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A Disappearing Culture __ "With 3,000 years of history behind them and only 300,000 of them left in the world, China's Qiang ethnic group is a nationality with an interesting yet little-known culture."  Learn about the dwindling Qiang culture and China's plans to preserve it. - From radio86.co.uk - http://www.radio86.co.uk/china-insight/from-chinese-media/6999/a-disappearing-culture

First Look: The Qiang People of Sichuan __ You will find a detailed look at the Qiang covering many aspects of Qiang culture.  A PDF File, Acrobat Reader needed. - From chineseupress.com - http://www.chineseupress.com/promotion/AsianAnthroV1sample/7.pdf

Introduction to the Qiang Language __ "Until recently there was no writing system for the language. The Qiang carved marks on wood to remember events or communicate. In the late 1980s a team of Qiang specialists from several different organizations developed a .i.writing system; for the Qiang language, based on the Qugu variety of the Yadu subdialect of the Northern dialect. In 1993 the government officially acknowledged the writing system." Plus a whole lot more. - From victoria.linguistlist.org - http://victoria.linguistlist.org/~lapolla/qiang/lgintro.html


Qiang __ General look at Qiang People with brief bits of information about several aspects of Qiang culture. - From travelchinaguide.com - http://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/nationality/qiang/  

The Qiang ethnic minority __ "The Qiang ethnic minority has a population of 198,300 who mostly dwell in hilly areas, crisscrossed by rivers and streams, in the Maowen Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province."  You will find a general overview of Qiang history and culture. - From peopledaily.com.cn - http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/data/minorities/Qiang.html

Qiang Minority - Chinese Nationalities __ A brief overview including one photo. - from paulnoll.com - http://www.paulnoll.com/China/Minorities/min-Qiang.html

Qiang Nationality Language & Culture Web Site __ A good all purpose website about the Qiang though much of it is dealing with language. "There are also buttons on the main page for accessing information about Qiang language culture, and for directly accessing the lexical information, the photos and videos, and links to other sites on Tibeto-Burman languages and linguistics." - From victoria.linguistlist.org - http://victoria.linguistlist.org/~lapolla/qiang/qiangmain.html

Qiang people __ "Nowadays, the Qiang are only a small segment of the population, but they are commonly believed to be an old, once strong and populous people whose history can be traced to the Shang Dynasty..."  An encyclopedic article with links to related topics. - illustrated - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qiang_people  


Qiang People and Culture __ "The Qiang area is home to the Giant Panda and the fabled Yeti, or "Big Foot." These people are excellent masons and skilled architects who build castles, suspension bridges, dams and sinking wells. Their homes are block made from different size stones and built like fortresses." This and much more. - text only - From 4panda.com - http://www.4panda.com/sichuan/qiang/general.htm

Saving Sichuan's 'people in the clouds' __ Learn about the condition of the Qiang people after the earthquake in Sichuan province. - illustrated - From BBC News - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7519526.stm

The Taoping Stronghold __ "About 170 kilometers west of Sichuan provincial capital Chengdu stands Taoping Village, home to the nomadic Qiang ethnic minority. Built in 111 B.C., this ancient village has weathered 2,000 years of battles and besiegement." Historic and cultural information about this special place. - illustrated - From China Today - http://www.chinatoday.com.cn/English/e2004/e200406/p40.htm


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