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Aboriginal (Native American) Star Knowledge: Menu __ This is a combination of basic astronomy, archaeoastronomy, and Native American mysticism which creates a very interesting website. - illustrated - By Paula Giese -

Ancient Tomb Captured both Sun and Moon __ "An ancient Irish tomb may have been built with a light chamber aligned not only to the Sun, but to the Moon as well." Read about the discovery and the archaeological evidence in this BBC article. - illustrated - From BBC -

Archaeoastronomy __ A great introduction to archaeoastronomy from Thinkquest. Articles, quizzes, regional information and more. - illustrated - From Thinkquest -

Archaeoastronomy __ Learn about ancient astronomy and ancient observations in Egypt and India. You will also find some good links - illustrated - By Chris L Peterson -

Archaeoastronomy __ Website includes links to a collection of some 1100 images of archaeological and archaeoastronomical sites in Britain, mainland Europe, Mesoamerica, South America, Australia and Polynesia. - From Clive Ruggles, University of Leicester -


Archaeoastronomy in Denmark __ "Danish historians do not yet accept astronomical explanations to prehistoric findings; instead, they prefer other interpretations. In other countries the subject is more accepted . In England the subject was taken seriously after the interpretation of Stonehenge as a Sun-Moon observatory (Hawkins, 1963). Since then several stonemonuments have been explained in a similar way." Learn about what is taking place in Denmark in archaeoastronomy in this brief overview. - From Erling Poulsen -

Archaeoastronomy: Encyclopedia Article from Wikipedia __ Find a brief introduction to archaeoastronomy, plus a few links to related subjects. - From Wikipedia -


Archaeoastronomy Home __ "Ancient astronomers who worshipped the rhythms of the heavens hundreds and thousands of years ago often left evidence of their cosmology. Stonehenge, Newgrange, Avebury, the Rollrights, Ogam solar alignments along the Arkansas River, Giza, Mayan temples and other sites across the face of our globe are testimony to the wonder felt by our ancestral sky watchers." You will find basic information plus a special section about archaeoastronomy in the ancient American Southwest. - illustrated - From TransVision Corp -

Archaeoastronomy Looks at Equinox, Solsltice and Cross-quarter Events Throughout the Year __ Some of the material here gets quite 'new age' but the basics are well presented. You will find astronomical history and calculation aids. - illustrated - From -

Archaeoastronomy at Mounds State Park by Donald R. Cochran __ A brief but important paragraph demonstrating the use of astronomy in the Adena cosmology. - By Donald R. Cochran (Department of Anthropology, Ball State University)
Archaeogeodesy, a Key to Prehistory __ The opening paragraph gives a good overview. "Archaeogeodesy can be defined as that area of study encompassing prehistoric and ancient place determination, point positioning, navigation (on land or water), astronomy, geodynamic phenomena, and measure and representation of the earth. Archaeogeodesy, by combining fundamental astronomy, geodetic knowledge, applied mathematics, accurate positional data and archaeology, presents a methodology for investigating the placements, interrelationships, spatial properties, arrangements and architecture of prehistoric sites and monuments." There is a great deal of information here. - illustrated - By James Q. Jacobs -


Asia __ Good general website about ancient astronomy in Asia. Good articles, interactive map and links. - illustrated - From Pomona College -

Astronomy in Japan __ You will find articles about archaeastronomic locations in Japan, the cultural aspects of Japanese starlore, historic astronomic events and observations in Japan, along with the general history and development of astronomy in Japan. - English, parts in Japanese - From Steve Renshaw and Saori Ihara -

Babylonian Planetary Theory and the Heliocentric Concept __ A detailed paper about ancient Babylonian astronomy including ..."numerical methods and parameters found in the Babylonian Astronomical Procedure texts and Ephemerides of the Seleucid Era [310 B.C. - 75 A.D.]" - By John N. Harris, M.A. -

The Center for Archaeoastronomy __ The Center for Archaeoastronomy publishes the journal Archaeoastronomy, and the newsletter Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy News. You will find an index of past issues, essays, and subscription information - From Center for Archaeoastronomy -

Clive Ruggles's Image Collection __ Collection of some 1100 images of archaeological and archaeoastronomical interest. - illustrated - From Clive Ruggles/University of Leicester -

Mesoamerican Archaeoastronomy by James Q. Jacobs __ "The Mesoamerican civilizations constructed numerous administrative and ceremonial centers and erected numerous monuments. These reflect astronomic knowledge and expertise in numeration and calendrics." Learn about our current knowledge and get an overview in this paper. - By James Q. Jacobs -

Who Built the Nuraghes __ Could archaeoastronomy explain the Nuraghes of Sardinia? The author of this website thinks it quite possible. -


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