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While you are at it, you may want to learn a bit about ancient homes.  Perhaps even pick up a few ideas to use in your modern renovations or design.

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Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by  Sites are included for information value only.

The number of sites available online for this topic is enormous.  This site can not and does not index all of them.  Many of them seem to pop into existence and then vanish again.  Those selected have a track record of staying around for a while.  If you can't find what you are looking for here, the following does provide some idea of what is available online and will hopefully be a good starting point for a more thorough search.


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Appliance411 - Appliance Purchasing, Appliance Service and Appliance Repair... __ "Major home appliance related information for consumers including money saving purchasing and servicing tips and reports on getting repair parts. Extensive links to other appliance related sites."  You will also find an interesting question and answer forum. - From - 

Appliance Help & Advice Repair Tips __ You will find free repair tips as well as contact information for additional help. - From - 

Appliance Help by the Virtual Repairman __ "This site can help you with your major appliance problems, including installation, operation & trouble-shooting. We are experts on all American brands and with our help, you can determine the cause of your appliance problem and be provided the means to do many nominal repairs yourself." - From - 

Appliance Repair - Do-It-Yourself __ You will find appliance service manuals written especially for do-it-yourselfers. - From - 


Do It Yourself made easy. Self Help Home renovating & repair instruction and More __ "The Appliance repair Section, provides a vast amount of info on all your household appliance and how to repair them."  You will also find good information about other projects. - illustrated - From - 

Home appliance repairers __ Would you like to fix appliances for a living?  This site explains something about that. - From U.S. Department of Labor - 


Kitchen Appliances __ "Your kitchen will look great and be more useful with this great information about kitchen appliances. Be sure you are buying the appliance that will best suit your cooking needs including garbage disposers, dishwashers, microwave ovens and more." - From Better Homes and Gardens - 

Point & Click Appliance Repair __ This site provides the do-it-yourself repair person a wide range of services from diagnosis to online parts ordering. - From - - Appliance Repair Tips & Help __ Just what the title says it is. - illustrated - From -

Samurai Appliance Repair Man __ You will find appliance repair tips and help for a wide variety of items. - From - 


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