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Category:History of Fiji __ An index of articles related to Fijian history found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -

Culture of Fiji - History and ethnic relations, Urbanism ... __ You will find a lot of useful information about Fiji along with a good history section. - illustrated - From -

Fiji History __ A brief look at the history of Fiji.  For a more detailed look, simply click "more history." - From -


Fiji - History __ "Voyagers from the east settled Fiji at least 2,500 years ago. Some of their descendants later moved on to settle the Polynesian islands to the west."  An essay. - From -

Fiji History __ "The first inhabitants of Fiji came from Melanesia, some 3500 years ago, and established a hierarchical society based on clans. Little is known of the islanders’ history before the arrival of Europeans – an assortment of roving traders, missionaries and shipwrecked sailors – in the mid-17th century."  A general look at Fiji history along with other information about the country. - From -

Fiji: History __ Here is a good look at Fijian history along with access to additional information about Fiji. - From -


Fiji History __ "The first known European to sight the Fijian islands was Abel Tasman, who passed by on his way to Indonesia in 1643. He negotiated the treacherous reefs northwest of Vanua Levu and Taveuni, but his accounts of the dangers kept other sailors away from Fijian waters for another 130 years."  A colorful history of Fiji. - From -

Fiji History __ An interesting website covering the history of Fiji in the form of click-to-read articles along with a lot of other information about the country. - illustrated - From Polynesian Cultural Center -

Fiji's history of coups __ "Mark Tran explains where the latest coup fits in the context of Fiji's historic volatile relations between the military and government" - From -

History of Fiji __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of Fiji." - From -


History of Fiji __ You will find a thumbnail sketch of Fijian history, from ancient times to the present day. Many links to related resources. - From wikipedia -

History of Fiji, Fiji History, History about Fiji __ Brief look at Fiji history along with links to other information about Fiji. - From - 

Timeline: Fiji __ Timeline of important events in Fiji history. - illustrated - From BBC -


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