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1997: The Albanian insurrection __ Here is information about the 1997 insurrection.  "A little-known uprising in Albania, triggered by International Monetary Fund measures after which the state lost complete control."  A good overview. - illustrated - From -

Albania: A Brief History __ "Although the exact origin of Albania is not entirely known, records exist that trace their evolution from the ancient Illyrians. The Illyrians, who are believed to have evolved directly from the Stone Age, occupied the western area of the Balkans, from modern Slovenia to approximately half of the way through modern Greece."  A brief but thorough history. - illustrated - From Albania:The Little Country that Couldn't? -

Albania - History & Background __ A general overview of Albanian history. - From Net Industries -

Albanian History __ You will find a series of click-to-read articles about Albanian history from earliest times through present along with additional resources. - From -

Eagles of the Balkans - Part 1 __ Here is a brief introduction to the history of the Albanian people.  "They were called the Illyrians, a multi-tribe race of peoples who settled in the Balkan Peninsula centuries before succumbing to Roman conquest." - From -


The Establishment of the Principality of Albania, 1912-1913 __ "The principality of Albania was established by act of the powers at the London Conference of Ambassadors at the special instigation of Austria and Italy. Its boundaries were to be established on ethnographic lines by an international commission. The new situation inherited two problems from the one previous to 1912."  Find out just what those were. - From -    

History of Albania __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials.  "This article briefly outlines each period in the history of Albania; details are presented in separate articles..." - From wikipedia -

History of Albania __ An overview of Albanian history with embedded text links to related materials. - From -

History of Albania in Ottoman Times __ A brief encyclopedic style entry. - From -

History of Albania: Primary Documents __ A collection of resources and documents pertaining to the history of Albania. - From -  

The Illyrians __ While this is a review for a book, there is enough interesting material in the review it is worth a look. - From -

King Zog in America __ A biographical sketch of the life of Albanian King Ahmed Bey Zogu and his time in the U.S. - From -


The Myth of Great Albania - History __ "There is very little dispute among serious (that is, non-Greek, non-Macedonian and non-Serb) scholars that the Albanians are an ancient people, the descendants of the Illyrians or (as a small minority insists) the Thracians."  Did you know there were even Illyrian Roman Emperors? - From Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. -   

Robert Elsie, Texts and Documents of Albanian History __ I can't say it any better than the site author does: "This website is not designed as a history of Albania or of the Albanians, but is simply a compilation of historical texts - some important and some less important - from the eleventh to the twentieth centuries, which will add to an understanding of the history and development of Albania and its people." - illustrated - From -

The Virtual Jewish History Tour: Albania __ A look at the history of the relationship between Jewish people and Albania. "There was little history of anti-Semitism in Albania between the local Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Most of the Albanian population was not hostile toward the Jews and helped to hide them during the war, especially when Italy and Germany occupied the country." - From -


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