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A general overview of Victoria


Australian States and Territories Social Studies

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Australia National Parks, Victoria __ Basic list and description of Victoria National Parks. - From - 

Emigrating to Melbourne - Victoria - Global Visas __ "Find information on emigrating to Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, with its wealth of diverse attractions from national parks and forests to wineries, lakes and mountains. Find advice on migration to Melbourne Australia..." - From -

EPA Victoria __ "EPA Victoria, a statutory authority, was established under the Environment Protection Act 1970. It exists to ensure the protection of beneficial uses of the air, water and land from the adverse impacts of wastes and unwanted noise." - From Government of Victoria -

Herald Sun __ Online newspaper. - illustrated - From -

Map of Victoria, Australia __ A basic map - From - 
Melbourne, Australia __ "The official travel website for Melbourne Australia. Find out about destinations, accommodation, festivals and events, attractions and touring routes in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia." - illustrated - From -

Melbourne Map __ Interactive map of the city. - illustrated - From -

pete walsh, photographer / images of victoria, australia / mountains, coast and country...__ Great galleries. - illustrated - From Pete Walsh __


Tourism Victoria Corporate Site __ "Tourism Victoria is the State Government authority responsible for developing and marketing Victoria as a premium tourist destination for Australian and international travellers." Lots of information. - illustrated - From -

Victoria __ Brief overview with extended information about cities and regions. - illustrated - From About - 
Victoria (Australia) __ Learn about the flags of Victoria including the state flag and the gevenor's flag. - illustrated - From -

Victoria Colleges and Universities __ A list of schools with direct contact links. - From -

Victoria Demographics __ You will find basic figures for population, labor force, etc. - From About -

Victoria Online: Government Entry Point for Victorians __ "Victoria Online is the fastest way to find local, state & federal government information & services." - illustrated - From -

Victorian Towns and Localities __ "Victorian town and location names, present and past. Includes latitude and longitude and the appropriate mailing list." - from -

Victoria's Three Great Zoos __ "Each of Victoria's 3 Zoos has an innovative master plan that displays a representative sample of the world's fauna and flora in bioclimatic zones. Victoria clearly has three of the world's great zoos. " - illustrated - From -


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