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Australian States and Territories Capital Cities

Canberra is found in World Capital Cities

New South Wales, ( Sydney ) - Northern Territory, ( Darwin )Queensland, ( Brisbane )South Australia, ( Adelaide ) - Tasmania, ( Hobart ) - Victoria, ( Melbourne ) - Western Australia, ( Perth )



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City of Melbourne __ Official site of the city where you will find a ton of information about government and services. - illustrated - From City of Melbourne - 

Emigrating to Melbourne - Victoria - Global Visas __ "Find information on emigrating to Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, with its wealth of diverse attractions from national parks and forests to wineries, lakes and mountains. Find advice on migration to Melbourne Australia..." - From -

History of Melbourne __ You can find both a long and a short history, your choice. - From -

Herald Sun __ Online newspaper. - illustrated - From - 

Melbourne __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - 

Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games __ Official website for the games. - illustrated - From - 

Melbourne Airport __ A general overview of the airport and flight information. - From - 

Melbourne, Australia __ "The official travel website for Melbourne Australia. Find out about destinations, accommodation, festivals and events, attractions and touring routes in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia." - illustrated - From - 

Melbourne Australia __ A good introduction to the city of Melbourne for the younger student. - illustrated - From -

Melbourne Australia, Australian Photos, Images, Music, Poetry __ You will find images, not only from Melbourne, but nationwide. Good text with information about the city. - illustrated - From -

Melbourne City Life - THE Guide to Melbourne Victoria Australia __ "The online guide for residents and visitors with all you need to know about the city of Melbourne Victoria Australia." - illustrated - From - 

Melbourne Map __ Interactive map of the city. - illustrated - From -

Melbourne - Transport in Melbourne Australia - Car Hire, Public Transport, Airport Transfers __ "Public transport, hire cars, airport transfers in and around Melbourne, Australia." - From -


Melbourne Travel __ "Melbourne is dubbed marvellous for a reason. Healthy hedonism masquerades as high art: Melburnians are equally passionate about football and ballet, fashion and restaurants." This, plus images and essential information. - illustrated - From -

Metlink - Your guide to public transport in metropolitan Melbourne __ "Welcome to Metlink - Your guide to public transport in metropolitan Melbourne. Find out about public train, tram and bus services throughout Melbourne and Victoria, Australia." - From -

Timeline of Melbourne history __ Timeline from the 18th century and on into the future of this one. - From Wikipedia -


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