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Arctic Explorers 

Arctic Explorers General Resources

Antarctica Explorers

Antarctica Explorers General Resources

Africa Explorers

Explorer Behaim, Martin - Explorer Cadamosto, Alvise da - Explorer Dias, Bartolomeu - Explorer Eannes, Gil - Explorer Eberhardt, Isabella - Explorer Henry the Navigator - Explorer Kingsley, Mary - Explorer Burton, Sir Richard Francis - Explorer Clapperton, Hugh - African Explorers General Resources - Explorer Ibn Battuta, Abu Abdullah Muhammad - Explorer Lander, Richard - Explorer Livingstone, David - Explorer Park, Mungo - Explorer Speke, John Hanning

New World Explorers

Explorer Albanel, Charles - Explorer Balboa, Vasco Nunez de - Explorer Brûlé, Étienne - Explorer Cabot, John - Explorer Cadillac, Antoine de Lamothe - Explorer Cartier, Jacques - Explorer Champlain, Samuel de - Explorer Columbus Christopher - Conquistadors - Explorer Coronado, Francisco Vásquez de - Explorer Cortes, Hernando - Explorer De Soto, Hernando - Explorer Drake, Sir Francis - Explorer Du Lhut, Daniel Greysolon, Sieur - Explorer Fraser, Simon - Explorer Frobisher, Martin - General Resources - Explorer Gilbert, Humphrey - Explorer Hennepin, Louis - Explorer Hudson, Henry - d'Iberville, Pierre Le Moyne Explorer - Explorer Joliet, Louis - Explorer Kino, Eusebio - Explorer La Harpe, Jean Baptiste Bernard de - Explorer Lahontan, Baron - Explorer La Salle, René-Robert-Cavelier - Explorer La Vérendrye, Pierre Gaultier de - Explorers Louis & Clark - Explorer Marquette, Jacques - Explorer MacKenzie, Sir Alexander - Explorer Narvaez, Panfilo de - Explorer Nicollet, Jean - Explorer Perrot, Nicolas - Explorer Pizarro, Francisco - Explorer Ponce de Leon, Juan - Explorer Quen, Jean de - Ribault, Jean - Radisson & Des Groseilliers - Explorer Thompson, David - Explorer Troyes, Pierre de - Explorer Vancouver, George - Explorer Vespucci, Amerigo

World Explorers

Explorer Cook, James - Explorer Da Gama, Vasco - Explorer Drake, Sir Francis - General Resources - Explorer Magellan, Ferdinand - Explorer Polo, MarcoExplorer Zheng He (Cheng Ho)


Age of Exploration Timeline ___"From 3200 B.C. to 1779, checkout the historical record of important dates and events in the world of exploration." - Illustrated - From the Mariners' Museum - 

European Idea of the Atlantic Before Columbus ___"This map shows what Martin Behaim believed lay to the west of Europe. Behaim was a German mapmaker who created a globe of the world in 1492. His is the oldest surviving globe. Behaim assumed that sailing westward on the Atlantic Ocean would take the traveler to Cipangu (Japan) and Cathay (China). He had no idea of the Pacific Ocean. On this map you can see the outline of what the traveler would actually find—North and South America." - Illustrated - From Holt, Rinehart and Winston - 

Explorers ___A great website with loads of information, especially for younger students. Use the alphabetical index, the dateline, the continents links or the search engine to find what you need. - Illustrated - From Enchanted Learning - 


Explorers of the World ___This page links you to information about explorers in a wide variety of areas, including ideas and arts." Text only - From Bellingham Public Schools - 

Explorers Who Died on Their Voyages ___"Exploration is risky business. That's what can be seen from the fate of the persons below. All of them died during one of their voyages of exploration. Of each is given the place and year of death as well as its cause (if I have been able to find the second). Not included are people who died after getting back home from illnesses, wounds or other problems met during their travels. For some of these explorers the place of death or the cause of death given here are not certain, but only the most probable guesses." - Text only - From Andre Engels - 

Gander Academy--European Explorers ___Don't miss this excellent compilation of information about the world's explorers and the age of exploration. Pages are sorted by countries of origin, countries explored, teachers resources, and general resources. - Illustrated - From Gander Academy - 

Latitude: The Art and Science of Fifteenth-Century Navigation ___An excellent source of information about how sixteenth century explorers had a scientific advantage over those who preceded them. - Illustrated - From Rice University - 

The Spice Islands ___"A schools Curriculum Project which follows the journey of Tim Severin as he retraces the steps of the famous explorer Alfred Russel Wallace in the Spice Islands of Indonesia." - Illustrated - From the University of Limerick, Ireland - 


Terra Australis Incognita __"... before the late 18th century, before it was possible to know longitude at sea (which required a good clock) exploration of the immense Pacific, covering more than a third of the earth, was based on hope and accident." It was believed that a southern land mass was necessary to balance the world. This essay addresses the search for such a continent. - Text only - By Paul V. Hartman - 

Virtual Exploration Society Homepage ___"Listen while the older members recount exciting true stories of explorers who have risked life and limb in the pursuit of knowledge. Paddle down the Amazon with Percy Fawcett. Drive a dogsled to the North Pole with Peary and Henson. Go to a mysterious isolated island with the Burden Expedition to capture a living dragon. Risk an ancient Egyptian curse with Howard Carter as he opens the Tomb of King Tut." - Illustrated - From Lee Krystek - 


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