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About the Ute Indians __ "The Ute Indians are a Native American tribe of the western United States. It was from the Utes that the state of Utah derived its name."  An introductory overview of the Utes. - From ehow.com - http://www.ehow.com/about_4566083_the-ute-indians.html

Chief Ouray: Southern Ute Indian Tribe ___"He was a man of peace at a time of war between Indians and whites." Read a brief biography here. - Text only - From the Southern Ute Indian Tribe - http://www.southern-ute.nsn.us/history/ouray.html 

Facts for Kids: Ute Indians __ "Information about the Ute Indians for students and teachers. Covers food, homes, arts and crafts, weapons, culture, and daily life of the Utes." - From bigorrin.org - http://www.bigorrin.org/ute_kids.htm 

Meeker Colorado and White River Valley ___Ute location, history and general information. - Text only - From Meeker Colorado - http://www.meekercolorado.com/northernutes.htm
Mountain Ute History ___Maps and a vintage photo accompany the text on this page which overviews Ute history. - Illustrated - From the Mountain Studies Institute - http://www.mountainstudies.org/DataBank/History/Towns/UteMountainUtes.htm


The Official Web Site of the Ute Indian Tribe __ "The Utes have a tribal membership of 3,157 and over half of its membership lives on the Reservation. They operate their own tribal government and oversee approximately 1.3 million acres of trust land."  Official sitee. - illustrated - From utetribe.com - http://www.utetribe.com/  

People of the Colorado Plateau-The Ute Indians ___Some history and current circumstances. - Text only - From CP-LUHNA - http://www.cpluhna.nau.edu/People/ute_indians.htm

A picture of life on the Fort Duchesne reservation in Roosevelt, Utah __ "The Ute Indians of North Western Utah are the least-educated, poorest citizens in Utah. Most live off Government assistance and the dropout rate among their children is ninety-percent. This fact has caused them to be the poorest group of citizens in Utah."  Article and film review. - From utahstories.com - http://www.utahstories.com/utes.htm

Southern Ute Indian Tribe ___Information about Ute history and culture, including traditional dances. - Illustrated - From the Southern Ute Indian Tribe - http://www.southern-ute.nsn.us/ 

Ute ___Includes information about the Southern Utes, Ute Mountain Utes, Bear Dance and Sundance. - Text only - From Four Corners Post Card site - http://www.ausbcomp.com/redman/ute.htm

Ute Indian __ Culture, history and folklore. The site also features a discussion board and a list of resources. - From uteindian.com - http://www.uteindian.com/

Ute Indians __ "The Mormons or "Mermen" as the Weenoochew (Old People) called them, came into Utah and settled in the Wasatch Valley in the 1840ís. At first they wanted to convert the Utes. Their "Book of Mormon" says, the "Lamanites" (dark skinned People) are the Chosen People. Some Noochew accepted the Mormon religion and became farmers, other Noochew resisted." A brief overview of modern Ute history and an annotated gallery of classic vintage photos. - illustrated - From prospector-utah.com - http://www.prospector-utah.com/ute-indians.htm

Ute Language and the Ute Indian Tribe (Southern Paiute) __ "Southern Paiute is a Uto-Aztecan language of the Western Plateau. It is spoken natively by more than 1500 people in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. "  Ute language resources. - From native-languages.org - http://www.native-languages.org/ute.htm   

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe ___This website offers "a glimpse of the colorful past and the dynamic present and future of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe." - Illustrated - From the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe - http://www.utemountainute.com/

Ute people __  You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related material. - illustrated - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ute_people  

Ute Tribe Business Partnership Approved ___In 2002 the U.S. government approved a partnership between the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the "Trident Exploration Corporation for the development of the Canadian company's natural gas leases in Alberta." - Text only - From USDOI/Darling -

Utes __ "The Ute people came from the north to become the oldest residents of Colorado. They occupied Utah, Colorado and New Mexico." General look at Ute history, culture and people. - From mnsu.edu - http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/cultural/northamerica/utes.html 


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