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Accueil __ This is a website dedicated to the study of ancient glass and the understanding of archaeological finds of glass. Several language options - illustrated -

Ancient Glass __ A gem of a little gallery of ancient glass. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Glass __ "Glassmaking originated in the Syro-Palestine area around the third millennium BC and was developed in Egypt in 1500 BC. The Phoenicians became the greatest glassmakers and exporters of the ancient world. This was because of the rich deposits of silica-based sand, which contained a substantial amount of lime, found along the coast of Lebanon." - A detailed paper about the manufacture and chemistry of ancient glass. - By Lois Fruen/Breck -

Ancient Glass - History for Kids! __ A brief history, video, and bibliography. - illustrated - From -

Ancient glass techniques: cold-working and casting __ A brief overview of both techniques. - From -

Ancient glass trade __ An encyclopedia article with links to related materials. - From Wikipedia - 

The Antiquity of Man Ancient Egypt glass __ An excellent and detailed essay about ancient Egyptian glass along with a bibliography. - From -

Archaeologists Discover an Ancient Egyptian Glass Factory __ ""This is the first ever direct evidence for any glassmaking in the entire Late Bronze Age."  You will want to read the whole article. - illustrated - From -

Bomford Collection of Ancient Glass __ "The collection comprises ancient and Roman glass vessels and other glass objects assembled by James Bomford between 1960 and 1978."  A searchable database, images, glass history and more. - illustrated - From -;jsessionid=A7EA3077904A5D31FAC10E1C7FD3C7B4.tcwwwaplaws2   


Collecting Ancient Glass __ A general article about the 'how-tos' and art of collecting ancient glass. - illustrated - From -

Core-formed Glass - Roman Glassmakers __ "Core-forming is the process of coating a form on the end of a rod with molten glass to make a vessel. It may be decorated, and a rim, handles and a foot may be applied."  Learn about the technique, view some samples and more. - illustrated - From - 

Cornell News: Ancient Glass in Archaeological Dig __ The first-known examples of glass from an ancient era, known as the Iron I archaeological period, were found near the area of the Tel Dor, Israel - From Cornell University -

Curator's Corner: Ancient Glass __ Interesting blog article about ancient glass including probable origins and some techniques. - From Curator's Corner -

Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Glass __ "In Egypt, the first glass we know of, as a component of faience ware, dates from as far back as the Neolithic Badarian culture at the turn of the 5th and 4th millennia BC. "  A good overview of ancient Egyptian glass. - illustrated - From -

Fake ancient glass __ "There are fakes of ancient glass on the market and many pieces which have been heavily restored, with the restoration hidden and disguised."  How to identify and photos. - illustrated - From - 

Glass Finds from Sepphoris __ "The corpus of cataloged glass at Sepphoris through 1991 belongs to the time period from mid-Hellenistic, (mid 2nd. C. BCE-) through what we call Arab II, ( 13th.C. C.E.). The highest concentration falls within the 4th. C." You will learn about the finds and the archaeological research. - By Joan Keller -

Looking Through Roman Glass __ "The peoples of the Roman Empire used more glass than any other ancient civilization. Thanks to the discovery of glassblowing in the Syro-Palestinian region during the first century B.C., glass vessels became commonplace throughout the empire by the first century A.D."  A very interesting overview of Roman glass. - illustrated - From Whitehouse, director of the Corning Museum of Glass. -

Modern Glass Blowing Still Adheres to Ancient Traditions ... __ A photo essay on glass blowing. - illustrated - From - 


The Pennsylvania Gazette: Roman Glass __ A good article about Roman glass and what it tells us about the ancient Romans. It tells us as much as their architecture, desire for conquest or to murder their emperors. - From The Pennsylvania Gazette -

Roman Glass at the Met __ "Here are some photos of Roman Glass at the Met in NYC. What amazed me most, was the intricate style and the size. ..." - illustrated - From -

Roman Glass Research Project __ All I can say is that there is a lot of information on this page, some covering aspects of Roman many of us never thought of. - illustrated - From - 

Roman Glass | Thematic Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History ... __ A good overview of Roman glass. - illustrated - From -

Wondrous Glass __ Learn about the extensive ancient glass collection of the Kelsey Museum. "Reflecting the traditional strengths of our collections more generally, the ancient glass in the Museum is essentially and specifically Roman glass. That is to say, it is glass produced within the Greater Mediterranean sphere from the first century B.C. to the seventh century A.D." - illustrated - From the Kelsey Museum -



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