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Go to North Dakota Social Studies - North Dakota History - Capital City Bismarck, North Dakota - North Dakota Tourism - North Dakota Disasters - North Dakota Geography -North Dakota Lesson Plans - North Dakota Colleges and Universities

A to Z Kids Stuff | North Dakota __ General information about North Dakota for kids including history resources. - From atozkidsstuff.com - http://www.atozkidsstuff.com/ndakota.html

Famous North Dakota People North Dakotans __ List of notable North Dakotans. - From 50states.com - http://www.50states.com/bio/ndakota.htm 

Find a Grave - North Dakota ___Brief biographies of 38 'famous' citizens, many with information about their claims to fame, causes of death and burial places, and photos. - Illustrated - From Find a Grave - http://www.findagrave.com/php/famous.php?page=state&FSstateid=30

Historical Museums of North Dakota - A History Guide __  You will find a directory of Historical Museums in North Dakota, categorized by county. - From censusfinder.com - http://www.censusfinder.com/north-dakota-historical-museums.htm

History of North Dakota ___Get more depth information about the history of North Dakota by clicking on any underlined text in this encyclopedic article. - Text only - From Freedictionary.com - http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/History%20of%20North%20Dakota

History of North Dakota __ "Much of the area was first organized by the United States as part of the Minnesota Territory and then the Dakota Territory in the 19th century. North Dakota gained statehood in 1889."  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_North_Dakota

North Dakota ___A good overview of the history of North Dakota, plus statistics, demographic information, and links to "... selected famous natives and residents." - Illustrated - From Pearson Education, publishing as Infoplease - http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0108256.html

North Dakota GenWeb Project __ "The area we know as North Dakota was claimed by France in 1738 and later included as part of the Louisiana Purchase when the United States bought land from France in 1803." Includes 1890 demographic map, county resources, and archives. - illustrated - From rootsweb.com - http://www.rootsweb.com/~ndgenweb/ 
North Dakota Ghost Towns ___These brief reports about this state's ghost towns are submitted by viewers. - Map - From Ghosttowns.com - http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/nc/nc.html 

North Dakota Historical Overview ___"The history of North Dakota is very much tied to its geography and climate, which is the first topic presented in this overview." Other topics include "... the first inhabitants of the region... the presence of the United States military... [and] Dakota Territory and statehood." - Illustrated - From the Library of Congress - http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/award97/ndfahtml/ngp_nd.html 

North Dakota History and Genealogy __ "North Dakota Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. While the original thought was to provide this website as a resource for finding genealogy and historical data concerning North Dakota on the web, we have begun adding specific data to this site..."  Genealogy and history resources. - From northdakotagenealogy.com - http://www.northdakotagenealogy.com/

North Dakota State Flag History __ History and images of the North Dakota flag. - illustrated - From scribd.com - http://www.scribd.com/doc/2421715/North-Dakota-State-Flag-History

North Dakota State History ___Topics covered here include the fur trade, settlement and statehood. - Text only - From SHG Resources - http://www.shgresources.com/nd/history/

North Dakota Timeline of State History __ "Presents a chronological timeline of important events and dates in this state's history from the Paleo-Indian period to the present. Includes geography and fast facts." - From shgresources.com - http://www.shgresources.com/nd/timeline/

A Pictorial History of Fargo, North Dakota __ "History of Fargo, North Dakota, with photographs, postcards, and other images." - illustrated - From fargo-history.com - http://www.fargo-history.com/

State Historical Society of North Dakota __ You will find information about the Society, goals and accomplishments, along with many resources about the history of North Dakota. - From nd.gov - http://www.nd.gov/hist/index.html 

The US50 - A Guide to the State of North Dakota ___A general state history overview and brief biographies of historic figures. - Text only - From Erik Schubach and TheUS50.com - http://www.theus50.com/northdakota/history.php

Welcome to the State Historical Society of North Dakota __ "Chronology of North Dakota history, and summary history."  Learn about the organization, goals, accomplishments, membership information and more. - illustrated - From nd.gov - http://history.nd.gov/ 



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