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Great American Disasters State by State

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These pages do not begin to cover all the disasters that have taken place in every state.  There is also controversy over what constitutes and defines a "great" disaster from any other kind.  All disasters are "great" to those directly involved in them.

So these pages are a mix of "great" and "not so great" disasters.  The major disasters are all covered in the larger sites I have linked to as resources and the rest are related items of interest.

For example, you might not find a particular major disaster on this list, but it may be included in a site such as, which is one of the resources found here.

This is an excellent place to begin your research.  The links found here lead to an ever widening amount of information.  Good luck in your efforts.

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Bangor, ME Charcoal Pit Explosion, Dec 1890 __ "An Acre of Ground Covered by Debris from a Charcoal Pit." Original news articles and links to related material. - From Linda Horton/ -,-me-charcoal-pit-explosion,-dec-1890

Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 __ "Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 was a scheduled flight from Boston Logan International to Bangor International on August 25, 1985. The flight normally stopped en route at Augusta and Waterville, Maine. The flight crew flew the aircraft from Bangor to Boston and back earlier that afternoon in worsening weather. On the second trip they were advised at an en route stop in Augusta that because of air traffic control delays in Boston their return flight 1788 via Auburn/Lewiston, Maine was being cancelled...." An encyclopedic article with links to related material. - From wikipedia -

FEMA: Maine State Disaster History __ Maine Disaster History. Major Disaster Declarations. Click on the 'disaster #' on the right side of the list to access detailed information including images and more. - illustrated - From FEMA - 

Historic Disasters: Maine Disasters __ You will find a list of Maine disasters. Each list entry is a live link to additional information. - From -
The Great Fire in Portland, Maine on July 4 __ "The Great Fire of Portland, Maine occurred on the first Independence Day after the end of the American Civil War on July 4, 1866. Five years before the Great Chicago Fire, this was the greatest fire yet seen in an American city." A very brief article. - From wikipedia -

The Great Fires of 1947 __ "The Great Fires of 1947 was a series of forest fires in the State of Maine in the United States that destroyed a total area of 175,000 acres (780 km²) of wooded land. This event is an important part of the local history of the York County and Mount Desert Island areas." an encyclopedic article with links to related material. - From wikipedia -


Maine Disasters Floods, Fires, Tornadoes, Mine Explosions and more __ "Events that touched our ancestor's lives: Maine floods, fires, Tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, mining accidents, explosions, train wrecks, tragic accidents ..." You will find original news articles and more. - From -

Maine Earthquake Information __ An overview and history of Maine earthquakes. - From - Citizen Alert System __ "'s Citizen Alert System has been established as a way for Maine state government to keep the public informed about events that may impact public health or safety. Information issued through the Citizen Alert System is provided directly from authorized state government officials." - From State of Maine -


Maine Prepares: Display Fact Sheet __ How to prepare for a tornado in Maine. "Maine averages one to two tornadoes per year, typically touching down in uninhabited wooded areas. However, the most recent tornado in Maine struck Phippsburg on Thanksgiving Day 2005, causing damage to trees and coastal homes and camps." - From -

Maine Tornadoes __ Maine tornadoes from 1950 to 1995, listed by County. - From - 

Natural disasters in Maine __ Index of wikipedia articles about natural disasters in Maine. - From wikipedia -

Waterville, ME Airship Fire, Sept 1908 __ "Aeronaut Dropped 500 Feet to His Death Near Fair Grounds of Waterville, Me." You will find original news accounts and more. - From Linda Horton/ -,-me-airship-fire,-sept-1908

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