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Ancient Egypt: House and Garden __ A good overview of ancient Egyptian housing and homes with embedded links to additional information. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egypt Houses __ A brief, general look at housing in ancient Egypt. - From -

Ancient Egyptian Gardens and Garden Living __ The garden was an integral part of middle and upper class Egyptian homes and lives. "GARDENS were very popular and played a large part in the lives of ancient Egyptians. Gardens were much to them, highly esteemed, and allowing garden owners to see life nicely regulated within the large or small strip of land - one that fostered life. Ancient Egyptians designed and thrived in Garden Houses, it was not modern architect who invented the Garden House concept." - illustrated - From T. Kinnes -

Ancient Egyptian Home __ A brief general overview of ancient Egyptian homes.  It looks like there are many links here but they don't work, - From -  

Ancient Egyptian Homes | Houses in Ancient Egypt __ "Unlike their Houses of the Dead, the houses of ancient Egyptians were not built to last, and much of our knowledge of the way the Egyptians lived comes from inscriptions, paintings and articles of furniture preserved in tombs." A general overview of ancient Egyptian housing. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egyptian Houses __ "For the most part ancient Egypt houses were constructed using materials that were handy and plentiful. This meant that the design of houses in ancient Egypt varied little, even among the wealthy. This makes it very easy to imagine what Egyptian houses look like." An overview of the ancient Egyptian home. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egypt for Kids - Ancient Egyptian Homes __ Information about ancient Egyptian homes for elementary school students. - From -

Ancient Egyptian Houses - Layout and Function __ "Most of the houses were made of mud-brick mixed with straw. In fact, until today many Egyptian homes outside of the main cities are made of this combination. It's cheap, reusable and convenient. People can expand or destroy them with ease, and they have a cooling effect for the hot and humid Egyptian weather. "  But you can learn about upper class homes too. - From - 

Ancient Egyptian furniture __ Once you have your Egyptian house, you will need something to put into it. This might give you some ideas. Happy decorating. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egyptian Furniture in Egypt __ A look at home furnishings throughout the various periods of ancient Egyptian history. - illustrated - From International Styles - 

Egypt: Houses and Villages of Ancient Egypt __ "Knowledge of cities, towns and houses in the Predynastic through Middle Kingdom periods is limited to rare traces of domestic architecture, because for the most part, the settlements are destroyed or covered by later and even modern construction." Learn how a view of life in ancient Egypt is coming about in spite of the limitations. - illustrated - From -

Homes in Ancient Egypt: Welcome to the Ancient Egyptian Home __ "You might wonder why so many ancient monuments are left standing while we don’t have any ancient Egyptian homes still around. The answer: Mud versus stone." Learn this and much more in this look at ancient Egyptian housing. - illustrated - From -

Houses of Ancient Egypt __"The Egyptians lived in houses made of bricks. The bricks were made of mud and chopped straw. They mixed the mud and straw and then poured the mixture into molds. The molds were placed in the sun to bake into hard bricks." Information about ancient Egyptian living quarters for rich and poor. - From -

Ancient Egyptian house type __ You will find 3-D models of various ancient Egyptian house types.  Just imagine the furniture you could add. - illustrated - From -

Housing in Ancient Egypt __ A brief overview of Egyptian housing. - From -


Egypt: Houses and Villages of Ancient Egypt __ "Knowledge of cities, towns and houses in the Predynastic through Middle Kingdom periods is limited to rare traces of domestic architecture, because for the most part, the settlements are destroyed or covered by later and even modern construction."  You will find an overview of the history of Egyptian domestic architecture. - From -

Houses excavated in Amarna __ Descriptive list of houses excavated in Armana.  Tech descriptions only and no pictures. - From -  

Houses and Villas of Ancient Egypt __ "Ancient Egyptian houses looked different than modern Egyptian houses. The earliest houses were made by tying reeds together in the shape of a beehive. The New Kingdom houses were made out of mud bricks. They were made by tying wood beams together with papyrus rope to make a frame. The frame was covered with white limestone plaster." A brief look at Egyptian homes. - From -

Housing - Ancient Egypt __ A general overview of ancient Egyptian housing from poor to rich. - illustrated - From -  

Life in Egypt __ "Central to life in Ancient Egypt was the home. Homes were built using mudbricks made from chopped straw mixed with mud from the Nile and baked in the sun. Depending on how wealthy and elaborate you were, the inside of your home would be painted with colourful scenes of everyday life. A simple earthen floor would be covered with reed mats, and woven sticks and palm rafters made up the ceilings." You will not only find good basic information about the ancient Egyptian home, but a lot of other interesting stuff too. - illustrated - From -

The North Palace at Amarna (Ancient Akhetaten) __ Not too much remains of Egypt's larger residences as they were not built to last the ages as were temples and tombs. But here is a fairly good description of one royal residence. - illustrated - From InterCity Oz, Inc. - 

Private Housing at Amarna in Ancient Egypt __ "Amarna, ancient Akhetaten, is such an anomaly. It was purposefully destroyed (building material being used elsewhere) at the end of the Amarna Period by the ancient Egyptians because of the Akhenaten heresy, but because of its location and other lucky characteristics, certain elements of the city are some of the best preserved from the New Kingdom in Egypt. Hence, rather than obliterating Akhenaten's memory as they wished to do, the ancient Egyptians helped it to survive. On the other hand, it is somewhat of a curse to Egyptologists, for many elements of the city could not be called typical. Not only were the temples unique, but because of the need to expedite its construction, many other aspects of the city differ from the ancient Egyptian norm as well." Find out how this even effected the housing found there. - illustrated - From -


Styles of Houses in Ancient Egypt I __ Information about predynastic and Old Kingdom homes and housing. - illustrated - From -

Styles of House in Ancient Egypt II __ From huts to palaces, you will find information about all classes of ancient Egyptian homes. - illustrated - From -

Styles of Houses in Ancient Egypt III __ This page deals with housing and homes in Armana (Ancient Akhetaten) and Deir el-Medina. - illustrated - From -



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