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The Dutch in Ceylon glimpse of their life and times __ A lecture about the Dutch in Ceylon given in 1905.  You will find the full text. - From Sri Lanka Information Page -

The Economy and Economic History of Sri Lanka __ An economic history and information about the current economy. - From Thayer Watkins - 

History of Sri Lanka __ "Traditionally, the recorded History of Sri Lanka boasts of 25 chronicled centuries. But in actuality, history goes much longer than that, to the Balangoda Man and the Emperor Ravana."  An encyclopedic article with links to additional resources. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

History of Sri Lanka __ A general look at the history of Sri Lanka with embedded text links to related subjects. - From -

History of Sri Lanka __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of the country of Sri Lanka." - From -


Pre-Colonial Sri Lankan History __ "Sri Lanka's culture has evolved separately from its northern neighbor, although there are some similarities due to periodic migrations of people from India to Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese comprise the dominant ethnic group of Sri Lanka, and comprise about 74% of the population."  An overview of pre-colonial history along with some demographic information about the period. - From -

Sri Lanka __ You will find an extensive collection of resources about Sri Lankan history. - From -


Sri Lanka: History __ "The most ancient of the inhabitants were probably the ancestors of the Veddas, an aboriginal people (numbering about 3,000) now living in remote mountain areas."  A general overview of Sri Lanka history along with additional information about Sri Lanka. - From -

Sri Lanka History Page __ You will find an extensive collection of resources about Sri Lankan history. - From - 

World History Archives: History of Sri Lanka __ Click-to-read articles and resources about Sri Lanka's history. - From -


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