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Albania - The Ancient Illyrians __ The Illyrians made their way to the western part of the Balkans about 1000 BCE. That was a period during which the Bronze Age grew to a close and the Iron Age began. This is an overview of thte Illyrians. - From -


Ancient Adventures __ Adventure-learning activities for ancient history. - illustrated -

Ancient History __ The whole ancient world on one page? In this collection of essays, you will travel from ancient Egypt to the Americas. - illustrated - The Ancient Worlds Great Civilizations __ You will find information and a summary of various ancient civilizations. - illustrated - From - 
Armenia Early Period __ A general overview of ancient Armenian history in the pre-Christian era. - From -




Asian Historical Architecture __ Architecture of ancient Asia. - Photos and other illustrations, large site -

Azerbaijan Early History __ "As a crossroads of tribal migration and military campaigns, Azerbaijan underwent a series of invasions and was part of several larger jurisdictions before the beginning of the Christian era." You can read a brief overview of the history. - From - 

Beer in Ancient Times __ "Exactly when beer was first brewed cannot be determined. Two slate tablets are displayed in the British Museum in London, which were, in the year 1926, scientifically estimated to be about 9000 years old." - photos, history -


The Dacians __ "In ancient times the Dacians inhabited a large area, including nowadays Romania, plus Moldova and parts of Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine." You will learn about the evolution of their civilization, their relationships with Rome and more. The Dacians were also known as the Getae. - illustrated - From Mihai Ciocarlie -
Earth's Ancient History __ This is a good general reference for various ancient civilizations including maps and articles. Some Biblical references are included. - illustrated - From L.C. Geerts -



Ephesus Guide __ This is a remarkable online guide to the ancient city of Ephesus. While it is largely travel and tourism information, you will find good coverage of the ancient city and culture. Individual links take you to some of the most famous of the sites such as the Odeion and Prytaneion. - illustrated - From Kusadasi.BiZ -

History for Kids __ One of the best all around sites online dealing with ancient history for the younger student. You will find Egypt, Greece and Rome along with many more. - illustrated - From History for Kids -

The Internet Classics Archive __ "In any detailed study of the ancient world, it is frequently helpful to have ancient sources or authors you can quote. Here is an excellent resource library of these ancient writers." - From MIT -


Judaism and Hellenism: The Encounter __ "Before Alexander, there was little contact between the the cultures. There is no mention of the Jews in Greek literature; perhaps a stray remark by Herodotus, regarding the practice of circumcision among the Syrians refers to Jewish practice, but the reference could also refer to the Egyptians. Certainly the Jews, being traders, did have contact with the Greeks, but the uniformity of the language, Aramaic, concealed national differences." You will learn a lot more in this remarkable paper. - By Clare Goldfarb -



Lectures on Ancient and Early Medieval History __ General course about ancient history in the western world. - lectures, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. early Middle Ages, photos -

Mysteries of the Ancient East __ Food, fashion, history, and beliefs for China, Egypt, and Rome - From ThinkQuest -

Mythology: Major Gods and Goddesses of the world __ In most any study of ancient history, you may want to find additional information about various myths and their inhabitants. You will find many here. - From -

Reflections on Prehistory __ A collection of essays about early civilization in the Old and New Worlds. - English or Spanish - From James Q. Jacobs -



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