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Alternate Names and/or Spellings for California Tribal Groups ___"... a list of tribal names and selected variations of those names." - Text only - From California India Library Collections - 

CA Federally Non-Recognized Tribes ___An alphabetical list -- just names; no other information. - Text only - From Native Studies at California's Humboldt State University -

California Indian Tribes __ A general overview of California tribes on and off the reservation. - From -

California Indian Tribes and Languages __ A long list of California tribes with each name on the list being a link to additional materials. - From -


California Indian Tribes - Native American Tribal Councils __ "California Indian Tribes on this list are not the only tribes in existence in California. Many tribes were forced off lands they owned during the 19th and 20th centuries. Losing land equated with losing birthright. Their very existence and heritage were all be denied because of government regulations requiring they live on and own tribal land."  Learn how this has effected them since, including effects on gaming revenue. - From -

California Indians __ "Webquest for kids to learn about the Yokut, Mohave, Yurok, Chumash, Maidu, and Miwok tribes. - From -   

California Native American Tribes ___Dozens of tribes are listed here with contact information and links to websites where applicable. - Text only - From 500 Nations Native American SuperSite - 

California Native Americans and their Physical Environment __ Lesson plan.  "Students describe the social, political, cultural, and economic life and interactions among people of California from the pre-Columbian societies to the Spanish mission and Mexican rancho periods."  Grade 4.  Goals, procedure and materials. - From -

California Pre-contact Tribal Territories Map ___Just the map, but it's clearly labeled, colorful and easy to read. - From California India Library Collections - -- California Indian Tribes __ A large map showing California Indian tribes in the 18th century. - From - 

California Tribes ___A list of this state's tribes with links to tribal websites (where applicable). - Text only - From the Bauu Institute -


California Tribes __ "The tribal concept in most parts of thid [sic] State is one imposed upon the Indians as a result of ethnological investigation rather than something recognized by themselves."  Background and a bit of history. - From -  

California Tribes ___Find contact information for 100 California India reservations -- listed alphabetically. - Text only - From the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) -

Category:Native American tribes in California __ Index of Wikipedia articles related to California Native Americans. - From wikipedia -

Indian Tribes of California ___Almost five dozen tribes can be found here. Tribe names which are in color and underlined are links to further information. - Text only - From AccessGenealogy -

Indigenous peoples of California __ "The Indigenous peoples of California are the tribes who have lived in the Californian cultural area for centuries or millennia. With over one hundred federally recognized tribes, California has the largest Native American population and largest number of distinct tribes of any US state."  You will finds an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -

Lesson Planning, Lesson Plan Formats and Lesson Plan Ideas __ How to produce a lesson plan and not just for Indian tribes either. - From -


The Origins of California's Indian Tribes: California Indian History __ A history of how American Indians arrived in California. -From - 

Tribal Government Sources: Nations by State: California ___"The listing of tribes in these pages have been compiled in order to allow for easier access to information on the culture and history of the Native American tribes of the United States. Some of the links will have an icon next to them designating them as either Federally recognized or State recognized." - Text only - From Evergreen State College - 

Tribes and Villages of California ___A list of native tribes, councils and communities with contact information and links to their websites when available. - Text only - From Karen M. Strom - 


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