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100 Years of Tourism New South Wales __ "In May 1905, at the instigation of the then Premier of New South Wales, Sir Joseph Carruthers, a new government body was established to undertake activities aimed at promoting tourism and immigration to the state. It was given the rather curious title of the New South Wales Intelligence Department." And the story continues. - illustrated - From - 

Awaba __ You will find an electronic database and guide to the history, culture and language of the Indigenous peoples of the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region of NSW. - illustrated - From University of Newcastle, Australia - 

Emigrating to Sydney Australia - New South Wales - Global Visas __ "Find advice on emigrating to Sydney, New South Wales, with its magnificent diversity of coastal, forest, mountain and rural country. Find information on migration to Australia..." - From -
Geography of New South Wales __ You will find 44 articles about the geography of New South Wales - From Wikipedia - 

History of New South Wales __ You will find 25 click-to-read articles about NSW history. - From Wikipedia - 


History of Sydney __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - 

Images of New South Wales __ "Pictures and images from Sydney and other parts of New South Wales exhibit a panorama of the land and its people" - illustrated - From - 
jfwfoto Contents __ Website of John F Williams, who is well known for his B&W photographs of Sydney in the 1970s and 1980s. Showcases a large selection of his work, as well as his recent book 'Line Zero', and includes a biography and a section on what the critics have had to say. - illustrated - From John Williams - 

New South Wales __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - 


New South Wales Australia media - New South Wales newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations... __ You will find online newspapers and much more. - From - 

New South Wales Demographics __ You will find basic figures such as population, work force, etc. - From About - 

New South Wales Geography __ A brief overview. - from About - 

New South Wales History __ A brief overview. - From About - 

New South Wales Map __ An interactive map. - From - 

New South Wales Universities in NSW Australia __ List of schools with direct links. - From - 

NSW Government Portal __ You will find a wealth of information about New South Wales from politics to things to do and see. - illustrated - From Government of New South Wales - 

NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages __ "Use this website to download application forms for birth, death and marriage certificates; to change your name, to amend details on an existing certificate or to research your family history." - From Government of New South Wales - 

Parliament of NSW __ Keep up with what is happening, learn what's new and what is scheduled for the future. - From Government of New South Wales - 

The Sydney Morning Herald __ Online newspaper - illustrated - From - 

Tourism New South Wales __ "Tourism New South Wales is the New South Wales Government's tourism marketing and policy agency. As well as marketing the destination and its holiday experiences internationally and within Australia, Tourism New South Wales provides strategic direction and leadership to the tourism industry to support the development of tourism in the State." Lots of information. - illustrated - From Government of New South Wales - 

Welcome to the Maritime Heritage Online Website __ "Website of the Maritime Heritage Program, NSW Heritage Office. Explore New South Wales maritime history by following the links to Regions, Features, Research Centre or by using the Search facility." - illustrated - From -


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