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The peoples of Africa are often described in terms of their ethnic background or their languages.  There are several thousand ethnic groups in Africa, ranging in physical stature from the short Pygmies to the tall Maasai, each with its own cultural traditions.  Here are only a few of them.

Laka   Lega   Lobi   Luba   Luchazi   Luluwa   Lunda   Luvale   Lwalwa  Maasai  Makonde   Mambila   Mangbetu   Manja   Mbole   Mende   Mitsogo   Mossi   Mumuye  Ngbaka   Nkanu   Nok   Nuna   Oron  Owo   Pende   Pokot   Punu   San   Senufo   Shambaa   Shona   Songo   Songye   Suku   Swahili   Tabwa   Tuareg   Urhobo  We  Wimiama   Wodaabe   Wolof   Woyo   Wum   Yaka   Yombe   Yoruba   Zaramo   Zulu



Please note:  Some of the peoples and associations presented here are so closely related that more than one topic heading may apply.  For example, The Akan people are given a page of their own, yet the Asante ( Ashanti ) are also an Akan people, as are the Akuapem.  So, a full search for the 'Akan' may involve looking at pages dedicated to sub-groups as well.  Some sub-group pages may contain only a link or two, but they are still part of a much larger picture.

You will find a similar relationship among some of other peoples listed here.  This is a case where a little advanced knowledge of the subject may be an advantage when using these pages.

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Egbe Omo Yoruba: National Association of Yoruba Descendants in North America __ Learn about this organization and its activities. - From yorubanation.org - http://www.yorubanation.org/

Oduduwa Heritage Organization __ "This is the website of Oduduwa Heritage Organization. We are a cultural group of the Yoruba people based in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area." Learn about the organization, scholarship information, culture, events and more. - From oho.org - http://www.oho.org/

Yoruba __ An overview of Yoruba history and culture. "The Yoruba people live in Southwest Nigeria and Benin. They have developed a variety of different artistic forms including pottery, weaving, beadwork, metalwork, and mask making. Most artwork is made to honor the gods and ancestors and since there are more then 401 known gods to the Yoruba there is much sculpture and artwork made. Because of the vastness in the number of gods, the Yoruba have been compared to the ancient Greeks in the amount of gods and in the similarities between the structures of the gods." - illustrated - From The Africa Guide - http://www.africaguide.com/culture/tribes/yoruba.htm


Yoruba History __ A good overview of Yoruba history beginning with the Oduduwa Dynasty and the Founding of the Nation. - From yorubanation.org - http://www.yorubanation.org/Yoruba.htm 

Yoruba History Page __ "The Yoruba People, of whom there are more than twenty-five million, occupy the southwestern corner of Nigeria along the Dahomey border and extends into Dahomey itself. To the east and north the Yoruba culture reaches its approximate limits in the region of the Niger River. However ancestral cultures directly related to the Yoruba once flourished well north of the Niger." A general overview. - From cultural-expressions.com - http://www.cultural-expressions.com/ifa/ifahistory.htm 

Yoruba King: Yoruba Crown -Symbol of Power __ "The most important part of a Yoruba king's regalia (costume or clothing) is the crown (ade in Yoruba). the beaded fringe shields the face of the ruler, not only to hide his identity, but also to protect the viewer from the power of the king's direct gaze." - A paragraph describing the king's regalia. - illustrated - from princetonol.com - http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/middle/yoruking.htm 

Yoruba Legends - Index __ Several click-to-read myths and legends of the Yoruba - From sacred-texts.com - http://www.sacred-texts.com/afr/yl/index.htm 

Yoruba Mask History and tribal culture __ "The history traditonal and tribal significance of African masks from the Yoruba tribe located in South Western Nigeria" - illustrated - From rebirth.co.za - http://www.rebirth.co.za/yoruba_mask_history_meaning.htm 

The Yoruba Page __ A website: "To cherish, uphold, and project the honor and dignity of Yoruba culture, language and tradition in Africa and the Diaspora." You will find information and resources. - From yoruba.org - http://www.yoruba.org/ 

Yoruba People __ "The arts of the Yoruba are as numerous as their deities, and many objects are placed on shrines to honor the gods and the ancestors. Beautiful sculpture abounds in wood and brass and the occasional terracotta. Varied masking traditions have resulted in a great diversity of mask forms. Additional important arts include pottery, weaving, beadworking and metalsmithing." You will find material related to art, culture, history, religion, political structure and more. - From University of Iowa - http://www.uiowa.edu/~africart/toc/people/Yoruba.html


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