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AbcRoma a Guide of Rome - Tourism and art __ "Interactive touristic guide of Rome with Road map and itineraries con stradario e itinerari to visit monuments, museums, hotels and restaurants" Now I have no idea of what " stradario e itinerari" means, but you will find good information here. - illustrated - From 

ColosseumWeb __ "The Flavius amphitheater, since always an incontestable symbol of the city and its historical remains, is the most visited and universally known archeological site." History, photos, plans for the future. - illustrated - From - 

Enjoy Rome travel guide in Italy: tourism in Rome tour and sightseeing tours __ "Enjoy Rome provides a variety of services. You might start with our online Rome travel tourist Office, providing a tremendous amount of information for visitors, everything from how to get from the city to the airport to secrets on how to see the city for less and Rome sightseeing tours." Some things here you might not find elsewhere. - From - 

Map of Golf Courses, Rome, Italy __ Interactive map and descriptive overviews of several golf venues in Rome, Italy. - From -

Pantheon, Rome - Reviews of Pantheon __ "Pantheon, Rome: Find reviews, photos, and deals for Pantheon and other things to do in Rome..." A good overview of the Pantheon. "In constant use since its construction, the Pantheon is Romes most well preserved ancient site. Its not at all hard to imagine what this place must have been like in ancient times." - illustrated - From -

Restaurants in Rome - Travel Guides __ "Traditional Roman cooking is conservative, rustic and deceptively simple, but this masks an obsessive dedication to best seasonal ingredients which give Roman cuisine its intense, rich flavours."  You will find reviews and general overview of several Roman restaurants. - From -

Roman Forum, Rome - Reviews of Roman Forum __ "One of the few things in Rome that is free to enter, a walk through the Roman Forum is worth your time. If you get tired, you can sit in the shade on a fallen pillar that the Emperor Vespasian leaned against when he ruled. Just remember that youre sitting in the middle of the seat of Roman power which spread over most of Europe at one time." You will find reviews of the Forum experience bythose who have been there. - illustrated - From - 

Romaturismo __ A tourism portal of the city of Rome which is packed with information. Flash Player needed. - illustrated - From - > Rome tourist information, Ancient Rome travel guide ... __ Actually this is a very good website including a hundred panoramic views of the city. However, there are some very annoying 'pop-ups' if you don't have your firewall activated. - illustrated - From - 


Rome, Italy - Italy Vacation Guide Online __ An overview of Roman attractions and information about other parts of Italy. - From - 

Rome Metro __ Learn how to find your way around on the Roman Metro trains. - illustrated - From -

Rome Restaurants: Read Rome Restaurant Reviews __ "...See 180000 TripAdvisor traveler reviews of 2373 Rome restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more." - From -

Rome Shopping - Reviews __ "...568 tips on where to shop and what to buy in Rome, Italy from real travelers and locals." - From - 

Rome Tourism - Rome Vacation Reviews - Rome Vacations __ You will find articles, resources and reviews. - illustrated - From - 

Rome Tourism and Tourist Information: __ "If you were to sum up the city of Rome, Italy in two words, they would be 'busy' and 'historic'. This beautiful city is over 2,700 years old and has become one of the most popular cities in the world." - illustrated - From - 

Rome Tourist Attractions __ "There are times walking around the centre of Rome when you may feel that tourism is the city's raison d'etre. That's not entirely true, but tourists are certainly spoiled for choice in the Eternal City. In this expanding section of our Rome destination guide, we'll pick out some of the top tourist attractions and endeavour to put them into some kind of context." - illustrated - From - 

Rome Tourist Attractions & Rome Tourism __ "There is simply too much to see in Rome the Vatican City alone can easily swallow up an entire weekend. Most visitors are overwhelmed and remain torn between running from sight to sight in order to do everything or lingering over a couple of monuments and museums. The latter option is strongly recommended even then, it is best to punctuate cultural trips with ice creams, coffees and serene walks in the citys parks..." A good overview of Rome and its attractions with a few tips you might not find elsewhere. - From - 


Travel for Kids: Rome, Italy __ Here are fun things to do with your kids in Rome. - illustrated - From -

Travel with Kids: 32 Things to Do in Rome, Italy with Kids __ "While Rome is not known as a child-friendly destination, we've had lots of memorable experiences there with our kids. While there aren't many activities or restaurants targeted towards children, Italians generally welcome kids (especially toddlers and babies) to restaurants and activities."  First hand experience of traveling with kids in Rome. - From - 

Vatican: the Holy See __ This is the official website of the Vatican. Keep up on latest church news and tour the Holy See. Information about the Vatican Museums and more. - illustrated - From -

Where to Find the Best Gelato in Rome __ This site only recommends one place. But when we consider the website and who is doing the recommending, I'll eat gelato there if I ever get the chance. - From - 

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