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Architecture of Venice, Italy __ You will find click-to-views of great buildings in Venice. - illustrated - From -

Famous Venetians __ A list of famous people associated with Venice with links to more detailed information about them. - From wikipedia - 

History of Venice __ "According to legend, Venice was founded in 422 by Roman refugees fleeing from the Goths. However, no historical records exist about the origins of Venice. The city was probably founded as a result of the influx of refugees into the marshes of the Po estuary following the invasion which ravaged northern-eastern Italy starting from that of Quadi and Marcomanni in 166-168 AD..." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia - 

History of Venice __ Detailed information about Venice history. - illustrated - From Venezia net s.r.l - 


Marco Polo International Airport __ You will find general information and flight times. - illustrated - From -;jsessionid=22FXP5LCGZTXVQFIAIBCFFA?_requestid=1220593&language=en 

Photos of Venice __ Gallery of click-to-enlarge photo images. - illustrated - From Frantisek Staud - 

Venice __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. "Venice (Italian: Venezia Venetian: Venezsia) is the capital of the region of Veneto and the province of the same name in Italy. Its population is 271,663 (census estimate January 1, 2004). The city is included, with Padua (Padova), in the Padua-Venice Metropolitan Area, population 1,600,000." This and more. - illustrated - From wikipedia -



VENICEBANANA - (almost) everything about Venice-Italy __ "A guide with useful information, maps, files about the main monuments, many photographs and much more." They said it. - illustrated - From - 


Venice, Italy Forecast : Weather Underground __ Current and predicted weather conditions. - From -

Venice, Italy, free pictures __ Gallery of click-to-enlarge photos. - illustrated - From - 



Venice Map __ An interactive map with links to more information. - illustrated - From - 

Venice Travel Information __ "Venezia, La Serenissima, Queen of the Adriatic, city of canals and palaces...or tawdry sewer alive with crowds and charlatans?" Find out for yourself. - illustrated - From -


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