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The Anthropology of Food is an analysis of food in culture.  While the primary purpose for food is nutrition, it also has a cultural dimension by which people choose what they eat not only by flavor or nutritional value but by cultural, religious, historic, economic or social status, and environmental factors.  Closely related is the general subject of Food Science.

The resources found here do not pretend to cover the subject in its entirety.  The sheer number and the fact that so many come and go make such a thing impossible in this kind of format.

The sites listed have demonstrated, first, stability.  They should be there when you want them.  And hopefully, this page provides a good 'starting point' for your further research.

Due to the nature of the topic, some selected sites may have a commercial element as well as excellent information.  Such selection does not constitute an endorsement of any commercial product by



Anthropology of Food __ A good introductory article and several, links to additional resources. - From / Prof Sidney Cheung -

Anthropology and Food: Encyclopedia of Food & Culture __ "What distinguishes the anthropological study of food from that of other disciplines is its focus on food within a cultural and often cross-cultural context. "  Learn about the anthropology of food. - From -

Anthropological perspectives on migration, food and nutrition __ A paper about the anthropology of food, its relationship to migration, perspectives for the future and links to many resources. - From Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition. - 

Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology __ "Founded in 1951, CIFST is the national association for food industry professionals. Its membership of more than 1500 is comprised of scientists and technologists in industry, government and academia who are committed to advancing food science and technology."  You will find a great deal of information freely available to the public plus membership information. - From Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology - 

Coolfood1 __ A great website for kids to learn about food production and safety. Choose your language to enter.  You will learn about food myths, health concerns, eating habits and much more. - illustrated - From -

Drink and History __ Here is a collection of resources on history of drink in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. - From - 

European Food Information Council __ "The European Food Information Council, EUFIC, is a non-profit organisation which provides science-based information on food and food-related topics to the media, health and nutrition professionals, educators, and opinion leaders."  this website is jam-packed with information ranging from production and safety to information for kids. - illustrated - From EUFIC - 


Food & Nutrition Information Center __ You will find a virtual encyclopedia of information about food and nutrition including databases, links, articles and more. - From US Department of Agriculture -

Food Science Central __ Here is a gateway to free and subscription based information relating to food science, food technology and food-related human nutrition, including feature articles and more. - From - 

Food Science for kids of all ages! __ You will find experiments, resources, and materials for educators and students. - From -

food science news and articles __ Several news reports, articles and resources. - From - 

Gourmet Direct International __ While this is a commercial website, scattered throughout you will find brief articles detailing the history of various gourmet food items such as caviar, mushrooms, saffron, etc.  Just those bits of information you might need to make an otherwise mundane report sing with a little historic color. - illustrated - From Fred Sabouri/ -    

Historical Recipes of Different Cultures __ An enormous collection of recipes of historic interest. - From Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science -

The History behind a loaf of Bread __ Here is a remarkable site for one who is interested in the history of bread. Did you know, bakers were required to be model citizens in Ancient Rome?- illustrated - From -


History of the use of potato __ You will find an online chapter of the article included in the Cambridge World History of Food - From -

History of the use of rice __ You will find an online chapter of the article included in the Cambridge World History of Food - From -

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ancient Cookery __ A series of well done articles about cooking in the Middle Ages.  Very interesting menus.  "Although the articles were written with an SCA audience in mind, they are, I hope, of use to all interested in Medieval/Renaissance cooking from primary and secondary sources." - From -

IFT - Journal of Food Science Education __ "The Journal of Food Science Education (JFSE) is an online journal providing information on current innovations, trends, and issues surrounding food science ..."  While there is a membership element to this journal, there is an enormous amount of material available for free. - illustrated - From -

Institute of Food Technologists __ Learn about this organization and its programs.  You will find many articles covering a wide variety of food and food related topics. - illustrated - From IFT -


Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage __ An excellent list of resources about food from the Middle Ages. - From Society for Creative Anachronism -

Nutritional Anthropology: Encyclopedia of Food & Culture __ A good article introducing the science of nutritional anthropology. - From -

Southern Foodways Alliance __ "-- an affiliated institute of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture with headquarters at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi."  Learn about the cultural anthropology, history and traditions of food in the US south. - illustrated - From Southern Foodways Alliance -


A Taste of the Ancient World: Introduction __ "An exhibit about Greco-Roman eating and drinking, farming and starving..." Food production, distribution, menus and more. - illustrated - From the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology -

University of Guelph - Food Science __ Along with information about the school and courses offered, you will find interesting tidbits of food science history and trivia. A free education in its own right.- From -

Welcome to Gastronomica __ A journal of food and culture.  You will find several articles online as well as subscription information. - illustrated - From University of California -

Welcome to the Institute of Food Research __ "The Institute of Food Research (IFR) is the UK’s only integrated basic science provider focused on food, and is publicly funded to carry out independent basic and strategic research in food safety, nutrition and food materials science."  A lot to cover here. - illustrated - From IFR -

World Food Habits Bibliography __ An extensive list of printed resources. - illustrated - From Illinois state University -


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