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Amber Road __ Actually there were a number of ancient "Amber Roads" You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Ancient Africa - Trans-Sahara Trade Routes __ A look at ancient African trade routes which would be a good introduction for the younger student. - From -

Ancient Egyptian overseas trade __ Article about ancient Egyptian trade and trade routes, mostly maritime and south into Nubia. - From -

Ancient trade routes between Europe and Asia __ Brief article of these trade routes from a Chinese perspective. - From Shenzhen Daily  -   

Ancient Trade Routes between Europe and Asia | Special Topics Page __ "Long-distance trade played a major role in the cultural, religious, and artistic exchanges that took place between the major centers of civilization in Europe and Asia during antiquity. Some of these trade routes had been in use for centuries, but by the beginning of the first century A.D., merchants, diplomats, and travelers could (in theory) cross the ancient world from Britain and Spain in the west to China and Japan in the east." - illustrated - From Metropolitan Museum of Art - 

Ancient Trade Routes Map __ Just that. - illustrated - from - 


Ancient Trading ( North America)__ Learn about the ancient trade routes of Native North Americans. "Early European explorers had no idea of how huge - or how busy - the western hemisphere was because they only saw a tiny part. When London, England was just a village, Native American people had already created civilizations, communities and trade centers, as well as trails and roads to connect them." - map - From -

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Maritime Spice Route Between India, Egypt __ An article about the evidence and a few comments. - From -

Canadian Scientists Study Ancient Coins to Map Trading Routes __ "By probing the metal content of coins exchanged thousands of years ago in Mediterranean Europe, scientists have discovered a new way to map ancient trade patterns, to retrace economic ups and downs at the dawn of Western Civilization and even to shed new light on the collapse of the Roman Empire."  An interesting research project. - From - 

China’s ‘Ancient Tea-Horse Road’ in Historical Perspective __ "The antique Silk Road that connected the Chinese and Mediterranean Worlds for more than a millennium, facilitating the exchange of both goods and cultures, is widely known and celebrated. Less familiar is its more southerly equivalent, the ‘Ancient Tea-Horse Road’ that once linked the lush gardens of southwest China with the frigid wastelands of Tibet and – beyond ..."  A good overview of this ancient trade route. - illustrated - From - 
Map of Ancient Trade Routes from Mesopotamia __ Just that. - illustrated - From -

Nabataea: Trade Routes __ "This paper is not focused on any particular theory, but rather presents a number of topics that should be considered when considering Nabataean trade. It starts by outlining the chronological development of Nabataean trade in very broad lines. It then moves on to examine various aspects of Nabataean trade."  A good overview of the topic. - From -  

Nabataean Travel: The Ancient Sea Route between Rome and China __ You will find a brief overview of the route and a map. You will also find other ancient trade routes and information. - illustrated - From -

New discoveries in Syria reveal ancient trade routes to Nile __ A news story.  "Damascus - An academic excavation team said Thursday it had uncovered artifacts which indicate that an ancient Bronze-Age kingdom in northern Syria had strong international trade relations with Nile river dynasties."  Learn what the evidence is. - From -,ancient-trade-routes-nile.html

North African Trade Routes __ A general overview of trade routes in ancient Africa. - From -

Roman Trade WebQuest __ This can be a good classroom activity for learning about ancient Roman trade routes. - From -   


Roman Trade Routes __ Interactive map of ancient Roman trade routes. - From -

Saharan Trade: A Link Between Europe and Africa __ "The Saharan trade extended from the Sub-Saharan West African kingdoms across the Sahara desert to Europe. The Saharan Trade linked such African empires as Ghana, Mali, and Songhay to the European world." - illustrated - From Thinkquest - 
Silk Road __ Learn about the origins and history of the Silk Road and the different routes of the Northern Silk Road and the Southern Road. An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - from wikipedia - 

Silk Road __ A good history of the Silk Road with many links within the text to additional material. - illustrated - From -

The Silk Road __ "The story of one of the world's oldest and most historically important trade routes and its influences on the culture of China, Central Asia and the West " - From -  


The Spice Routes __ Learn about the Cinnamon Route and the Clove Route from Asia through Africa and on to Europe - illustrated - From -

Tea Horse Road - National Geographic Magazine __ Learn about the ancient Chinese Tea Horse Road in this multi-page National Geographic article. - illustrated - From - 

Trade Route Timeline Lesson Plan __ "Travel ancient trade routes! What products were exchanged? Where were the major ports? How did traders cross land? Show these routes on a map."  A complete lesson plan for younger students.  Goals, procedures and materials needed. - From -  

Trans-Saharan Trade and the West African Discovery of the Mediterranean World __ "The regular commercial and cultural exchange between Western Africa and the Mediterranean world did not start properly until the 8th century AD. Yet the beginning of trans-Saharan trade was not such a sudden and dramatic event like the coming of Europeans to America, but it had a long history of sporadic encounters for more than 1000 years." You will find a major paper about the topic. - From Pekka Masonen -


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