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Please note that with regard to lesson plans dealing with anthropology, archaeology, indigenous people, ancient civilizations, history, etc, there may be some cross-over and blurring of lines between the topics.  For example, a lesson plan dealing with archaeology is automatically dealing with an anthropological subject.  A lesson plan dealing with indigenous people is also automatically dealing with anthropology and any of them may, or may not, be dealing with history or ancient civilizations.  While every attempt will be made to keep the topic lines as 'clean' as possible, be aware this may not always be possible.

Appropriate grade or age levels are included with the lesson plans.

The number of lesson plans available online for this topic is enormous.  This site can not and does not index all lesson resources. That would be impossible, as sites appear and disappear with astonishing rapidity.  The following provides some idea of what is available and will hopefully be a good starting point.

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This page is a supplement to Minnesota Social Studies where you will find additional material including history, colleges and universities, capital city profile, lesson plans, state government and more.


*While many lesson plan sites have a subscription fee or otherwise sell their lesson plans (that is an additional feature of some of the sites found here)  all lesson plans and collections of lesson plans listed here are free.


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BlackDog's United States of America Coloring Book - Minnesota __ The youngest of students can have fun coloring a map of their state along with learning some interesting things about it. You will find a print out for this classroom activity. - From blackdog.net - http://www.blackdog.net/refrigerator/coloringbook/usa/minnesota.html 

The Changing Role of the Iron Range __ "The iron range located in northern Minnesota is a unique geographical area that can teach children many valuable things. It can teach students about maps, immigration, and natural resources. This lesson teaches students about mining, natural resources, and economies. The iron range is used as a case study, We will be tracking ore mining to taconite to tourism. Children will learn the changing economic function of the iron range."  goals, procedure and materials. - From eduref.org - http://tinyurl.com/dl78h 

Eat Your State! Social Studies Lesson Plan... __ Students make an "edible" map of their state and its resources.  When the lesson is over, let 'em munch away at their efforts. - From lessonplanspage.com - http://www.lessonplanspage.com/SSEatYourState-StateNaturalResourcesIdea24.htm 

Eva Valesh __ "Journalist Eva MacDonald Valesh wrote about booming Minneapolis in the late 1800s. Her reporting centered primarily around the labor movement and exposing of poor labor conditions in factories and mills. She wrote under the pseudonym "Eva Gay" for much of her career and became actively involved in the political labor movements of the Alliance Party and its supporters, including connections to Ignatius Donnelly and other Progressive leaders of the time."  Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From Minnesota Historical Society - http://www.mnhs.org/school/classroom/communities/teachers/lessons/VALlesson.html 

Fishes of Minnesota __ This interactive, online quiz is a fun way to learn about Minnesota fish species. - From cloudnet.com - http://www.cloudnet.com/%7Eedrbsass/mnfish.htm 

Information and Lesson Plans About Minnesota __ You will find a collection of lessons and related resources. - From cloudnet.com - http://www.cloudnet.com/~edrbsass/edmin.htm


KidZone Geography - United States Printables for various State Emblems: __ You will find class activity material for your state as well as all the others.  These activities are for the earliest grade levels. - From kidzone - http://www.kidzone.ws/geography/usa/index.htm 

Knowing Where You Are __ "Students research place names in their state and discover and analyze the varied sources of these place names." Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From eduplace.com - http://www.eduplace.com/ss/act/knowing.html 

Lesson Plan: Ard Godfrey __ Study the life and contributions of Ard Godfrey in Minnesota history.  goals, procedure and materials. - From Minnesota Historical Society - http://www.mnhs.org/school/classroom/communities/teachers/lessons/GODlesson.html 

Lesson Plans - Make State Maps With MapMachine __ A lesson that can be made Minnesota specific.  "This lesson asks students to compare and contrast their state with another one using observations they make from National Geographic's MapMachine. They'll look at their own state's maps as the teacher creates them for the class, and they'll make their own maps of another state of their choice. They'll list their observations of the two states' maps then write paragraphs comparing and contrasting what they've seen." - Goals, procedure - From nationalgeographic.com - http://www.nationalgeographic.com/xpeditions/lessons/03/g35/exploremaps.html 

