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Ancient Japan __ About the prehistoric Jomon period in Japan - From ThinkQuest -


Ancient Japan __ Outline of the major developments between the Jomon and the Nara periods. It mentions important figures and dates which are good jumping-off points for further research. - From Creighton University -


Ancient Japan __ "The written history of Japan begins with brief information of Twenty-Four Histories, a collection of Chinese historical texts, in the 1st century AD. However, evidence says that people were living on the islands of Japan of the upper paleolithic period. Following the last ice-age, around 12,000 BC, the rich ecosystem of the Japanese Archipelago fostered human development. The earliest-known pottery belongs to the Jomon period."  This and much, much more. - illustrated - From -


Ancient Japan Inventions __ A summary article related to ancient Japanese inventions but it does not give much in the way of specifics. - From -


Ancient Japan Yamato Period - Timeline of the kings of the Yamato ... __ Simply a listing of Yamato kings with no biographical information. - From -


The Ancient Japanese __ "Before the 200s BCE Japan was very sparsely populated with people who were still using stone tools and living by hunting, fishing and gathering food that grew wild. Then, in 200s, on Japan�s major southern island, Kyushu, a culture with iron, bronze, tool making and wet-rice agriculture appeared."  A general overview of early Japanese history. - From -


Arms and Armor of Ancient Japan __ An extended look at ancient Japanese armor with many photos. - illustrated - From Dean S. Hartley III -  

ASUKA/Home Page __ Webpages of the Asuka Historical Museum. History and virtual tour of museum. - illustrated - From Asuka Historical Museum -



Bushido Home Page __ About Bushido which is a code and way of life for the Samurai class of Japanese warriors. - illustrated - From James Clark/Pacific University -


Category:Ancient Japan __ Index of articles related to ancient Japan found in Wikipedia - From Wikipedia - 

Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan __ These diaries provide some excellent reading, delightful reading as well. - well illustrated - From Celebration of Women Writers -

Gold and Silver Swords __ About Japanese swords "Various swords that were decorated with either gold or silver, that were quite different from regular swords, were excavated from various tumuli around Japan. These swords were not only weapons,they were also ceremonial, and had belonged to people of social and political standing as symbols of their rank." - photos, cultural importance -


Heian Art __ Overview of the Heian period -- 794-1185 -- with an emphasis on art. -

Heian Japan __ This is a good overview of the Heian Period. The Heian period is known as "Classical" Japan - From Richard Hooker/World civilizations -


Japan, 500�1000 A.D. | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History __ A timeline of art history for these centuries of ancient Japan.  Use the 'slide' at the top of the page to pink an era. - illustrated - From -


Japan - Ancient Cultures __ "On the basis of archaeological finds, it has been postulated that hominid activity in Japan may date as early as 200,000 B.C., when the islands were connected to the Asian mainland."  A good look at ancient Japan with links to many other resources. - From -


Japanese Architecture __ Here is a gallery of click-to-view images of classic Japanese architecture. A good resource for illustrating reports and homework. - illustrated - From University of Virginia -


Japanese Art History - Jomon, Yayoi, Kofun - Web Resources and Image __ Directory of resources for early Japanese art history. - From -


Japanese history: Jomon, Yayoi, Kofun __ A general overview of these periods with many text links to related subjects. - From -


Japanese Paleolithic __ "The Japanese Paleolithic period (旧石器時代 kyūsekki jidai?) began around 50,000[1] to 30,000 BC, when the earliest stone tool implements have been found, and continued to around 14,000 BC,..."  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -

Japanese Roots __Paper dealing with the origins of the Japanese from their earliest history. -


Jo-Bo System of Heijo-Kyo - City Planning in Ancient Japan __ A brief overview of city planning in ancient Japan. - illustrated - From -


Jōmon period __ "The Jōmon period (縄文時代 Jōmon jidai?) is the time in Japanese prehistory from about 14,000 BC to 300 BCE."  An encylcopidic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -  


Kaido: The Ancient Roads of Japan __ This brief article about ancient Japanese roads is from Nagano'98 Kids' Info Center. Good for the younger student. - illustrated - From Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs -


Kofun Culture __ "The Kofun Period takes its name from the large mound tombs (kofun) that characterize and define the period. This period sees the full development of the early Japanese state, and it is a time of close contacts with the continent, especially with the Korean kingdoms."  YOu will find a good overview of the Kofun Period, timelines and more. - From Charles T. Keally -

Memory of Jomon Period __Online book about the archaeology and history of the Jomon period in Japanese prehistory. - photos and other illustrations - From Tokyo University -


Neolithic Japan - Yayoi period (c. 250 BC-c. AD 250) __ "The culture of the Jomon Period was still spreading and developing across the rest of Japan when a new culture that we now call Yayoi began in Kyushu. This new culture featured several key technological advances... "  A good overview of this period. - From -




Religious and Political Time Line of Feudal Japan __ Annotated timeline. - illustrated - From - 

Shinto: Sacred Art of Ancient Japan __ View some of the artifacts displayed as part of the "Shinto - The Sacred Art of Ancient Japan show at the British Museum. - illustrated - From Justin's Links by Justin Hall -

Tale of Genji Home Page __ This site is about an ancient Japanese novel known as "The Tale of Genji." It is important as a turning point in the cultural development of Japan. -


Timeline Of Ancient Japan __ Annotated timeline of Japanese history. - From -



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