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The Anthropology of Food is an analysis of food in culture.  While the primary purpose for food is nutrition, it also has a cultural dimension by which people choose what they eat not only by flavor or nutritional value but by cultural, religious, economic, status and environmental factors.  - These pages are a collection of sampler recipes providing only a taste of the ancient world.

Due to the nature of the topic, some selected sites may have a commercial element as well as excellent information.  Such selection does not constitute an endorsement of any commercial product by



An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th Century __ A very long list of recipes plus a section on medical drinks and preparations. - From - 

Cariadoc's Miscellany: Recipe Table of Contents __ You will find many Medieval European and Near Eastern recipes worked out from period or almost-period sources. - From -


A Chaucerian Cookery __ Recipes, history and tales galore in this online book. - From - 

COLLECTION: Medieval and Anglo Saxon Recipes __ "All from _The British Museum Cookbook_ by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, 1987, British Museum Publications." - From Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science - - Recipes - Medieval __ You will find 6 recipes here. - from - 

Gode Cookery __ Recipes, history and good fun. - illustrated - From - 


Medieval bread __ An overview interspersed with a few bread recipes.  You will learn about whether or not sawdust was used to extend the flour and other informational tid-bits in this FAQ format. - From - 

The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy, six recipes __ An excerpt from The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy.  "On the left, in italics, is the original medieval recipe in translation, followed by the authors' comments. On the right is the authors' revision of the recipe for the modern kitchen." - From - 

Medieval Recipe Gallery __ Recipes for a five course feast. - From Linda Peterson - 

Medieval Recipes __ You will find a collection of recipes and links to related materials. - From Bill Gamber & Ken Withers - 


Medieval Recipes __ "For the most part, these recipes come from the late Mediaeval period (after the Norman conquest of England). Hence there is a considerable continental influence on the food. We also see for the first time recipes incorporating rabbits rather than hares. [Normans having brought rabbits into Britain as a rare delicacy.] - From - 

Medieval Recipes at Medieval.Net. __ You will find a half-dozen recipes here including good ol' ginger bread. - From - 

Medieval Recipes from Various Sources __ A small collection of recipes. - From Black Tauna - 

Medieval and Renaissance Food Homepage __ Many recipes and links to related materials. - From - 


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