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Vanuatu, known as New Hebrides under the joint British and French rule prior to 1980, is a collection of ten large islands and many smaller islands in the South West Pacific. The Melanesian inhabitants live an extremely traditional lifestyle evolving around fishing, planting and drinking kava.

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Ethnologue report for Vanuatu __ Web page dedicated to the languages spoken in Vanuatu. - From SIL International. - 

Imprisoned" by Geography, Tribe Eludes Change __ "Vanuatu hosts some of the most remote and untouched bush tribes in the world." Learn why and how in this excellent "news" article. - From National Geographic Society - 

Ni-Vanuatu People statistics __ You will find statistics about Vanuatu. 210 facts and figures, stats and information on Ni -Vanuatu People. - From -


People of Vanuatu __ "Language and translation resources including, articles, free translation, a language identifier and a directory." - From - 

Rambaramps of South Malekula __ "The Melanesians of Malekula long ago earned a reputation as being stubborn, conservative and strongly resistant to the Europeans' interference in their lives and his trespass on their lands." Learn more about how missionary activity and other western influences have effected these people. - illustrated - From -

Vanuatu, People of Vanuatu __ General overview of the Vanuatu people including culture, arts, economy and more. - From -

Vanuatu people __ "Vanuatu's fractured terrain has produced a kaleidoscope of cultures and more than 100 indigenous languages."  A brief look at the history of Vanuatu. - From -  


Vanuatu: A Photographic Exhibit __ Online photo exhibit of Vanuatu people and culture by photographer David Becker. You may want to spend some time with the photos. - illustrated - From - 

Vanuatu Population People Religion Language __ Basic statistics, facts and figures. - From -



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