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Benin History __ A general overview of the history of Benin. - From -

Benin - History __ "Benin (formerly Dahomey) has no geographical or historical unity and owes its frontiers to Anglo-French rivalry in the late-19th-century partition of Africa. This is especially marked in northern Benin, whose affinities are rather with the neighboring countries of West Africa than with the peoples of the south."  An encyclopedic style entry. - illustrated - From -

Benin History __ A brief look at Benin's history.  for a more detailed look, just click "more history." - From -


A Brief History of Benin __ A general overview of the history of Benin. - From - 

Category:History of Benin __ An index of articles related to the history of Benin found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -

History of Benin __ "Note: This article is about the modern nation of Benin, formerly the French colony of Dahomey, located west of Nigeria. It is easily confused with the historical empire that was governed from the 14th Century until 1897 by the Oba of Benin, from a seat of power sited at Benin City in present-day Nigeria."  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -


History of Benin __ You will find an essay about the history of Benin. - From -

History of Benin __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of Benin" - From - 

Rulers of Benin __ A list of rulers for Benin beginning 1894. - From -

The Vodun phenomenon in Benin __ "Vodun designates a venerated and adored divinity. It also defines the whole social, psychological and supernatural structure surrounding this popular sort of religiosity. Indeed, Vodun permeates everything. Before Christianity, ..."  A detailed look at the Vodun movement in Benin. - From -


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