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The links provided here are for the purpose of having online material where you can learn what each faith has to say about itself.  While these links are not about "religious anthropology" itself, having a knowledge of what each faith believes can be an important tool in many studies of the anthropology of religion.  

In the review annotations, I will let the site speak for itself as much as possible.

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Conservative Judaism __ A brief look at conservative Judaism. - From World Union of Jewish Students -

Conservative Judaism __ A review of the history and principles of Conservative Judaism in North America. You will also find an essay about "Changes in Judaism." - illustrated - From University of Calgary - 

Conservative Judaism __ "The name derives from the idea that the movement would be necessary to conserve Jewish traditions in the U.S., a culture in which Reform and Orthodoxy were not believed to be viable. Conservative Judaism attempts to combine a positive attitude toward modern culture, acceptance of critical secular scholarship regarding Judaism's sacred texts and commitment to Jewish observance. Conservative Judaism believes that scholarly study of Jewish texts indicates that Judaism has constantly been evolving to meet the needs of the Jewish people in varying circumstances, and that a central halachic authority can continue the halachic evolution today." You will find a good review of Conservative Judaism including history and beliefs. - From - 

Introduction to Judaism - Conservative Judaism __ An excellent overview of conservative Judaism with links to additional material. - From - 

The Jewish Theological Seminary __ The Jewish Theological Seminary of America is the intellectual and religious center of Conservative Judaism. There is information for potential and current students, research, community development and more. - illustrated - From Jewish Theological Seminary - 

Masorti Movement in Israel __ "The Masorti Movement is a pluralistic, religious movement in Israel, affiliated with Conservative Judaism. Its philosophy combines commitment to Jewish tradition and halachah (law) with an open and positive approach to the modern world, to democratic culture and to Zionism." You will learn its history, goals, activities, an online newsletter, and much more. - illustrated - From -


USCJ: United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism __ A large site full of information. You will find articles, news, educational materials, synagogue listings and much more. - illustrated - From USCJ -
Women's League for Conservative Judaism __ Learn about this organization and its programs. There is a lot of information here. "We are Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, the largest synagogue based women’s organization in the world. As an active arm of the Conservative / Masorti Movement, we provide services to 700 affiliated women’s groups in synagogues across North America." - illustrated - From women's League for Conservative Judaism - 

The World Council of Conservative/Masorti Synagogues __ You will find an overview, news updates, events, online newsletter and information about Conservative Judaism in Latin America. - illustrated - From - 


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