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Reviewed Resources for Students and Teachers


From Garden to Globe: Linking Time and Space with meaning and Memory __ Learn about "social memory" and its importance to society building in this excellent paper by Carol L. Crumley New York: Columbia University Press (2000) - From UNC Chapel Hill -

Geography, Poverty and Politics __ Essay dealing with poverty and politics in Urbana-Champaign, Il. -

Historical Ecology __ "A remarkable accomplishment of the human species is that its consciousness and its numbers are great enough to modify many of the immediate effects of climate and the land on human endeavors, for instance by the construction of shelters or the keeping of reserves. Yet climate and geology place constraints on human activity even today; beach erosion affects development, a summer hailstorm destroys crops." Learn about the relationship between climate and culture in this important paper. - By Carole L. Crumley - From UNC Chapel Hill -

Indigenous Peoples and the Law... __ This large website is chock full of articles, reports, news and other information. Worth the time and effort to keep up with what is happening in indigenous news and law. - illustrated and reports are PDF format - From Indigenous Peoples and the Law Online Institute -


Matsigenka Research __ Learn about the life of these Peruvian Indians in this comprehensive website. there are several reports and Acrobat Reader is needed. - illustrated - From Dr. Allen Johnson/UCLA -

Medical Anthropology Web __ Profiles of medical anthropologists, jobs available, training programs, and links. - From MedAnth.cpm -   

Medical Culture of the Ovambo __ Dr. Gwyneth Davies says it best. "This thesis focusses on the medical culture of the Ovambo peoples of southern Angola and northern Namibia, a group who have been little-researched anthropologically. Because health and affliction are such poignant human concerns, the study of a society's medical culture can tell us much about their social and cultural organisation in general. It is for this reason that Ovambo medical culture has been examined in relation to the wider socio-cultural background, rather than in isolation; especially since Ovambo evidence has shown that concern about health and affliction is not confined to the physical and spiritual wellbeing of individuals, but extends to include harmonious social relations, environmental and economic prosperity, and political stability." - From University of Kent at Canterbury -

Myths and Legends of the Bantu Index __ A full online book about myths and legends of the Bantu. You will find a considerable amount of detailed and well presented information. - By Alice Werner -

NativeWeb __ You will find a great collection of resources for cultural anthropology and indigenous people. Some items from around the world but mostly Native American. Keep up on the latest news and more. - illustrated - From -

A New Perspective for Anthropology: The Aesthetic... __ "Dr. Arnold Perey is on the faculty of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation. He received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in anthropology for research supported by the National Science Foundation and a Public Health Service fellowship." - a collection of essays - From Dr. Arnold Perey - 

PapuaWeb... __ "PapuaWeb is an information network for researchers, development practitioners, government agencies and others working on issues relevant to Papua, Indonesia." - illustrated - From PapuaWeb Project -

Peasant Social worlds and their Transformation __ This is a remarkable site where you may select the amount of detail you want in the information. "In contrast to a printed book, you can choose how much detail and contextual information you want at any moment in the presentation, and you can use the various indexing and search facilities built into the package to find information, list the contents of the different sections of the presentation, and gain suggestions for further reading in a traditional library." - illustrated - From University of Manchester -

Peopling of India, Demographic History, Global Genetic History, Mitochondrial DNA Base Sequences __ Here a blend of cultural anthropology and biological sciences attempt to answer questions about the origins of ancient India's population. - From - Various Institutions -

Population Counter -- Country Index __ Up-to-date population figures, are of extreme importance to many anthropological studies. Here is a tool you may find invaluable -- population figures for every nation in the world are updated every two seconds. - From Minnesota state University -

PUG - Public Understanding of Genetics __ "The project Public Understanding of Genetics (PUG) aims to investigate the way in which different publics across Europe identify the social implications of new genetic technologies. It focuses on a range of sites in which the public understanding of genetics is produced and mobilised: for example, the media, the clinic, community settings, parliamentary and legal debate, and within campaigning and 'self-help' groups. A series of case studies in seven European countries (Britain, Spain, Italy, France, Lithuania, Norway and Hungary) will provide new empirical data on the way in which a variety of 'publics' mobilise, or not, genetics. Findings from the case studies will inform an investigation of the relationship between genetics and kinship, genetics and race, and genetics and governance." - From University of Manchester -

Rights of Indigenous People of the US __ You will find reports, links, surveys, racial issues, justice issues and more. - From Professor Vernellia R. Randall - 

Sacred Texts: African Religion __ An excellent source of information covering South Africa, the Bantu, West and Central Africa and the Carribean. - From -

Selected Papers __ A collection of papers dealing with cultural anthropology authored by Dr. Dustin Jennings. An excellent collection which should keep you busy for some time. - From Dr. Dustin Jennings -

Social Context and the Limits on Symbolic Meanings __ A paper dealing with a cultural study made in the society of the Cook Islands. Learn what is meant by the 'signified' and the 'signifier.' - From Wenonah Lyon/University of Kent at Canterbury -

Social Contexts of Virtual Manchester __ "Historically, Manchester has been closely associated with so-called technological revolutions, a fact upon which public bodies draw in the conscious promotion of Manchester as an 'Information City'. This project focuses on how the technological is constituted and recognised in the field of information and communications technologies (ICTs), taking a theoretical approach which stresses the social nature of technical activity. Particular attention is given to how the technical is distinguished from other kinds of social activity, to how such demarcation is sustained and reproduced and to what is done in the name of such a difference. Western cultural narratives that link technology, innovation and social change are highly visible in Manchester's public ICT strategy. The project will trace previous efforts at conflating social integration with scientific-technical integration and ask what, if anything, is new about a 'virtual society'." - From The Virtual Society -

Theoretical Issues in the Analysis of Spatial Patterning __ "Societies form and are formed by their natural and constructed environments. People make their territories, houses, living spaces, and work spaces their own by consciously modifying them in terms of their effects on the senses, their utility, and their economic value." Learn more about spatial patterning and its use in cultural anthropology and theory supporting it. - - "How can an archaeologist identify and assemble the components of a landscape when many features of importance show little or no trace of use or occupation?" You will learn how. - By William H. Marquardt and Carole L. Crumley - From UNC Chapel Hill -

UCLA Center on Everyday Lives of Families __ I think I will let their opening paragraph do the talking for this review: "Housed in the UCLA Department of Anthropology, the Center on Everyday Lives of Families integrates scholars across the four sub-fields of anthropology cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology along with scholars from the fields of applied linguistics, education, and psychology in pursuit of four goals: 1) detailed, ethnographic research on how members of middle class working families create a home life through culturally and situationally organized social interactions; 2) creation of a digital video archive of family and household activities of working families; 3) apprenticeship of postgraduate, graduate, and undergraduate scholars in fine-grained documentation and analysis of social interactions that impact the well-being of working families; 4) public dialogue on how working families accomplish routine family and household activities and the centrality of these activities for building family and community relationships and world views." - From UCLA -


Unbenanntes Dokument __ This paper is sub-titled "Handling Ethnicities and/or Securing Cultural Diversities: Indigenous and Global Views on Maintaining Traditional Knowledge." The loss of traditional culture and knowledge increases the danger of losing most human languages in the near future. T - From Dr. Eric Kasten -

Uysal Walker Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative __ An excellent website dealing with Turkish cultural anthropology. You will find audio and pdf files. - From Texas Tech University - African Lives __ About the cultural aspects of many regions in Africa. You will find yourself immersed in African life, participate in its joys and sadnesses and from birth to death. - photos - From Washington Post -


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