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Emperors & Other Famous People 

Aemilius Paullus __ "L. Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus was the son of the Lucius Aemilius Paullus who was killed at the battle of Cannae (216 B.C.). He served as aedile in 192, and became a knowledgeable augur at a time when the position of augur was sought only for the honour it bestowed." A biography - From -

Ancient Roman Authors __ Famous Roman authors with quotes and biographical sketches. - From - 

Anthony, Mark __ Plutarch's Life of Mark Antony - From -

Cato the Elder __ "M. Porcius Cato (Cato the Elder or Cato the Censor) was a 2nd Century B.C. Roman politician, general, and writer noted for his austere way of life and rigid principles." A biography - From -

Famous Romans __ Here are some of the most famous Romans of all times. These are by far not all famous Romans. For there are too many to mention. But here are some of the most outstanding figures Roman history created - and who created Roman history. - illustrated - From -

Famous Romans __ Choose a name from the drop-down list. These are the histories and times of famous Romans. - From -

Julius Caesar __ "...was a Roman military and political leader and one of the most influential men in world history. He played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia -

List of Roman Emperors __ "This is a list of the Roman Emperors with the dates they ruled, or claimed to rule, all or part of the Roman Empire, until the final demise of the Western Empire in 476." - From wikipedia -

Livia Drusilla (Julia Augusta) __ "Livia was the first empress of Rome, the wife of the first emperor, Augustus, and mother of the second emperor, Tiberius" - From -


Marcus Tullius Cicero __ Considered to be the most brilliant orator of his day - biography -
Portrait gallery of Roman emperors __ Gallery of annotated click-to-enlarge portraits of roman emperors including biography, dates of reign, nickname if any, cause of death. - illustrated - From -

Rome's Pivotal Emperors __ "Of the many men who led Rome, only a handful can truly be said to have profoundly and fundamentally shaped the empire's structure and direction. This gallery introduces six of the most important Roman emperors." Biographical notes with each image. - illustrated - From BBC -

Romulus and Remus __ "As children will often do, Romulus and Remus could agree upon neither the location of the new city nor a name for it. It was during this strife that Romulus killed his twin, and thereupon built the new settlement." A biographical sketch of Romulus and Remus. - From -

Vestal Virgins of Rome __ "Chosen by lot from a group of specially selected, physically impeccable girls with two living parents, a Vestal entered the Order between her sixth and tenth year and was sworn to thirty years of chastity and demending service." A good look at these Roman notables. - illustrated - From Unknown -


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Empire Beyond Rome; The Military 

Gaul During the Roman Empire __ "Julius Caesar's campaigns in Gaul (58-51 BC) are collectively termed the Gallic Wars. In 58 BC, Gallic agitation against the Suevi, a German tribe that had recently conquered territory in Gaul, and the threat of invasion by the Helvetii, a Celtic tribe from the area that is now Switzerland, gave Caesar a pretext to advance his career through war." A brief overview of Roman Gaul. - From - 

Greek Mathematician Battles Roman Army (212 B.C.) __ "Because Archimedes was typical of the 'absent-minded professor,' he was killed by a Roman soldier inside the walls of Syracuse which, despite his great age of 75, he had successfully defended." - article -

Roman army __ "The Roman army is the set of land-based military forces employed by the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and later Roman Empire as part of the Roman military." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia -  

The Roman Army __ Learn about Roman military organization from the early Republican period through to the late Byzantine period. - From -

Roman Army Gallery __ Explore the evolution of the Roman army over six hundred years in annotated images. Roman army pictures. - illustrated - From BBC -  

Roman Britain - Late Roman Britain __ Here is an overview of late Roman history in the Britain. - From Britain Express -

The Roman Period in Greece __ The 300 year long Pax Romana was the longest period of peace in the history of Greece. Learn how the Romans got there and what happened after. - illustrated - From -

The Romans in Central Spain __ An online tour of roman sites in Central Spain. Nicely annotated. - illustrated - From -

