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Ancient Rome is too large a subject to try and encompass it all on one page of listings.  While there may be some overlap, the other pages listed above will be of help filling in details to material found here.

On this page - Architecture - Places - Virtual Tours - Daily Life - Religion 

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Architecture, Places, Virtual Tours 

Ancient Roman Architecture __Collection of photos of Roman architecture. - From Artifice Inc. -

Ancient Roman Civilization __ "A collection of locations significant in the history of ancient Rome." Photos and descriptions of museums about, and ruins of, ancient Roman civilization. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Rome reborn in virtual reality __ Here is a virtual tour of ancient Rome as it looked at the height of Empire, Computer reconstruction of eternal city. - illustrated - From -

Brading Roman Villa __ "Brading Roman Villa is one of the finest Romano-British archaeological sites in the UK. Our award-winning Exhibition and Visitor Centre offers a unique insight into Roman life in Britain, from our beautifully preserved mosaic floors to our extensive collection of Roman archaeology, including coins, pottery and tools." History, architecture, photos and more. - illustrated - From - 

Buildings of Artificial Stone by J.A. Geary __ Learn about concrete usage in the ancient Roman civilization. "You may be surprised to learn that there are 2000 year old concrete structures still in daily use." - From -

The : The resourceful site on the Colosseum __ An excellent website about this great construction of ancient Roman civilization. "The Colosseum - the greatest amphitheatre of the antiquity - was built in Rome, Italy, about 1920 years ago. It is considered an architectural and engineering wonder, and remains as a standing proof of both the grandeur and the cruelty of the Roman world." - illustrated - From - 

History of Roman Architecture __ Galleries of annotated click-to-enlarge photos of Roman architecture. - illustrated - From Leo Masuda Architectonic Research Office -

Housesteads Roman Fort Virtual Reality Tour __ "The Fort was garrisoned right up to the end of the Roman occupation of Britain, in the early years of the fifth century." Learn about its history and take a virtual tour of a computer reconstructed version of Housteads Roman Fort. - illustrated - From - Virtual tour of Rome, a travel guide for Rome .. __ Free virtual tours of many Roman monuments. - illustrated - From -

Roman Aqueducts __ Information about Roman Aqueducts for Kids - when did the Romans first build aqueducts? What are aqueducts for? How was water transported in ancient Roman civilization? - illustrated - From -

Roman Aqueducts Today __ Here is an essay on current day locations and construction details. Includes photographs, diagrams, and related links about ancient Roman civilization. - illustrated - From -

Roman architecture __ "The Architecture of Ancient Rome adopted the external language of classical Greek architecture for their own purposes, which were so different from Greek buildings as to create a new architectural style. The two styles are often considered one body of classical architecture. Sometimes that approach is productive, and sometimes it hinders understanding by causing us to judge Roman buildings by Greek standards, particularly when we take a point of view limited to external appearance alone." An encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia -


Roman Architecture __ An overview of Roman architecture for the younger student. - illustrated - From -

Roman Colosseum __ Colosseum photos, architecture, history and more. - illustrated - From -

Roman Villas in England __ "When the Romans invaded Britain in the first century AD they made little attempt to adapt their architecture to the traditions of their new Roman province of Britannia. Rather, they imposed their own Mediterranean style of architecture and town planning." You will learn the history and location of some of these villas. - illustrated - From - 

Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina (Photo Archive) __ "The Villa Roman del Casale was constructed on the remains of an older villa in the first quarter of the fourth century, probably as the centre of a huge latifundium covering the entire surrounding area. How long the villa kept this role is not known, maybe for less that 150 years, but the complex remained inhabited and a village grew around it, named Platia, derived from palatium. It was damaged, maybe destroyed during the domination of the Vandals and the Visigoths, but the buildings remained in use, at least in part, during the Byzantine and Arab period. The site was finally abandoned for good when a landslide covered the villa in the 12th century CE, and remaining inhabitants moved to the current location of Piazza Armerina." Learn about this architectural masterpiece and view an enormous collection of photos of the villa's mosaics. - photos - By Ren� Seindal -