Let Me Tell You About My State! __ "The purpose of this activity is to develop an awareness of the concepts of the United States through the Amateur Radio communication services. It provides an opportunity for the students to verbally interact information about their state. Comparing and collecting data about different cultures, current events, geography, history, government, natural resources, and climate conditions are examples of shared data. Students will be given the opportunity to interact with another student operator to exchange information. Verbal questioning skills, critical thinking skills and the growth of writing skills will be enhanced. Through sharing of information about ones' state, published reports will be written from the acquired data."  Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From eduref.org - http://tinyurl.com/bz9ou 

Mini Study of a State __ The students will learn to do research while comparing your state with one of the states of the U.S. They will be graded on information, drawing and art work, spelling and punctuation and neatness.  Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From eduref.org - http://tinyurl.com/8y9ks 

Minnesota Communities __ Online explorations using primary sources from the Minnesota Historical Society. Click on teachers for a large selection of lesson plans on topics including people (Ard Godfrey, John Pillsbury, Julia Nelson, etc.), occupations (milling, pottery, mining), landscapes (falls, river, iron range), and milestones (Civil War, mill explosion, dangers of mining, and many more). - From Minnesota Historical Society - http://www.mnhs.org/school/classroom/communities/index.html 


Minnesota Floor map __ "Activity Title and Summary: Students will use materials and space provided to design a floor map of the State of Minnesota."  Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From teachers.net - http://www.teachers.net/lessons/posts/440.html 

Minnesota History Webquest __ Students will become familiar with basic information related to Minnesota state history as well as familiar with online resources for learning about the history of Minnesota. - From cloudnet.com - http://www.cloudnet.com/%7Eedrbsass/historywebquest.htm 

Minnesota Political Leaders __ "The Internet has much valuable information for the student and the instructor in Civics. This lesson plan is designed for the student to become familiar with one site with information on our politicians."  Goals, procedure and materials. - From eduref.org - http://www.eduref.org/cgi-bin/printlessons.cgi/Virtual/Lessons/Social_Studies/Civics/CIV0020.html 

Minnesota Road Trip __ "This intermediate to middle-grade lesson plan is designed to explore four of the five themes of geography (location, place, movement, and regions) as they relate to Minnesota through planning a seven-day trip around the state."  Goals, procedure and materials. - From cloudnet.com - http://www.cloudnet.com/%7Eedrbsass/minnesotageography.htm 

Minnesota State Flag __ While not a lesson plan 'per se,'  it would be an excellent basis for one to teach younger students about your state flag with descriptions, history, and much more. - From allstates-flag.com - http://allstates-flag.com/fotw/flags/us-mn.html


Minnesota State Study Unit __ These state unit studies are designed to help children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state. These studies are great for children in the public and private education system as well as homeschooled children." You will find lessons, printables, activities, quizzes, maps, fun facts, and many other classroom activity items. - From About.com - http://homeschooling.about.com/cs/unitssubjgeog/a/susmn.htm 

Minnesota - A State Unit Study __ "This mini unit on MINNESOTA uses the cross curricular approach to education. There are several activities from different academic subjects for you to choose from. One of the most important things is to have fun!" - From easyfunschool.com - http://www.easyfunschool.com/Minnesota.html 

Minnesota Word Search __ Students find names of this state's cities on a printable puzzle - From thepotters.com - http://www.thepotters.com/puzzles/minnesota.html


State Reports __ Students will use different types of resources (computer software, research books, etc.) to find the climate, landforms, natural resources, government officials, etc. of a specific state.  In this case, yours.  Goals, procedure and materials. - From eduref.org - http://tinyurl.com/8alyq 

US template __ Print out this template for your students to create a state brochure as a class activity. - From North Canton City Schools - http://tinyurl.com/cgcaj  

Virtual Field Trips and State Resources - Minnesota __ As a class activity you can take any of a series of virtual online field trips around the state.  Some of these "trips" also have lesson plans which may be ordered, others are free. - from Macmillan/McGraw-Hill - http://tinyurl.com/cvocm 


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