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Ancient Egypt is too large a subject to try and encompass it all on one page of listings.  While there may be some overlap, the other pages listed above will be of help filling in details to material found here.

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Daily Life - General Resources - Pharaohs & Other Notable People - Pyramids, Temples, & Other Places - Egyptian Religion


Daily Life 

Ancient Egypt for Kids - Daily Life __ An introduction to daily life in ancient Egypt designed for the younger student.  Many click-to-read articles.  A good introduction for adults too. - From -

Ancient Egyptian Lives __ Three-part series about life in ancient Egypt - illustrated - By Mark T. Rigby -

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt __ "Life in ancient Egypt was primarily centered toward a polytheistic religion, the pharaoh and the importance of family."  A good overview in several click-to-read articles. - illustrated - From -

Egypt: Ancient Egypt Farming __ "As early as the fifth millennium BC, the Egyptians realized the extraordinary fruitfulness of their fields and the secret behind it - the deposits of black silt borne down by the river in flood time. Hence they called the soil of the Nile valley 'black earth' (kemet), as distinct from the 'red earth' (deshret) of the desert." Read a good synopsis of ancient Egyptian farming methods. - illustrated - From InterCity Oz, Inc. -

Egyptian Life __ Learn about life in ancient Egypt by means of a story of two families.  A nobleman's family and a farmer's family. - illustrated - From -

History of Plumbing - Egypt __ About ancient Egyptian plumbing. They seemed quite advanced in the art. -

Life in Ancient Egypt __ A general introduction to ancient Egypt and daily life.  You will also find a list of gods and goddesses as well as the the hieroglyphic phonetic alphabet. - illustrated - From -

She Who is Known to the King: Women in Ancient Egypt __ Learn about the life of women in ancient Egypt from all social classes. You will learn how ranking women's titles changed during time and the 'order' of official's wives. - From Fathom Knowledge Network -


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General Resources 

Absolute Egyptology __ "Ancient Egypt from the oldest times through the Middle Kingdom." The topical list which look like links, aren't. Click on the icons to the left of the line to access the pages. A lot of information. - illustrated - From Ottar Vendel, IBIS Media -

Africa and Egypt, to 1750 BC __ About Egypt and the rise of civilization along the Nile - illustrated -

Ancient Egypt __ Offers origins, religion and dynastic succession - photos and other illustrations - From ThinkQuest -

Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids __ Many Egyptian activieties from quizes to paper crafts. - From -

Ancient Egypt - Pharaohs, Queens, Gods, Pyramids, Hieroglyphics, Daily Life in Ancient Egypt, Maps & More __ The title tells the story. You will find an excellent general site about ancient Egypt for students of all ages. - illustrated - From - 

Ancient Egypt: Stayin' Alive __ Good website for introduce younger students to ancient Egypt and the site was even created by younger students. All in all it is a good job, but you have to look out for when they get carried away a little bit. For example, mummies are not "millions" of years old. - illustrated - From ThinkQuest -

Brainteaser: Ancient Egypt -- National Geographic Kids __ "How much do you know about ancient Egypt? Test your knowledge with National Geographic's Brainteaser quiz." - illustrated - From National Geographic -

Cartonnage __ "Cartonnage is a type of cardboard-like material. It was used by the ancient Egyptians in a manner similar to how we would use papier-m�ch� today." Learn how it was made, what it was used for, and what we are learning from it today. - illustrated - very annoying popups - From Theodore Bernhardt -

Egypt__ People, mummies, teachers resources, running camels, and maps. - illustrated - From Emory University -

Egypt: Funerary Cones (Funerary Stamps) __ "Artifacts, often in a conical shape made of fired clay bearing stamped funerary text on their circular face, are generally referred to as funerary cones." Learn about their history and use. - illustrated - From Mark Andrews/Tour Egypt -

