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Accessing Hispanic Statistics Online __ Here you will be able to find Hispanic statistics for any number of projects. The information is from the federal government and a good starting point for research. - From - 


Bienvenido a Viva __ A general overview of Latino life and events in the Tuscon, Arizona region. You will find news, entertainment, cultural information, and more. - illustrated - From - 

College study: Latinos face greater health risks due to access problems __ Learn about Latinos and their access to health insurance coverage. The Latino population has a higher percentage of uninsured than the rest of the population. - From American College of Physicians - 
Continuity and Change in Latin American Immigration __ "Latin American immigration to California has been one of the foundations of the State's economic prosperity. It has been driven primarily by employment opportunity -- that is, the State's need to import particular kinds of labor, combined with economic and political strife in the developing nations of Latin America. While the attitudes of the federal and State governments toward immigration have vacillated between open invitation (the Bracero Program) to strict enforcement (the Immigration and Control Act of 1986), the economic and political incentives which drive the flow of immigrants to California are more powerful than programs or laws can contain." Read the whole story. - From UCLA -



Dade Attracts Hispanic Jews __ "They get married in temples such as Aventura Turnberry or Beth Torah of North Miami Beach, but they use two rabbis in the ceremonies: one who officiates in English and the other in Spanish...At the reception they offer herring, salmon, bagels and cream cheese; but they dance to merengue, cumbia and salsa. The wedding gift lists are at Bloomingdales or Macy's, although they request Latin American art as gifts." You will find an interesting article. - From - 

Dedicated to Hispanic Heritage and Diversity Issues __ "The editorial focus of Somos Primos is to connect present day situations to its historical foundation. The goal is to awaken Latinos to the fact that we are walking in the footsteps of our ancestors. Whether that path is clear to our vision or not, we are in the midst of that road. It is imperative that we grasp the unique and individual part in world history, and especially United States history, that our grand-parents walked." - illustrated - From Somos Primos -


Developing Skills and Expertise to Program in Latino Communities Using Satellite Technology __ Here is a website which deals with the development of programs for the Latino population in Pennsylvania. You can read about the extension meetings and discover what their findings are, the basis of which the panelists stressed is: "Never base your understanding on what you see in the media." - From Journal of Extension - 



Hispanic Americans in Congress, 1822-1995 __ You will find a brief biography and portraits of over 60 Latino members of Congress dating back to 1822. - illustrated - From Library of Congress - 

Hispanic Business Resource, News and Market Research __ Here is a website about many aspects of Latino business. You will find news updates, articles, people, media, travel, finance, and organizations. - illustrated - from - 

Hispanic Internal Revenue Employees (HIRE) Web Site __ Webpage of Hispanic Internal Revenue Employees. You will find a series of papers, essays, scholarship information, and newsletters. - From - 

Hispanic Heritage in the USA__ This is a general website dedicated to Hispanic Heritage USA. You will find several articles, some in Spanish only and there is some coverage of events outside the U.S. There are listings and biographies of famous Latinos broken down by category, and more. - illustrated - From - 

Jews, Latinos Explore Common Ground __ "They are two groups that share a multitude of values. Yet they have not always acted in concert, let alone stayed in touch. In recent years, however, the Jewish and Hispanic communities are finding increasing common ground." Learn more about the increasing dialogue between these groups. - From Jewish World Review -
Latino Issues Forum Public Policy and Advocacy Institute __ This website covers a lot of information dealing with the Latino community. You will find topics which range from immigration issues to the environment. - From - 



Limited Progress __ Read about the Latino community and the sciences. There is still a lot to be done that the Latino community can catch up in the fields of science and engineering. - From American Association for the Advancement of Science - 

NALEO __ "The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund was established in 1981 to promote the participation of Latinos in the nation's civic life. The NALEO Ed. Fund carries out this mission by developing and implementing programs that promote the integration of Latino immigrants into American society, developing future leaders among Latino youth, providing assistance and training to the nation's Latino elected and appointed officials; and by conducting research on issues important to the Latino population." - From NALEO - 

National Hispanic Corporate Council __ "HCC is a non-profit organization whose purpose is two fold: 1. To serve member Fortune 1000 companies and their representatives as a principal resource for information, expertise and counsel on selected Hispanic issues affecting corporate objectives. 2. To advocate for increased employment, leadership and business opportunities for Hispanics in corporate America." - From NHCC - 

Occasional Paper No. 34 __ Here is a paper from the Julian Samora Research Institute at Michigan State University which details the evolution of Latino studies in the United States. - From Michigan State University __
Puerto Rico Herald: Hispanics: Beyond the Myths __ "The immigrants keep coming, not only to the Southwest but up the eastern seaboard to New York and Boston and west to Chicago and the Midwest, where they meet the long-established Chicanos, the North Americans of Mexican origin, who have been here even longer than the gringos." Here you can learn about how that is changing the cultural and political scene in the United States. - From - 



Report on Latinos and Philanthropy in the United States __ Learn how the growth of the Latino Community has changed the non-profit patterns in the United States. A PDF File, Acrobat Reader needed. - From - 

A Strategy for Building a Vibrant Latino Community __ Many of Connecticut's Latino directors of nonprofits are nearing retirement age and this article addresses the need to train a new generation to take over. - From Aetna - 

Summary Results From the Latino Ethnic Attitude Survey __ These are the summary results from the Latino Ethnic Attitude Survey. You will find an excellent source of Latino demographics, attitudes, national origins, and income groups. - illustrated - from University of Kansas - 

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce __ "The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) was incorporated in the state of New Mexico, creating a structured organization aimed at developing a business network that would provide the Hispanic community with cohesion and strength." You'll find a career resource and job center, legislation and policy issues. - From -

U.S. Hispanic/Latino Population, 2000 __ A breakdown of the Latino population by country of origin. - From - 


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