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Azerbaijan - History __ You will find a general overview of Azerbaijan history from prehistory to current. - From -

Azerbaijan History __ A detailed history of Azerbaijan divided into several click-to-read sections.  Also maps, books and other resources. - illustrated - From -

Azerbaijan:History __ "Azerbaijan is one of the oldest spots of civilization, a country with a rich and ancient history. A rich cultural heritage has been created on its territory over the span of many millenniums, contributing to the treasure-house of World culture. The discovery of Azykh cave, the earliest habitation of man to be found in the world ..."  A nice overview, part history, part annotated timeline. - illustrated - From -

Azerbaijan History Net __ Many online resources for Azerbaijan history, primary documents and more. - From -


Baku History __ A summary of Baku, Azerbaijan, history. - From -

History of Azerbaijan __ Here is a timeline of modern Azerbaijan history beginning with 1828. - illustrated - From BBC -

History of Azerbaijan __ Here is a general overview of Azerbaijan history.  It seems English is a 'second language' of the author, but the points make it through anyway. - From - 

History of Azerbaijan __ You will find a history of the Republic of Azerbaijan from the ancient empires to the 21st century. - illustrated - From -


History of Azerbaijan __ "The heritage, culture, and civilization of Azerbaijan has both ancient and modern roots. The Azerbaijanis are believed to be inheritors of various ancient civilizations and peoples including the indigenous Caucasian Albanians, Iranic groups, and Oguz Turks among others ..."  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

History of Azerbaijan __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of Azerbaijan." - From -

History and Research: __ You will find numerous click-to-read articles and resources about Azerbaijan history. - From -

Rulers of Azerbaijan __ A list of rulers of Azerbaijan beginning with the 18th century. - From -


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