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Dashur __ "Dahshur is located about 8km south of Saqqara. The site is dominated by the 4th dynasty pyramids of Sneferu, the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid, which can be seen from the Step Pyramid. Sneferu's Pyramids are easy to reach, there is a road that goes right up to them. But the other pyramids are very difficult to reach." Good photo collection - illustrated - From "Pyramids of Egypt" -

Development of the Ancient Egyptian Royal Mortuary... __ About the development of the Egyptian royal mortuary complexes - By Dr. Hawass -

Djoser Complex __ Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser (also spelled Zozer) was built during the Third Dynasty - photos and other illustrations - By the University of Pennsylvania -

Egypt/Pyramids/Pharaohs/Heiroglyphs __ Mark Millmore's... - An extensive website about ancient Egypt - photos and other illustrations - By Mark Millmore - The Pyramid of Khafre at the Giza Plateau __ "Khafre's pyramid, called 'Khafre is Great', rose from a 705-foot wide base to a height of 471 feet at an angle of 53 7'. It has two entrances, each opening onto a descending passage that leads to a chamber." You will find a good overview. - illustrated - From -

El-Lisht __ "When Amenemhat I came to power, he left Thebes and founded a new capital, somewhere in the north. This new capital, which he named Itj-Tawi, "the one that seizes the Two Lands", has never been located. The fact, however, that almost every king of the 12th Dynasty built his funerary monument near the Fayum oasis, has led to the assumption that Amenemhat's new capital must have been located somewhere near that oasis..." You will find a good overview of the pyramids of El-Lisht. - illustrated - By Jacques Kinnaer -


The Giza Plateau Mapping Project __ About the work of the Giza Mapping Project since 1988 - photos - By the University of Chicago -
The Great Pyramid __ A good site about the Great Pyramid including plans, history, a virtual tour and more. - illustrated - From Guardian's Giza/Andrew Bayuk -

Great Pyramid of Khufu - El Giza, Egypt - Great Buildings Online __ You will find history, architectural information, photos and links. - illustrated - From Great Buildings Online/Kevin Matthews -

Guardian's Giza __ A great overview of the Giza Plateau including pyramids and other ancient structures. - illustrated - by Andrew Bayuk -

Meidum __ Learn about what might have happened to the pyramid here. Did it collapse or was it simply used as a quarry? "Meidum is mainly known for its collapsed pyramid, there also are some impressive cemeteries to the West, North and East of the pyramid." You will find a good overview of the region. - illustrated - By Jacques Kinnaer -


Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Page __ This page about Egyptian pyramids is something sort of different. " will be asked to estimate the cost of building a pyramid using modern materials and ancient methods. In teams you will plan, collect data, submit a bid for the job (only the lowest bidding company will be awarded the job), create a scale drawing and model, and present a final report to the class. Remember to use all of your knowledge learned this year in math, science, and social studies to complete this project." - This site is really a lesson plan -

National Geographic: Secrets of Egypt (Photos, Diagrams) __ How old are the pyramids and what is inside? You can find out in this interactive website. - illustrated - From National Geographic Society -

NOVA Online/Pyramids __ The Inside Story - explore some of the pyramids by movie - view photos -

The Pyramid Builders __ History of pyramid building in ancient Egypt - photos and other illustrations -

Pyramid Complex of Menkaure __ "The Pyramid of Menkaure' (Mycerinus) is the smallest of the three pyramids of Giza and shows the beginning of the decline in workmanship in the Egyptian pyramid building. The attention to detail is not as it is on the earlier pyramid." A brief look at the subject. - illustrated - From -

The Pyramid of Djedefre at Abu Rawash __ "Djedefre, the successor to Khufu, built his pyramid here 8km north of Giza near the village of Abu Rawash. Djedefre ruled for perhaps 8 years and his pyramid was never completed. All that remains is the natural hillock and the first few courses. Although remains of a satellite pyramid and boat pit can be seen. The pyramid itself has a massive 49m channel cut into the bedrock to a 20m deep shaft." You will find an excellent online gallery of photos. - From "Pyramids of Egypt" -

Pyramid of Khafre __ A good site about the Pyramid of Khafre, the second largest at Giza, including plans, history, a virtual tour and more. - illustrated - From Guardian's Giza/Andrew Bayuk -


Pyramid of Khafre - Chepren __ "Khafre's pyramid is hardly smaller than the one of his father, Khufu. As it has a more elevated position and its sides have a steeper angle of inclination, it even appears to be the larger in size. It is the only pyramid that still has parts of its outermost layers of Tura limestone." - illustrated - From Crystalinks -

Pyramid of Menkaure __ "The smallest of the Giza Pyramids is that of Menkaure. The pharoah, who ruled for at least 26 years, died before his furerary complex was completed, and parts of it were finished by his son Shepseskaf." You will find a good overview. - illustrated - From -

Pyramid of Menkaure __ A good online gallery of photos of the pyramid. - illustrated - From "Pyramids of Egypt" -

Saqqara - An excellent overview and photos of the Saqqara Plateau and the Step Pyramid of Zoser. - illustrated - From "Pyramids of Egypt" -

What is the Step Pyramid of Saqqara? __ A brief article. - illustrated - From -


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