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Please note that with regard to lesson plans dealing with anthropology, archaeology, indigenous people, ancient civilizations, history, etc, there may be some cross-over and blurring of lines between the topics.  For example, a lesson plan dealing with archaeology is automatically dealing with an anthropological subject.  A lesson plan dealing with indigenous people is also automatically dealing with anthropology and any of them may, or may not, be dealing with history or ancient civilizations.  While every attempt will be made to keep the topic lines as 'clean' as possible, be aware this may not always be possible.

Appropriate grade or age levels are included with the lesson plans.

The number of lesson plans available online for this topic is enormous.  This site can not and does not index all lesson resources relating to things Egyptian. That would be impossible, as sites appear and disappear with astonishing rapidity.  The following provides some idea of what is available and will hopefully be a good starting point. 


*While many lesson plan sites have a subscription fee or otherwise sell their lesson plans (that is an additional feature of some of the sites found here)  all lesson plans and collections of lesson plans listed here are free.


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Ancient Egypt __ A collection of "mini-lessons."  Goals, activities and procedure. - From -

Ancient Egypt __ Lesson plan grades 6-8.  Goals and procedures. - From - 

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans__ Here are 18 lesson plans about different aspects of ancient Egypt. - From - 

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans__ Several lesson plans about ancient Egypt including goals, procedure, materials needed and more. - From - 

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans __ A handful of lesson plans including complete theme units and individual plans. - From -

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans and Background Information __ You will find a couple dozen lesson plans for all grades.  Goals and procedure. - From -


Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans for K-12 Teachers __ You will find a collection of lesson plans about ancient Egypt for all grade levels. - From -

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans | Site Map __ Here are several lesson plans about ancient Egypt from which to select. Goals, procedure and needed materials. - From Detroit Institute of Arts -

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans | TechnoMummy __ "Become an Egyptologist. Discover the identity of an Egyptian mummy by studying artifacts in a Microsoft Access database." Goals and procedure. - From - 

Ancient Egypt Webquest, Find information about Ancient Egypt __ An excellent activity for the classroom.  You will find the quest divided into separate missions.  "Elementary and middle students can now enjoy locating information on Ancient Egypt! Learn about Ancient Egyptian daily life, Egyptian mummies, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, King Tut (Tutankhamen), Egyptian games, and Archeology."  You will find all you need for this activity. - From - 


Boise Art Museum - Art Based Lesson Plans - Egyptian __ You will find several lesson plans in PDF format. Goals and procedures. - From -

DIA: Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans: Art __ A few lesson plans for the younger grades incorporating crafts.  Goals, materials and procedures. - From - 

Egypt, Gift of the Nile Lesson Plan __ You will find eight lesson plans based on the exhibition "Egypt, Gift of the Nile... You can download the entire Curriculum Resource Unit as a Microsoft Word document. This document comes complete with introduction, methodology, lesson plans, maps, and images. If you are on a PC and do not have Microsoft word, you can view and print the document using Word converter program from the Microsoft web site." - From - 

Egypt Theme - Lesson Plans, Thematic Units, Printables, Worksheets, and More...__ Several lesson plans with goals, procedure and more. - From -

Egyptian Sarcophagus Lesson Plan __ "Students will be learning about Egyptian art and history and the importance of the contributions of Egyptian culture. Students will be studying different types of Egyptian art including relief sculpture, sculpture in the round and Egyptian architecture. "  Goals procedure and materials - From -  

Egyptian Symbols and Figures: Scroll Paintings __ "In the first part of this lesson, the class creates a pictorial alphabet of its own and then learns and uses the symbols of the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet. In the second part of the lesson, students identify and represent in their own drawings figures from the Book of the Dead, a funereal text written on papyrus and carved on the walls of tombs to help guide the deceased through the afterlife."  Goals, procedure and needed materials. - From National Endowment for the Arts - 


Egyptian Tomb Art: Expressions of Religious Beliefs __ A detailed lesson plan about Egyptian tomb art with introduction, unit theme, procedures, materials needed and more. - From Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute - 

Egypt's Golden Empire . For Educators __ "This lesson focuses on the importance of geographic features and the abundance of natural resources that helped ancient Egypt become the world's first superpower. Students will learn about the geography and resources available to the ancient Egyptians and create a multimedia tour that demonstrates this learning to others."  Goals and procedure. Acrobat Reader needed. - From -

Egypt’s Pyramids: Monuments with a Message __ A lesson plan which answers: "What purposes do the Egyptian pyramids serve? (Historically, they house and protect the pharaoh and his belongings after his death; presently, they lead archaeologists to evidences and understandings of ancient Egyptian culture.) How do the pyramids tell us about the peoples of ancient Egypt?"  Goals, procedure and materials. - From National Endowment for the Arts -  

Hieroglyphic Art Project | Language Arts Lesson Plan __ "Students will translate words and ideas into pictures...Use this as a part of a project on Egyptian or other civilizations that used hieroglyphics for written communication, or just as an introduction to such. Locate library books or encyclopedias referencing hieroglyphics." Goals and procedures. - From -

Lesson Plans - Ancient Egypt: Stories and Myths __ "Students will examine stories and myths about ancient Egypt through time. First they will learn about the famous modern Egyptian myth about the "curse of the mummy." Then they will investigate ancient Egyptian culture and belief systems, including the influences of geography on the beliefs and customs of the time. They will then explore myths and stories from ancient Egypt. Finally, they will read about and discuss the influences of ancient Egypt and geography on modern Egyptian culture." - From National Geographic -

Life in Ancient Egypt __ A Middle School lesson plan about daily life in ancient Egypt.  Goals, materials and procedure. A PDF file - From - 


Neferchichi's Tomb at (Lesson Plans)__ You will find lesson plans and several classroom activities.  Goals, procedure and materials needed.  You will also find links to additional resources. - From - 

ProTeacher! Egypt lesson plans for elementary school teachers in grades K-6...__A fairly long list of lesson plans including goals, procedure and materials needed. - from - 

This Just in! Nile Network News __ "Students will conduct research on the large number of engineering, scientific, architectural and artistic contributions of the ancient Egyptians. They will share their findings by producing a TV news broadcast presentation."  Goals, procedure and needed materials. - From -

Welcome to Ancient Egypt - A thematic unit for elementary students __ "On this page you'll find some neat lesson plans about Ancient Egypt, web quests, games, online activities and literature guides." - From -   


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