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All American Amateur Baseball Association __ Here is a good website that features the All American Amateur Baseball Association's tournament held in Johnstown. You can learn about past tournaments, historical data, and former players who have gone on to the Majors. - illustrated - From johnstownpa.com - http://www.johnstownpa.com/aaaba/ 

The Athlete's Advisor __ The Athlete's Advisor is a great tool for high school baseball players. Information on hitting, articles on nutrition, and more - illustrated - From athletesadvisor.com - http://www.athletesadvisor.com/ 

Baseball Fun Facts __ "The first World Series was played between Pittsburgh and Boston in 1903 and was a nine-game series. Boston won the series 5-3."  That is just one of the facts and figures from this website. - From factmonster.com - http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0771577.html

Baseball images, Baseball pictures, and Baseball videos __ Pages of click-to-enlarge baseball pictures.  Baseball photos. - illustrated - From photobucket.com - http://photobucket.com/images/baseball/

Baseball Quizzes and Trivia -- FunTrivia __ A lot of quizzes making use of a lot of baseball trivia and knowledge. - From funtrivia.com - http://www.funtrivia.com/dir/33.html 

The Baseball Scorecard __ Learn the fundamentals of scoring, read a glossary of baseball terms, and catch up on the latest news in baseball. - illustrated - From baseballscorecard.com - http://www.baseballscorecard.com/ 


Baseball Almanac : The Official Baseball History Site __ They say it:  ""More baseball history, awards, records, feats, humor, lists, quotations, and stats than any other baseball site on the Internet!" - From baseball-almanac.com - http://baseball-almanac.com/ 

The Baseball Archive __ You will stay up-to-date on the latest in baseball news, and more. - illustrated - From baseball1.com - http://www.baseball1.com/ 

Baseball Parks __ "The name of this site says it all. BASEBALLPARKS.COM is devoted to just one thing: baseball parks! From the Minors to the Majors, you'll find rankings, observations and opinions on the parks where grown men play a boys' game." - illustrated - From baseballparks.com - http://www.baseballparks.com/

baseball Photos __ You will find hundreds of galleries of click-to-enlarge baseball photos and thousands of indivudually posted baseball pictures. - illustrated - From pbase.com - http://search.pbase.com/search?q=baseball&b=popular+queries

Baseball-Reference.com - Major League Baseball Statistics and History __ Just what it claims in the title. - From baseball-reference.com - http://www.baseball-reference.com/ 

Baseball.com __ Good source of baseball information, news, live scores, articles, and more. - illustrated - From baseball.com - http://www.baseball.com/ 

Baseballology.Com - Your Source For Anything Baseball __ News, articles, scores, press releases, and much more. Find information on your favorite teams. - illustrated - From baseballology.com - http://www.baseballology.com/ 

Baseballs4me __ Baseball from a woman's point of view. - illustrated - From Baseballs4me - http://members.tripod.com/Baseballs4me/index.html 

Be A Better Hitter __ Here is a baseball instruction site related to improving your hitting. - illustrated - From beabetterhitter.com/ - http://www.beabetterhitter.com/ 

College Baseball __ Find current articles, news, and information on college baseball. - illustrated - From baseballamerica.com - http://www.baseballamerica.com/today/college/index.html 

College Baseball Insider __ Find current news stories, statistics, articles, and more on college baseball. Also, there is an "Ask The Coach" section where you can email the experts with your baseball question. - illustrated - From collegebaseballinsider.com - http://www.collegebaseballinsider.com/ 

Competitive Youth Baseball __ Youth Baseball is a great resource for both parents and children for baseball information. - illustrated - From goodswing.com - http://goodswing.com/

The Diamond Angle - Baseball Photos __ You will find hundreds of click-to-enlarge baseball photos - baseball pictures. - illustrated - From thediamondangle.com - http://www.thediamondangle.com/archive/photo.html

The Exploratorium's Science of Baseball __ Here you will find find descriptions of the science behind baseball.  there is a lot of information and some of it requires "Shockwave" capability. - illustrated - From exploratorium.edu - http://www.exploratorium.edu/baseball/ 

John Benson on baseball __ Find articles on Major League Baseball written by baseball writer, John Benson. - From johnbenson.com - http://www.johnbenson.com/ 

Junior Baseball: America's Youth Baseball Magazine __ Junior Baseball Magazine Online contains information on how to make your high school baseball team, tournaments, and more. - illustrated - From juniorbaseball.com - http://www.juniorbaseball.com/

Little League Online __ A great all purpose baseball website which is an information source for children about divisions in baseball and softball. Good site for research as well as a great resource for teams. - illustrated - From littleleague.org - http://www.littleleague.org/ 

Major League Baseball : The Official Site __ You will find everything you need to know about baseball here at Major League Baseball.com.  Scores, statistics, schedules, and standings. Read about your favorite players and teams, plus daily video clips. Nice section for children is also provided. - illustrated - From mlb.mlb.com - http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/index.jsp

Major League Baseball Pictures __ 150 Major League baseball photos in a slide-show format.  Baseball pictures - illustrated - From aol.com - http://kids.aol.com/sports/mlb/photos

Men's Baseball - NCAA Sports.com __ Here you can find team information, photographs, scores, and history information for the NCAA Tournaments. - illustrated - From ncaasports.com - http://www.ncaasports.com/baseball/mens 

Minor League Baseball __ This is the official site which includes All Star games, umpire developments, news, and more. - illustrated - From minorleaguebaseball.com - http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/ 

National Amateur Baseball Federation __ This website provides news, articles, rules, and more for amateur baseball teams. - illustrated - From nabf.com - http://www.nabf.com/ 

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum __ Here is the  National Baseball Hall of Fame's official home page. You will find an excellent history of America's national pastime. - illustrated - From baseballhalloffame.org - http://www.baseballhalloffame.org/

The Official Site of Major League Baseball: Photos: Gallery __ Many annotated click-to-enlarge baseball pictures.  Baseball photos. - illustrated - From mlb.mlb.com - http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/gallery/index.jsp Photos / Pictures of Baseball in Cuba __ "Photos of a Baseball game in Cuba: Santiago vs. Granma."  Baseball photos - baseball pictures - illustrated - From danheller.com - http://www.danheller.com/cuba-baseball.html

PONY Baseball/Softball __ You will find a good source of information for Pony baseball and softball. Learn the rules and regulations. - illustrated - From pony.org - http://www.pony.org/home/default.asp 

SLAM! Sports - Baseball __ Here is an excellent online resource for all types of baseball information. You will find articles and statistics about the American and National League Teams, Minor League Teams, and some information on College and Little League Baseball. - illustrated - From Canoe Inc - http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Baseball/home.html

Spring Training Baseball Pictures - Cactus League Photos __ "Spring Training Baseball comes to Arizona during March each year, when 12 of the 30 teams of Major League Baseball come to Arizona to participate in Cactus League competition. Of those 12 teams, 9 have their home stadiums in the Phoenix metro area, and 3 call Tucson home."  Gallery of baseball pictures - baseball photos. - From about.com - http://phoenix.about.com/od/arizonapicturesandphotos/ig/Spring-Training-Pictures/index.htm 

Total Baseball Online __ Here is up-to-date information about professional baseball, along with info about baseball players, statistics, and schedules. - illustrated - From totalbaseball.com - http://www.totalbaseball.com/ 



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