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These pages do not begin to cover all the disasters that have taken place in every state.  There is also controversy over what constitutes and defines a "great" disaster from any other kind.  All disasters are "great" to those directly involved in them.

So these pages are a mix of "great" and "not so great" disasters.  The major disasters are all covered in the larger sites I have linked to as resources and the rest are related items of interest.

For example, you might not find a particular major disaster on this list, but it may be included in a site such as, which is one of the resources found here.

This is an excellent place to begin your research.  The links found here lead to an ever widening amount of information.  Good luck in your efforts.

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2003 Alabama Earthquake __ "The 2003 Alabama earthquake took place on Tuesday, April 29, 2003 at 3:59 A.M. Eastern Standard Time eight miles ESE of Fort Payne, Alabama. The number of people who felt this quake was exceptionally high as the earthquake could be felt in 11 states across the East Coast as far north as Southern Indiana." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia -

Alabama Emergency Management Agency | Disaster Web __ General information about disaster relief and preparedness in Alabama. Documents on this site require Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free download is available. - From -

Alabama Disasters Floods, Fires, Tornadoes, Mine Explosions and more __ "Alabama Disasters. Events that touched our ancestor's lives: Alabama floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, mining accidents, explosions, ..." Many click to read articles and resources. - illustrated - From -

Alabama Hurricane Center __ " Welcome to the official website for the Alabama Hurricane Center. This website was specifically designed to provide pertinent information to the communities and the surrounding areas of Alabama." - From - 


Alabama SKYWARN Foundation - Lists of Alabama Tornadoes, 1950-2003 __ "This table lists the top 25 tornadoes ranked in order based on the number of deaths that occurred in Alabama. Several of the tornadoes noted crossed state lines; in those cases, the number of deaths refers to the number that occurred in Alabama. Under "Counties Affected", the number in brackets is the number of deaths in the other state." - From -

Big Bayou Canot train disaster __ "The Big Bayou Canot train disaster of September 22, 1993 is the worst train wreck in the history of the United States passenger railroad company Amtrak." an encyclopedic article with links to relater material. - From wikipedia -

Category:Alabama hurricanes __ A list of hurricanes which have effected Alabama with live links to more detailed information. - From wikipedia -

FEMA: Alabama State Disaster History __ Alabama Disaster History. Major Disaster Declarations. Click on the 'disaster #' on the right side of the list to access detailed information including images and more. - illustrated - From FEMA - 

Historic Disasters: Alabama Disasters __ You will find a list of Alabama disasters. Each list entry is a live link to additional information. - From -

Hurricane Katrina __ "The hurricane caused severe destruction across the entire Mississippi coast and into Alabama, as far as 100 miles (160 km) from the storm's center." An encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia - 

Mining Accidents, Explosions, Mine Disasters, Cave-ins  __ This page begins with a list of a dozen mine disasters in Alabama. Click on them to read the full story. - From -

Mississippi Hurricane, Aug 1860 __ "Three hurricanes hit the southeastern coast of Louisiana in 1860. August 8-16, the first hurricane of the season, number 1, formed in the Gulf of Mexico west of Tampa, Florida. It headed west and after passing the mouth of the Mississippi River, it made a large U turn, crossed the Louisiana coast near the Lafourche, St. Charles and Plaquemines parishes, turned east along the southern shore of Lake Ponchartrain, crossed Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia then headed out into the Atlantic Ocean. This was a category 3 hurricane." Original news articles and links to related material. - From - 

Mobile magazine explosion __ "On May 25, 1865, in Mobile, Alabama, in the Southern United States, an ordnance depot or "magazine" exploded, killing some 300 persons. This event occurred just after the end of the American Civil War, during the occupation of the city by victorious Federal troops." A brief encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia - 

Super Outbreak __ "The Super Outbreak is the largest tornado outbreak on record. From April 3 to April 4, 1974, there were 148 tornadoes confirmed in 13 US states and one Canadian province: Ontario, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and New York." An encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Tornado Disaster -- Alabama, March 27, 1994 __ "On Sunday, March 27, 1994, a series of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes moved across Alabama, ..." Read the whole story. - From -


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