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Colorado Hispanic Bar Association __ You will find projects and events, along with membership and census information. - From chba.net - http://www.chba.net/ 

Dade Attracts Hispanic Jews __ "They get married in temples such as Aventura Turnberry or Beth Torah of North Miami Beach, but they use two rabbis in the ceremonies: one who officiates in English and the other in Spanish...At the reception they offer herring, salmon, bagels and cream cheese; but they dance to merengue, cumbia and salsa. The wedding gift lists are at Bloomingdales or Macy's, although they request Latin American art as gifts." You will find an interesting article. - From latinamericanstudies.org - http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/culture/jews.htm 

Developing Skills and Expertise to Program in Latino Communities Using Satellite Technology __ Learn about the development of programs for the Latino population in Pennsylvania. You can read about the extention meetings and discover some of their findings, the basis of which the panelists stressed is: "Never base your understanding on what you see in the media." - From Extension Journal, Inc - http://www.joe.org/joe/1996october/tt2.html 

El Puente __ Here is general information for the San Diego Latino community. You will find news of events ranging from entertainment to political. - From elpuente.org - http://www.elpuente.org/ 

Greater Denver Hispanic Guide __ "Denvers One-stop Source on Hispanics and Hispanic Events." You will find guides to restaurants and attractions, organizations and services plus much more. - illustrated - From denverhispanic.com - http://www.denverhispanic.com/ 
Hawaii Hispanic News __ Online magazine of general interest to the Latino community in Hawaii. - From hawaiihispanicnews.com - http://www.hawaiihispanicnews.com/ 

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey __ You will find an overview, newsletter, events, and a gallery of photos. The newsletter contains several articles which could be websites of their own. - illustrated - From shccnj.org - http://www.shccnj.org/ 


Hispanic Population Statistics __ Hispanic population and income figures for the State of Ohio. - From University of Ohio at Boulder - http://www.colorado.edu/libraries/govpubs/colonumb/hispan.htm 

Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs __ You will learn about their programs and services. There is scholarship money available for those seeking certification as Alcohol/Drug Counselor or Prevention Specialist. You will also find lists of Latino organizations, links, and a community calendar. - From State of Idaho - http://www2.state.id.us/icha/ 

LACASA Chicago __ "A new wing of Chicago's Movimiento Artístico Chicano, LACASA involves projects on Latin American/Caribbean, U.S. Latino, and Chicago Latino social and, primarily, cultural issues and concerns, with culture conceived in function of anthropology as well as the arts. in an effort to facilitate understandings, communications and interchanges as well as to promote and help implement policies and actions with respect to Latin American cultural transformations, projects and problems in the age of transnational and globalization processes." - From LACASA Chicago - http://tigger.uic.edu/~marczim/lacasa/lacasadraft.html 

Latinos in Indiana: On the Throes of Growth __ "Like most states in the nation's heartland, Indiana has hosted relatively few residents of Hispanic or Latino origin in the last few decades (Aponte and Siles, 1994). However, there are indications that this situation is changing rapidly..." - From Michigan State University - http://www.jsri.msu.edu/RandS/research/cb/cb11.html 

The Latinos in West Michigan Project __ Guide to Latino life in western Michigan. You will find listings of resources ranging from churches to education and special events. - From Grand Valley State University - http://www4.gvsu.edu/latinos/

Latinos and Seattle's civil rights history __ "This page is a gateway to the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project resources for exploring the civil rights activism of Latinos in the Pacific Northwest. Included are activist oral histories, research reports, newspaper reports, photographic collections, maps, historical documents. " - From washington.edu - http://depts.washington.edu/civilr/Latinos.htm 

Mexican Americans in the Columbia River Basin __ You will find a detailed historic overview. - illustrated - From vancouver.wsu.edu - http://www.vancouver.wsu.edu/crbeha/ma/ 

North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals __ "The mission of the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals is to enhance the integration and cooperation among the Hispanic professionals of North Carolina and concerned individuals and organizations to promote the education of Hispanic students at all levels." - illustrated - From thencshp.org - http://www.thencshp.org/ 

Oregon Council for Hispanic Advancement __ Here you will learn about Oregon's Latino population. Find information about the council's annual conference, history, employment opportunities, and prevention education. You will also find a special section for kids. - From ocha-nw.org - http://www.ocha-nw.org/ 

San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce __ You will find membership information, events (some are outdated), history, and a mission statement. - From sahcc.org - http://www.sahcc.org/default.asp?main.asp&2 

VivaTucson.Com __ This site provides a general overview of Latino life and events in the Tuscon, Arizona region. You will find news, entertainment, cultural information, and more. - From vivatucson.com - http://www.vivatucson.com/



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