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Category:Tourism in Madrid __ An index of srticles related to Madrid tourism found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -

Famous Madrid Tourist Attractions __ "This page will describe five popular tourist attractions, together with photos to give you an idea of what to expect from your visit to madrid. We have visted each attraction and provide you with feedback regarding each experience."  A look at five well known Madris attractions. - illustrated - From -

Madrid Golf Courses - Madrid Tee Times - Madrid Golf Holidays __ "We provide complete golf services in Madrid. Get cheap Madrid tee times, green fees and golf holidays quickly and securely online..."  A commercial site but with good information about golf in Madrid. - From -

Madrid Restaurants | Fodor's Restaurant Reviews __ "Spain in general has become a popular foodie pilgrimage and Madrid showcases its strengths with a cornucopia of cuisine, cutting-edge decor, and celebrated chefs that put the city on par with Europe's celebrated dining capitals."  Search restaurants by price or cuisine. - From -

Madrid Spain: tourism in Madrid, Spain __ You will find information about Madrid Spain. Things to do in Madrid, places to visit, what to see in Madrid. Maps, tourist office, regions, tours and much more. - illustrated - From -

Madrid Tourist Attractions: Sightseeing and Attractions in Madrid __ "As the capital of Spain, Madrid is quite rightly blessed with some of the country's most prestigious buildings and most visited tourist attractions."  You can learn about the attractions and the tour companies that take you there. - illustrated - From -  

Madrid Spain Travel and Tourism Guide __ "Madrid has been ignored as a tourist destination for quite some time, but residents of Madrid have built a lively city that doesn't seem to sleep--a great place for tapas, night life, and sleeping late. The Madrid Guide will help you find the best of Madrid." You will find click-to-read articles and other resources. - From -

Madrid, Spain Vacations, Tourism, Guides, Hotels, Things to Do __ Find Madrid, Spain hotels, attractions, maps, pictures, weather, airport information, travel advice and much more. - illustrated - From -  

Madrid Tourism - Madrid Vacation Reviews - Madrid Vacations ... __ "Strolling through Madrid is a great way to see the lavish Royal Palace, the 16th-century Puerta del Sol (Sun's Gate) marking the center of Spain, the old Moorish quarter of Moreria and much more." You will find articles, resources and reviews. - illustrated - From -

Madrid Tourism and Tourist Information: Information about Madrid ... __ "Madrid, Spain's capital city is situated almost at the geographical epicentre of the country on a high central plain (meseta) and is at the heart of the Spanish economical, political and communications systems." You will find an excellent guide to the city and attractions. - illustrated - From - 

Madrid Travel Guide __ "The culture of Madrid was dominated by its religious and royal history. Enormous, monolithic cathedral and churches are plentiful in Madrid, as well as medieval architecture, although nowadays Madrid is a cosmopolitan city as you would expect from Berlin or London." This and much more. Much, much more. - From -

Madrid Travel Guide __ Begin with this: "Madrid may be lacking in architectural beauty compared with other major Spanish cities, but it makes up for this with its boundless energy, blue skies, art, culture and some of the most exhilarating and exhausting nightlife in Europe." Then add on "the basics," climate, attractions, events, airports, photos and more, and you pretty much have it covered. - illustrated - From -

Madrid with kids, teens, children. Family travel to Madrid __ "Though often overlooked, the Spanish capital of Madrid contains some of Europe’s most impressive sights and activities. These range from art masterpieces to epic sporting events, with just about a million things in between. Your family will never run out of exciting opportunities for adventure in this cosmopolitan city."  You will find many click-to-read articles and resources about kid friendly venues in Madrid. - From -

Restaurants in Madrid - Travel Guides - World Travel Guide __ You will find a review of several restaurants and search capabilities for otheers. - From -

Shopping in Madrid | Fodor's Shopping Reviews __ An overview of shopping in Madrid and search by type. - From -

Top Madrid Golf Resorts __ Take a look and book online if you want. - illustrated - From -     


Travel for Kids: Madrid, Spain __ Fun things to do with your kids in Madrid. - illustrated - From -

Travel with Kids: 30 Things to Do in Madrid, Spain with Kids __ A general look at traveling with children in Madrid. - From - 

WebMadrid: The Digital Guide to Madrid __ A searchable database about Madrid and its attractions. - From - 


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