Cosmogony and Theogony," and the Yoruba creation myth found under "The Minneapolis Institute of Arts," have similar elements and incorporate values and norms common across many African Ethnic groups." You will find a good essay. - From Jill Stuckwisch -

Creation __ Read the Maori creation myth then use the links at the bottom of the pages to read other Maori creation stories. Learn how the Kiwi lost its wings among other things. - From - 

Creation Myths __ "This web site was completed for a high school Latin course. The assignment was to explore some asset of classical culture and compare it to another culture, either modern of historic. It was done for Brian McCarthy's Latin II class." And well done it is. A good resource on creation myth for students of all ages. - From Williams College -

Creation Myths __ An overview of Filipino creation myth. - from Penelope V. Flores, Ph.D. - 


The Flood Narrative from the Gilgamesh Epic __ "Gilgamesh has made a long and difficult journey to learn how Utnapishtim acquired eternal life. In answer to his questions, Utnapishtim tells the following story. Once upon a time, the gods destroyed the ancient city of Shuruppah in a great flood..." - from Alexey Mahotkin -
Folklore and Legend - Creation Myths __ Six creation stories from cultures around the world. full text of each. - From -

The Genesis Project __ The Genesis Project is a resource for creation myths. The site provides summaries of creation myths from various places and cultures as well as parallels found between some of the myths. - From Thinkquest -

The Kumulipo, A Hawaiian Creation Chant __ "THE Kalakaua text of the Hawaiian genealogical prayer chant called the "Kumulipo" covers sixty-six pages of a small pamphlet printed in Honolulu in 1889 after a manuscript copy at that time in the possession of the ruling King Kalakaua but now the property of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, to which it passed in 1922 from the estate of Prince Kalanianaole, nephew of the former rulers." You will find an online translated text. - from - 

Mythological Theories from Different Countries __ Creation stories from various ancient societies. - From Crystalinks -

Myths of Creation, Greek Mythology Link __ A detailed look at creation and cosmogony. "Creation" means, in this context, Creation of the World, which is also called Cosmogony or Origin of the Universe (Cosmos). Cosmogony normally includes, not only an account of the origin of the world, but also a description of its physical qualities, declaring, for example, whether there is light or darkness in Cosmos, or of which parts it is formed. Likewise Theogony, which describes the Origin of the Gods, does not limit itself to give an account of their coming to being, but it also establishes their number and describes their nature, declaring, among many other things, whether they are good or evil, or whether they are stronger or weaker." - illustrated - from Carlos Parada -

Myths of Creation and of Origin __ An outstanding collection of creation myth from around the world. - From Alexey Mahotkin -

Native American Indian Legends - Algonquin Creation Myth __ An Algonquin creation tale. - From -

The Navajo Creation Story __ A detailed look at the Navajo creation myth. - from Harrison Lapahie Jr. -

Norse Creation Myth __ A brief account of a Norse creation story. - From -

The Norse Creation Myth __ "The first world to exist was Muspell, a place of light and heat whose flames are so hot that those who are not native to that land cannot endure it." - From D. L. Ashliman -


Philippines Creation Myths __ A collection of creation legends. - From D.L. Ashliman -

Samoan Creation Myths __ Two versions of Samoan creation stories. - From -

The Samoan Story of Creation __ The story along with an excellent explanation. - From - 

Shinto Creation Stories __ A collection of 10 stories dealing with the creation of the universe and man. - From Washington State University -


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