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In Egypt as in many other places, the concept of sculpture, painting and architecture overlap, and do so of necessity.  The architecture itself is a combination of all three.  Any detailed material related to Egyptian painting must of necessity include information about bas-relief as well as the painting of three dimensional images.  Any information about sculpture may include such things as the sculpture of architectural elements as well as free standing pieces.  So I hope you will find the listings below to be of use as they will incorporate all of these elements.

You will find even more included in the pages listed above.

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About Splendors of Ancient Egypt __ Tour the Egyptian Exhibition at the Florida International Museum. Go through the galleries or view artifacts one at a time. -

Ancient Egypt Art : Architecture, Sculpture, Bas-relief, Painting. __  Click-to-read articles and galleries of these Egyptian arts. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egyptian Art __ This site has a selection of objects from collections throughout the world in click-to-view galleries and images. - illustrated - From .

Ancient Egyptian Mural Paintings __ Annotated gallery of ancient Egyptian murals. - illustrated - From -

Ancient Egyptian portraiture __ Article jam-packed with click-to-view images as well as click-to-view galleries. - illustrated - From -

Art in Ancient Egypt __ A good overview of ancient Egyptian art including the minor arts and more. - illustrated - From - 

The Art of Ancient Egypt: A Web Resource - The Metropolitan Museum of Art __ "Selected works of art from the Museum's extensive Egyptian art collection have been brought together to form a dynamic and content-rich resource for educators, students, and general viewers." - illustrated - From Metropolitan Museum of Art -


Block Statue of Ay - Brooklyn Museum __ Explanation of what 'block statues' are along with an example. - illustrated - From - 

British Museum - Room 4: Egyptian sculpture __ Overview of this room in the British Museum and a short slide show. - illustrated - From -

Category:Ancient Egyptian sculptures by subject - Wikimedia Commons __ Index of images of Egyptian sculpture found in Wikimedia - From Wikimedia - 

Craftsmen & Artists - Ancient Egypt for Kids __ Resources, lesson plans and general information about art in ancient Egypt for kids. - From - 

Egyptian Art __ Here you will find click-to view interactive images of Egyptian sculpture and art from the Old Kingdom through the Greco-Roman Period. - illustrated - From -
Egyptian Art __ View pieces from the collection of the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Portugal. - illustrated - From Museu Calouste Gulbenkian -

Egyptian Art - Essential Humanities __ A general overview and definitions of ancient Egyptian art with three scrolling galleries. - illustrated - From -

Egyptian Art Lessons #1 Sculpture __ You will find informative material about ancient Egyptian sculpture along with information for those who wish to teach about it or study it. "The message of the work of art had to be clear: everyone from scribes to peasants had to understand at first glance that the great image of the pharaoh was a sign of his limitless power." (pg. 10, Romei, 1995) - illustrated - From Historylink 101 -

Egyptian Art: Sculpture, Painting, Relief Carvings, Architecture: History, Styles, Techniques in Ancient Egypt __ "Art of Ancient Egypt: Relief Sculpture, Statues, Painting, Pyramids: History, Styles, Techniques of Egyptian Art: 3000-323 BCE" An overview which touches on all these things.- illustrated - From -


Egyptian Sculpture Lesson __ Not quite a formal Egyptian sculpture lesson plan, but close.  Goal and procedure - From -

Egyptians Sculptures __ Brief, general overview of Egyptian sculpture, maybe for the younger student. - From -

Fayum mummy portraits __ A 96 image slide show of Fayum portraits. Many historians overlook these ancient gems as they want the beginnings of modern portraiture to be Greek or Roman, in other words, 'Eurocentric.'  But as in many other things, Egypt was there first. - illustrated - From -

Fayum Mummy Portraits: A Window into the Eastern Roman World __ Article and two videos of Fayum mummy portraits.  Take a close look.  These are faces one sees all over Egypt even today.  No narrative, music only. - video - From -

Freer Sackler Online Collections | Ancient Egyptian Art __ Multi-page galleries of annotated, click-to-enlarge photos of ancient Egyptian art objects. - illustrated - From Smithsonian Institution -

The George Ortiz Collection: Egypt __ An online collection of Egyptian art from this great collection. - illustrated - From the George Ortiz Collection -

Jewelery of Ancient Egypt __ Article and images of ancient Egyptian jewelery and other objects. - illustrated - From -

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Egyptian Art __ Images from the Egyptian collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art -

Over 4600 Images of Art and Architecture __ Egypt plus much, much more. - illustrated - From Australian National University -


Portrait-Painting in Ancient Egypt __ "But the art of painting implies first the art of drawing; and the art of drawing is infinitely more ancient than that of sculpture. It is more ancient than the immemorial civilization of Egypt. It is almost as old as man himself."  Overview and history of portrait painting in ancient Egypt. - From - 

Royalty Free Pictures of Egyptian Sculpture __ Just what the title says. Here are images you may use with only a simple credit and link required. - illustrated - From Historylink 101 -

Sculptures of animals in ancient Egypt __ Gallery of click-to-enlarge images of Egyptian animal sculpture. - illustrated - From Wikimedia -

Wall Paintings of Ancient Egypt __ Multi-page galleries of Egyptian wall paintings (sometimes an annoying pop-up which looks like full web page.  Just close it to get back to the gallery. - illustrated - From -


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