Egypt's Golden Empire __ "More than 1,000 years after the pyramids were built, Egypt reached the height of its powers. The sophisticated, civilized society that we call the new kingdom was led by a succession of remarkable kings. Between them, they liberated their country, conquered their neighbors and built an empire that stretched from Syria to Sudan. The empire brought Egypt unimaginable wealth and power. And they left a legacy that is still with us today, 3,000 years later." Website based on the PBS Special Series of the same name. - illustrated - From PBS -

Farming in Ancient Egypt for kids __ An introduction to ancient Egyptian farming. - illustrated - From -

Guardian's Egypt Main Gate __ Here you will find an extensive website covering many aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization. You will learn about mummies and pyramids, recent archaeological news, religion and more. There is also a section for the younger students. - illustrated - From Andrew Bayuk -

History of the Egyptian Obelisks __ This is a history of that Egyptian monument style known as the obelisk. If you want to see the world's obelisks, click on each by location just below the map. - illustrated - Spanish, German, English -

Home of the Virtual Egyptian Museum __ A remarkable online exhibit. "This CyberMuseum brings you a collection of antiquities never shown before in the New World. No one has seen any of these artifacts in a �real museum� for the past 25 years." Marvelous annotated photos of Egyptian artifacts. - illustrated - From -

The House of Ptolmey: The Jews of Ptolmaic and Greco... __ Study of Greco-Roman Egypt would be incomplete without studying the contributions made by the Jews to late Egyptian civilization." - From the House of Ptolmey - 

Ptolemaic_Egypt __ About Egypt after Alexander the Great. A complete history of the Ptolemaic Period which is the span between Alexander and the Roman conquest. -


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Pharaohs & Other Notable People 

Akhenaten of Amarna, 18th Dynasty Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt __ Complete website about Akhenaten - photos and other illustrations - From Megaera Lorenz, -

Amenhotep __ A brief review of the king also known as Amenophis I. He was the first pharaoh to build his tomb separate from his mortuary temple. - illustrated - From -

Ancient History Sourcebook: Athanaeus:The Great Spectacle... __About the ceremony and spectacle surrounding Ptolemy II Philadelphus becoming king of Egypt. - From Ancient History Sourcebook -

Egypt Who's Who of Ancient Egypt __ Here you can find them all in alphabetical order. A wonderful resource if you are looking for a particular ancient Egyptian. - From InterCity Oz, Inc. -

Hatshepsut and Oceanography, El-Sayed... __ Queen Hatshepsut's expedition to the Land of Punt may have been the first oceanographic cruise - photos - From Texas A&M University - 

Imhotep, Doctor, Architect, High Priest, Scribe and Vizier to King Djoser __ Here is a brief overview of the life of Imhotep. - photos - From AER World Tours -

King Snefru: The First Great Pyramid Builder __ "The owner of three full-sized pyramids and probably two smaller ones, he shifted one-third more stone--some 3,600,000 cubic metres (4,708,800 cubic yards) of it than his son and successor Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid." His were the experiments which produced the first true pyramid. - illustrated - From Fathom Knowledge Network -

Pharaoh __ Timeline from ca. 3500- 3100 BC to 30 BC- 641 AD of kings and dynasties of Egypt, with links to a few of them. -

The Queens of Egypt __ "The queens of Egypt, for the most part, have been relegated to less fame behind their regal husbands, however, many have quite interesting histories in their own right. The queens of Egypt include a woman who dressed as a man, another who is still famed today for her beauty and many who stand out in the history of Egypt for their unique contributions." Learn more. - illustrated - From -


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Pyramids, Tombs, Temples, & Other Places

Egyptian Architecture __ The information covered here includes pyramids, tombs, temples, and sculpture. - photos - From ThinkQuest -

Egyptian Architecture - Abu Simbel __ A very brief description of a masterpiece of Egyptian architecture. - one photo - From -

Egyptian Pyramids and Temples of Egypt with Maps __ "Egyptian Pyramids and Temples of Egypt with Maps" - From -

Egyptian Temples __ "...information, facts and history about Egyptian Temples. A brief introduction and list of temples. - From -

