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History of Philippine Cooperatives __ Learn the history of Philippine cooperatives and how they were influenced by European models. - From Philippines Cooperative Development Authority  -

History of Philippines __ A history of the Philippines divided into four phases. - From -

History of the Philippines __ "The history of the Philippines is believed to have begun with the arrival of the first humans via land bridges at least 30,000 years ago..."  An encyclopedic article with links to additional resources. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

History of the Philippines __ "Like the other island groups of southeast Asia, the Philippines have very early human inhabitants - perhaps even as long as 60,000 years ago. In more recent history the main outside influences are Chinese, Hindu and - from the 15th century - Muslim."  A brief look at Philippines history. - From -

The History of the Philippines __ Here are click-to-read narratives from Canada covering the beginnings of the archipelago all the way to the present. - From -

History of the Philippines Flag __ History and evolution of the national flag of the Philippines. - illustrated - From -

History of the Philippines for Kids __ A history of the Philippines so jam-packed with embedded links to related topics, the 'clutter' might make it difficult to read for some.  but still good information. - From - 

The history of the Republic of the Philippines __ You will find click-to-read articles and resources about the history of the Philippines. - From - 


The Philippine-American War: Introduction __ "On February 4, 1899, an American soldier, Private William Grayson, shot a Filipino soldier at the bridge of San Juan, Manila. The fatal shot was followed by an immediate U.S. offensive on the Filipino lines. This marked the beginning of the Philippine-American War, which lasted for three years until the establishment of the civilian colonial government of Governor-General William Howard Taft on July 4, 1902."  You will find detailed articles about different aspects of this war in click-to-read format. - illustrated - From -

Philippine–American War __ An encyclopedic article with links to additional material. - illustrated -- From Wikipedia -

Philippine History | Filipino History __ A detailed look at Filipino history with many click-to-read sections and resources. - illustrated - From -

Philippine History Links __ A directory of links related to Philippines history and no overlap with this one. - From -

The Philippine Navy History __ The history of the Philippine Nave is in a sense the history of the Philippines itself. A good overview. - illustrated - From -

Philippine Prehistory __ A brief overview. - From -   

Philippines: History __ Overview of Philippines history along with additional information about the country.  The 'history' section begins about a quarter down the page. - From -


Philippines History __ "The first inhabitants of the Philippines arrived around 250,000 years ago, probably migrating over a land bridge from the Asian mainland. The Negrito people arrived 25,000 years ago, but they were driven back by several waves of immigrants from Indonesia, followed by maritime immigrations of Malayan people."  A Philippines history as only Lonely Planet can do it. - From -  

Philippines History __ A concise look at Philippines history along with a lot of additional information about the Philippines. - illustrated - From -

Philippines - History __ A brief summary of the history of the Philippines. - From -

Philippines - History & Background, Constitutional & Legal Foundations __ General history, legal and political history along with history of Philippine's educational system. - From Net Industries -

Philippines History, Culture, Civilization and Technology __ Yes, there is all of that but it is mostly history related to culture, technology, etc. - From -

Philippines: An Oversimplified History Lesson __ "History and culture of the modern Philippines for business people"  Some good information for the rest of us too. - From -

Philippines Prehistoric People __ A detailed look at prehistoric Philippines history in this multi-page article. - From -

Philippines Timeline __ Annotated timeline for Philippines history beginning 25,000 BCE. - From -


The retrospective history of the Philippines __ Several click-to-read articles related to Philippines history. - From - 

A short Philippine History before the 1898 Revolution __ Here is a Spanish account of the colonization of the islands from 1521 through 1574. - illustrated - From - 

The Virtual Jewish History Tour: Philippines __ History of the relationship between the Jewish People and the Philippines. - From -

Welcome to the Philippine History Site __ You will find articles about the Philippine Revolution, the Philippine American War and Philippine Emigration. - From -


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