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*While many lesson plan sites have a subscription fee or otherwise sell their lesson plans (that is an additional feature of some of the sites found here)  all lesson plans and collections of lesson plans listed here are free.



"A Date Which Will Live in Infamy" __ You will find a lesson plan from the National Archives and Records Administration on Roosevelt's address to the joint session of Congress following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Internet links provided allow students to actually listen to the speech. - From -

Getting Involved in World war II __ A lesson plan that introduces students to the reasons why the United States became involved in World War II and asks them to consider the reasons Japan decided to attack Pearl Harbor.  Goals, materials, procedure. - From -

Holocaust Social Studies Lesson Plan __ "To promote awareness of the events, causes, and impact of the holocaust on European culture.
The students will analyze the holocaust and its political, emotional, and humanitarian impact on the 20th century." Goals, materials needed, procedure. - From -

The Origins of World War II __ "Goal of this lesson: To achieve student understanding of the causes of World War II."  Materials and procedure. - From -


A Perspective on World War II __ Students work with students in other countries to compare the World War II information each country's textbooks contain. Goals, materials and procedure. - From -

The Rise of Hitler __ This lesson has been designed to allow Year 9 students to use ICT in their study of the Rise of Hitler. Goals, materials and procedure. - From -  

THE WAR . For Educators . Lesson Plan | PBS __ "These lesson plans have been developed to help teachers bring Ken Burns’s THE WAR into the classroom. Classroom activities are appropriate for students in grades 9-12 and cover major themes addressed in the film."  Goals, materials, procedure. - From PBS -


World War II - Lesson Plan Library __ "Tell students that they are going to find out about the role of women during World War II. They have the option of researching daily life of women in either Germany, Britain, or the United States."  Goals, materials and procedure. - From -

World War II: The Pacific __  Research in depth the key events of World War II in the Pacific and debate whether dropping the nuclear bomb was the best way to end the war. - From -

World War II Printables, Lessons, & References (K-12 ... __ "On December 7, 1941 the United States entered World War II. Explore this era in world history with printables, lessons, and articles on Pearl Harbor, the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan and much more." - From -


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