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The Tahitian Islands, known officially as French Polynesia, lie in the Eastern part of the South Pacific with 35 islands and 83 atolls in over 5 million sq km of ocean. Made famous by the Mutiny of the Bounty, its enchanting scenery, beautiful people and the vivid colors of French painter Paul Gauguin, French Polynesia has become one of the icons of the South Pacific.

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Category:People from Tahiti __ Index of articles about people from Tahiti found in Wikipedia - From Wikipedia -

Category:French Polynesian people __ Index of articles about French Polynesian people found in Wikipedia - From Wikipedia -

Culture __ You will find a brief overview and history. "The missionaries did all they could to wipe out traditional Polynesian culture by levelling temples, destroying carvings, and banning tattoos and that heady, erotic dancing that Bougainville told Europe about." - From -

Culture of French Polynesia - history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family __ You will find brief overviews of all these aspects of life and more too. - From -  

Emma Shaw Colcleugh Tahiti Article __ A marvelous tale of native life in Tahiti and the Society Islands from 1906. You may read more by this excellent author by following links at the bottom of the page. - From University of Rhode Island - 

History of Tahiti and her islands by The Tahiti Traveler __ "Until recently, several theories were attempting to solve the mystery of South Pacific islands settlements and more precisely of Polynesian people. Different and sometimes surprising theories were conceived… Polynesian came from the East or the West ? Some were saying that Polynesian people were issued from different places on earth and others thought they were on the spot before their continent sank." Learn about the various 'points of origin' that have been discussed. - illustrated - from -

The History of Tahitian Dance __ "There are many different styles of Tahitian dance, and the variations have to do with movement and performers. One of the most popular dance styles is ote'a, which is performed by a large group of either all male or all female dancers."  A general overview. - From -  

Jane's Tahiti Home Page __ A repository of many things Tahitian including culture and history. - illustrated - from - 

Mangareva, Death of a People __ "This is the story as it had been told in Papeete and in the Gambiers - a cruel and sombre tale, shot through with gleams of a vanishing barbaric splendour and relieved by quaint touches of grotesque comedy - it is the story of the death of a people." You will find texts, maps, photos. - illustrated - From - 

Nuclear Tests in French Polynesia __ Learn about their possible effects on the French Polynesian people. - From -

The People in French Polynesia at Frommer's __ An overview of history and culture along with links to much additional information. - From Frommers -

Stats all about French Polynesian People __ Statistics and demographics. - From -

Tahiti and French Polynesia - A look at the history and culture of French Polynesia __ An informative article. - From - 

Tahiti and French Polynesian Culture __ A good overview. - illustrated - From -

Tahiti and Its Islands: The History __ "Three thousand five hundred years ago some South East Asians explorers set out from the area of Malysia and Indonesia on a migratory trek which would lead them to make the many islands of Polynesia their home."  A general history of Tahiti. - From -


Tahiti Tattoos: Expressions Of Tahitian Culture __ "In ancient Tahitian culture there were strict religious and traditional codes governing the use of tattooing. The early missionaries decreed it a pagan custom and banned the art-form."  A look at Tahitian tattooing today. - illustrated - From -

Tahitian language, alphabet and pronunciation __ "Tahitian is a Polynesian language spoken in French Polynesia by about 125,000 people. Most speakers of the language live in the Society Islands (Îles de la Société) and some islands in the Tuamotus including the Mihiroa group. It is also spoken in New Caledonia, New Zealand and Vanuatu, and is closely related to Rarotongan and Hawai'ian."  A general overview of Tahitian language. - From -  

Tahitians __ An encyclopedic article with links to additional materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -  

Traditional Tahitian Navigation __ "[The following account of traditional Tahitian navigation was taken from B.G. Corney (ed.), The Quest and Occupation of Tahiti by Emissaries of Spain during the Years 1772-6 (3 vols.), London: Hakluyt Society, 1913-1919, Vol. II, 284-287). The account is from the journal of Andia Y Varela, who visited in Tahiti in 1774.]" - From -


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