Egypt's Temple of Edfu __ "A sprawling slice of ancient history nestled in the expansive sands south of Alexandria, the temple of Horus - more correctly referred to as the temple of Edfu, after the town near which it is situated - is one of the largest and best-preserved temples of Egypt"  A brief overview of the temple. - illustrated - From -

Karnak __ "The Karnak Temple Complex�usually called Karnak�comprises a vast conglomeration of ruined temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings, notably the Great Temple of Amen and a massive structure begun by Pharaoh Ramses II "  An encyclopedia article with links to related material. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Madinat Habu - the Temple of Rameses III __ "The Egyptians believed that Amon first appeared at Madinat Habu. It's the site of temples and a royal palace. - cyber tour - illustrated - From Mark Millmore's Ancient Egyptian Page -

Osiris Tombs and Mastabas of Ancient Pharaonic Egypt __ Here is an excellent all purpose website about Egyptian tombs and other aspects of ancient Egypt. You can keep up with current news, view photo collections, learn about famous ancient Egyptians and more. French or English, click on the Osiris images to select one. - illustrated - From -

Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Page __ This page about Egyptian pyramids is something sort of different. " will be asked to estimate the cost of building a pyramid using modern materials and ancient methods. In teams you will plan, collect data, submit a bid for the job (only the lowest bidding company will be awarded the job), create a scale drawing and model, and present a final report to the class. Remember to use all of your knowledge learned this year in math, science, and social studies to complete this project." - This site is really a lesson plan -

The Mysterious Fate of the Great Library of Alexandria __ Website attempts to explain the mysterious end of the Great Library of Alexandria -

NOVA Online/Pyramids __ The Inside Story - explore some of the pyramids  by movie - view photos -

Temple of Edfu __ A brief article and an annotated gallery of click-to-enlarge photos of Edfu. - illustrated - From -

The Temple Complex of Karnak in Thebes __ An overview of this temple from a commercial travel site. - illustrated - From -

Thais - Egyptian Architecture - Index of locality __ Here is a good resource about Egyptian architecture indexed by locality. - illustrated - From THAIS.IT - Architettura -


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Ancient Egypt: the Mythology __ You will find over 40 gods and goddesses, 30 symbols and complete myths. Also featured are articles about Egyptian culture and history. - From -

Ancient Egyptian Gods __ "The mighty nation of ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs and the pharaohs sat on the throne at the behest of the Egyptian gods-or so believed the masses. This belief was so strong in ancient Egypt that throughout the nation's tumultuous history various pharaohs would stop at nothing to insure the public believed they had received the divine right to rule from the ancient Egyptian gods themselves." You will find basic information about some of the more well known divinities. - illustrated - from - 

Ancient Egyptian Religion __ A good introductory site about ancient Egyptian religion and myth. You will find three sections dealing with gods, mummification and the Book of the Dead. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egyptian Religion __ "Religion guided every aspect of Egyptian life. Egyptian religion was based on polytheism, or the worship of many deities, except for during the reign of Akenaton. The Egyptians had as many as 2000 gods and goddesses."  A good overview of Egyptian religion. - From -

Ancient Egyptian Religion __ Collection of links to sites about ancient Egyptian religion. - From -

Egypt: Gods of Ancient Egypt Main Menu __ "Many books have been written on religion in ancient Egypt. This brief overview is meant only to explain some of the basic concepts and to introduce some of the gods. Religion in ancient Egypt was not unlike modern times. Today, not everyone believes in the same way, or of the same god. Egypt was no different. Individual kings worshipped their own gods, as did the workers, priests, merchants and peasants." These pages give an excellent if basic overview of Egyptian religion - From InterCity Oz, Inc. -

Egyptian Religion - History for Kids! __ An introduction to Egyptian religion for the younger set.  Lots of embedded links to related materials. - From -

Legends of the Egyptian Gods__ A collections of excerpts from a half dozen ancient Egyptian legends any myths. - By E.A. Wallis Budge -


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