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Info about Shan People __ Learn about Shan religion, culture, holidays, dress, crafts and more. - illustrated - From Ungdom i Oppdrag - 

School Funding Proposal For Shan State Internally Displaced People __ "Funding is needed to provide a school and teachers for approximately 100 children of a village inside of Shan State (Northern Burma). Due to several issues specific to these people, most funding organizations will not support this project." Learn about how once again the Shan have to depend on outside help, even within their own country. - illustrated - From -


Shan __ "...are a Tai ethnic group of Southeast Asia. The Shan live primarily in the Shan State of Myanmar, but also inhabit parts of Mandalay Division, Kachin State, and Kayin State, and in adjacent regions of China and Thailand."  An encyclopedic article with links to related topics. - From wikipedia -

Shan Cultural Association - UK __ A lot of information about the Shan here including history, language, religion, photos, links and more. - illustrated - From -

Shan language page __ "Ethnologue and bibliography information on Shan." - From - __ An excellent 'general' website about the Shan. You will find current news, history, culture, maps and can listen to the national anthem. - illustrated - From - 

[SWAN]Shan Women's Action Network __ "SWAN is a founding member of the Women's League of Burma (WLB), an umbrella women's organization comprising eleven women's groups from Burma. SWAN, through its affiliation with other women's organizations, establishes common platforms to promote the role of women from Burma in the struggle for democracy and human rights in their country." Learn more about their activities related to human rights. - From SWAN -


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