The Romans and the Gauls __ "The traditional Roman view of the Gauls can be expressed easily in one word: excessive. To the Romans the Gauls were excessive in their personal appearance and behavior, in their manner of making war, in their religion. The reported Gallic appearance and modes of behavior violated the traditional Roman virtues of industria, gravitas, constantia, and severitas. One could hardly imagine a people whose countenance and customs would more offend Roman sensibilities." An overview of Roman Gaul. - From -

The Romans in Spain, an historical overview of Andalucia, history ... __ A brief overview of the Roman presence in Spain. Also guides as to where to find Roman artifacts in Andalucia region of Spain. - From - 

Romans in Sussex __ This is an in-depth look at Roman Sussex. There is material presented by age appropriateness from 7 to adult. An excellent resource for student or teacher. - illustrated - From Sussex Archaeological Society -  

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General Resources 

55 BC - 450 AD Roman British Timeline - Ancient/Classical History __ Here is a good timeline of Roman occupation of Britain from 55 BC to 450AD. - From -

Ancient Roman History Timeline __ This is an excellent timeline of Roman history with extensive links to related materials. "Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary source material and new perspectives upon the roles of women in ancient time." You may want to bookmark this website for future reference.- illustrated - From David Neelin -

Behind Gladiator __ Website deals with the historical background used for the film "Gladiator. Sections about different aspects of Roman history - illustrated -

Best of Gibbon's DECLINE & FALL __ A great overview of this monumental work about ancient Rome. You will find quotes, indexes and topics galore. A must see. - From Mark Zimmermann -

Childrens Section __ Overview website about many aspects of Roman civilization designed for the younger student. -

Gregory Flood's Roman Gods and Goddesses __ As complete a list of Roman gods and goddesses as you may ever find - From -

Hail Caesar, Hale-Bopp! __ Learn how the Romans viewed the comet which appeared in 44 B.C. Comparison of that to the recent appearance of the Hale-Bopp comet. -

Historyforkids (Rome) __ Wide-ranging site - history and daily life in ancient Rome - good introductory material for the younger grades. - photos - From History for Kids -

Ides of March __ "Did this date mean as much to Julius Caesar then as it does to us now?" -

The Impact of Hellenism On Rome __ "Rome came under Greek influence very early in the eight century BCE, when Greek colonies were established in southern Italy and Sicily." You will find a detailed paper. - By Myrle Winn -

The Rise of Rome __ About Rome's origins, religion and laws, formation of a republic, the wars that led to its domination of Italy, and the beginnings of the Empire. -

Rome Resources __ They say it best: " This site is a collection of "Rome resources" for the The Dalton School community. Anyone interested in Classical Rome will find this site to be a valuable research tool." The graphic links seem to be out of order but the text links at bottom of page work fine. - Illustrated - From The Dalton School -

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies __ Since this is an organizational website, you will find a lot of rather dry facts and figures along with membership information. However, a series of excellent abstracts are good resources in their own right. - From Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies -


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Government & Law

Ancient Rome Government __ "The Roman government (in its entire history from founding to fall) was a strange mix of a democracy and a republic." A good look at Roman government including emperors, laws, consuls, statesmen, provencial government and more. - From -

The Official Truth: Propaganda in the Roman Empire __ "Propaganda is considered to be a modern political art, but the Romans were masters of 'spin'. How did Rome's leaders communicate their power and their policies to a massive and diverse empire?" An interesting look at history of Roman "Public Relations." - From BBC - 

Republican Roman Government __ "The Romans never had a written constitution, but their form of their government, especially from the time of the passage of the lex Hortensia (287 B.C.), roughly parallels the modern American division of executive, legislative, and judical branches, although the senate doesn't neatly fit any of these categories." - From University of Texas at Austin -


Roman Government __ "... the Republican government was symbolized by the letters SPQR (senatus populusque Romanus), meaning “the Senate and the Roman people” ..." A good look at Roman government including offices and history. - From -

Roman Government __ A look at roman government for the younger student. - From - 

Roman Law: Homepage __ An in depth website about Roman law and its continuing influence. There are questions and answers, ancient legal text and information (much in Latin). - From the Law related Internet Project/University of Saarbrücken -

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