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History of Nepal __ A general history of Nepal along with other information about the country. - From -

History of Nepal __ "The History of Nepal is characterized by its isolated position in the Himalayas and its two dominant neighbors, India and China. Even though it was independent through most of its history, it was split in three from the 15th to 18th century."  An encyclopedic article along with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

History of Nepal __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of the country of Nepal." - From - 

Nepal: History __ "By the 4th cent. A.D. the Newars of the central Katmandu valley had apparently developed a flourishing Hindu-Buddhist culture."  A look at the history of Nepal along with other information about Nepal. - From -

Nepal History __ "Nepal was created from an amalgam of small principalities in 1768 under King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Under the control of a hereditary king, Nepal then became a ‘buffer state’ between the British empire and the territories to the north."  An overview of Nepal's history along with other information about the country. - illustrated - From -


Nepal History __ "But the recorded history of Nepal does not start until around 800 BC, with the beginning of the Kirat Period. After that was the Lichhavi and Thakuri Period, followed by the Malla Period and finally the Shah Period."  You may read an overview of all of these periods in a click-to-read format. - From -

Nepal - History __ "The long-term trend in Nepal has been the gradual development of multiple centers of power and civilization and their progressive incorporation into a varied but eventually united nation."  An essay about Nepal's history. - From -

Nepal History __ A basic look at the history of Nepal. - From -

Nepal - History & Background, Constitutional & Legal Foundations __ General history, legal and political history along with history of Nepal's educational system. - From Net Industries -


Nepal History: Topics __ Dozens of click-to-read resources and articles about Nepal history. - From -

Nepal's Political History : : Nepal's Political Development ... __ An overview of Nepal's political history with a link at the bottom of the article pointing to a "concise" history of Nepal. - From -

Political History of the Maoists in Nepal __ "The Nepal Communist Party was founded in 1949. Until a new Constitution guaranteeing a multi-party system was adopted in 1990, however, most Communist politicians had been in exile."  A brief look at their history and links to additional resources. - From -

Royal Nepalese Embassy __ A concise, and official, look at Nepal's history. - From Royal Nepalese Embassy, Washington DC -


South Asian History - Nepal __ You will find a detailed Nepal history in many click-to-read chapters. - From -

Timeline: Nepal __ Annotated timeline of important dates and events in the history of Nepal. - illustrated - From BBC -

World History Archives: History of Nepal __ You will find click-to-read articles and resources about various aspects of Nepal's history. - From -


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