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Ancient Egypt Timeline __ Annotated timeline of important dates and events in ancient Egypt. - illustrated - From BBC -

Ancient Egyptian History __ You will find a comprehensive & concise educational website focusing on the basic and the advanced in all aspects of Ancient Egypt. Just choose your language and go. - illustrated - From -

BBC - History - Egyptians __ Explore the history and development of ancient Egypt through the key dynasties and artifacts of this mighty civilization. - illustrated - From BBC -

A Brief Review of Modern Egyptian History __ Discover a bit of modern Egyptian history beginning with the Ottomans in this overview. - From Dr. M Trabia of the University of Nevada Las Vegas -


Coptic History __ A brief look at Coptic history beginning in the Greco-Roman period of Egypt's history through the Arab Conquest.  A lot of other information about Copts too. - From -

Egypt: History __ "The valley of the “long river between the deserts,” with the annual floods, deposits of life-giving silt, and year-long growing season, was the seat of one of the earliest civilizations built by humankind..."  A general history of Egypt along with other information about the country. - from - 

Egypt - History - From Ancient Times to the Modern Period __ A history and resources for the full span of Egyptian history with photos, maps and more. - illustrated - From - 

Egypt.. the past and the present __ There is a virtual ton of information about Egyptian history found here in the form of click-to-read articles.  the third section of links down the page is the history section. - From -


History of Arab Egypt __ "During the initial Islamic invasion in 639 AD, Egypt was ruled at first by governors acting in the name of the Ummayad Caliphs in Damascus but, in 747, the Ummayads were overthrown and the power of the Arabs slowly began to weaken. Although Egypt remained under the nominal rule of the Abbasid Caliphate, its rulers were able to establish quasi-independent dynasties, such as those of the Tulunids and the Ikhshidids."  An encyclopedic article which goes into great detail about this period in Egypt's history. - From wikipedia -

History of the Copts of Egypt __ "The Coptic people are the descendants of the ancient Egyptians. The known history of the Copts or Egypt starts with King Mina or Menas the first King, who united the northern and southern kingdoms of Egypt circa 3050 B.C."  You will find a good look at their story in a click-to-read format, or simply scroll down the page. -  From -

History of Egypt __ "The history of Egypt is the longest continuous history, as a unified state, of any country in the world. The Nile valley forms a natural geographic and economic unit, bounded to the east and west by deserts, to the north by the sea and to the south by the Cataracts of the Nile."  An encyclopedic article with links to additional resources. - From wikipedia -


History of Egypt __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of Egypt." - From -

Islamic history of Egypt-Tulunid-Ekhshidit-Fatimids Caliph __ An outline of the history of Islamic Egypt. - illustrated - From - 

Modern Egypt - Detailed Modern Egyptian History __ Just what it says.  You will find many pages of history and more.  Many click-to-read articles are not illustrated but still contain good information. - illustrated - From -

Rulers of Modern Egypt __ Provides brief information about rulers of Egypt since year 1805. Click in the ruler's name for an image and biographical information - illustrated - From -


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