Virtual Tour of a Villa __ Here are three virtual tours of a Roman villa. The "classical" tour is a virtual tour with 27 stops through the main building and the bath. At every stop there is an explanation of the items in view. - illustrated - From -

Website on Roman aqueducts __ Here is information on over 600 Roman aqueducts of which 35 described in detail. - illustrated - From -

What was the Temple of Vesta in Rome? __ A brief article about the Temple of Vesta. - illustrated - From -

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Daily Life, Religion 

Ancient Prices __ In this short page you can learn a little about the cost of daily life in ancient Roman civilization. - From McWhorter Collectibles -

Ancient Rome __ You will find much information about ancient roman daily life including jobs, agriculture, slaves, marriage, school children and much more. - illustrated - From -

Female Fury In The Forum __ Learn about the times the women of Rome said enough is enough. "During the years of the Roman Republic, women had no political rights. They were not allowed to vote, directly address the Senate, nor mill about in the forum. Respectable women who spent time in public places were frowned upon. Nonetheless, there were times when women used the power of public protest to get what they wanted. One was the demonstration of women against the Oppian Law. Another was Hortensia's speech to the forum." - From Women in World History Curriculum -

History of Plumbing - Roman and English Legacy __ Compare the plumbing systems in ancient Roman civilization and in its provinces, especially England, with other systems throughout the world. -

Italy: The Art, Culture, and History of Ancient Rome __ "The Romans spread across europe from their Italian homeland changing the course of history forever. After battling out of Italy and making the mediterreanean a Roman lake, they built roads and cities that truly united the ancient world for the first time." - illustrated - From -


Leisure and Entertainment __ "Theater, games, baths, and dining out were the major recreational pastimes of the ancient Roman civilization. When you look at the opening graphic you will see just how much area in the ancient city was dedicated to leisure and what is shown represents only a fraction of the total." - illustrated - From the College of New Rochelle -

Real Roman Recipes __ Eat like an ancient roman with this small collection of recipes ". . . for a day at the baths" - From PBS -
Religion in ancient Rome __ "Religion in ancient Rome combined several different cult practices and embraced more than a single set of beliefs. The Romans originally followed a rural animistic tradition, in which many spirits were each responsible for specific, limited aspects of the cosmos and human activities, such as ploughing. The early Romans referred to these as numina. Another aspect of this animistic belief was ancestor, or genius, worship, with each family honoring their own dead by their own rites." An encyclopedic article about Roman religion. - From wikipedia - 

Religion in the Home and City of Rome __ "Romans set up in their homes alters and shrines known as Lararium. The head of the household, usually the father, was responsible for prayer and incense to the Lares, or household gods. It was believed the Lares protected the home and helped with the fields and the crops. The Romans set up altars around their fields to try to please gods, which would then help the crops. A second set of household gods were the Penates, which they believed provided food for the families." Learn about both private and public worship in ancient Rome. - From -

Roman Clothing, Part I __ Complete introduction to Roman men's clothing and status, the tunic, the toga, jewelry, and hairstyles, cleaning, and other clothing-related subjects. - illustrated - From -

Roman Clothing, Part II __ Complete introduction to women's fashion and grooming in Ancient Rome (and Greece), including the peplos, chiton, stola, palla, jewelry, and hairstyles. - illustrated - From - 

Roman Religion __ Information about religion in ancient Roman civilization for younger students. - From - 

Roman Religion Gallery __ "Religious practices and beliefs within the Roman empire were diverse, and varied between regions and individuals. At their core, however, lay the state religion, which was the state-recognised and prescribed worship of traditional gods (like Jupiter and Mars), of the emperor (generally only when deceased), and of certain members of the imperial family ('the imperial cult')." Here is a gallery of photos dealing with ancient roman religious subjects. - illustrated - From -

The Roman Way to Building a Career __ Do you want to get ahead of the career game in ancient Rome. Well, first of all, consider politics. - illustrated - From -

Who were the Vestal Virgins? __ You will find a brief article about Rome's Vestal Virgins. - From -  


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